Maureen Dowd, Karen Finney’s message to women: don’t think, just follow.

March 14, 2012

The arrogance of the left is alive and well (Image:

Maureen Dowd’s, Don’t Tread on Us column and Karen Finney’s on-air comments last night illustrates just how deep the chasm between the elite, liberal feminists and their conservative counterparts.

So consumed is Dowd with parroting the DNC/minion-media narrative about the Republicans’ “war on women”, she completely ignores the millions of women in this country that actually have brains and prefer to stay independent of the Democrat party.

The attempt by Republican men to wrestle American women back into chastity belts has not only breathed life into President Obama, it has roused and riled Hillary. And that could turn out to be the most dangerous thing the wildly self-destructive G.O.P. leaders have done.

In some kind of insane bout of mass misogyny, Republicans are hounding out the women voters — including Republicans and independents — who helped them gain control of the House in 2010.

And the “war” drums beat on:

The Republican assault on women does, though, provide a glide path to the White House both for Obama in 2012 and Hillary in 2016.

Women have watched a chilling cascade of efforts in Congress and a succession of states to turn women into chattel, to shame them about sex and curb their reproductive rights. They’ve seen the craven response of G.O.P. candidates after Limbaugh branded a law student wanting insurance coverage for birth control pills, commonplace for almost five decades, as a “prostitute” and “slut.”

Yet for all of Dowd’s screeching and screaming that the sky is falling there is an ever growing segment of women that have moved past the “all men are pigs” stage and found that using their brains instead of their bodies is a much more rewarding and fulfilling way to promote themselves.

That a much more effective path to power is in the arena of ideas and the economic freedom that modern day conservatism offers to any woman willing to shed the chains of the far left dogma.

The dirty little secret about the Dowd’s of the world has always been the double standard treatment of “liberal” women who are “true to the cause” and conservative women who are tossed aside faster than wilted arugula in the White House fridge.

Kay Hymowitz, author of “Manning Up” addresses the issue head on with her Daily Caller piece: Conservative Women, The Third Sex. She points out:

To my mind, the most entertaining part of the entire circus has been watching it dawn on people that there has always been a double standard depending on whether the target woman is liberal or conservative. Call Sarah Palin a c–t and everyone yawns. Call Sandra Fluke a prostitute and the president is on the line. After a good swing at Rush on The Daily Beast, Kirsten Powers did a masterful job of cataloguing “the army of swine on the left” who have enjoyed verbal powerball against women on the right without seeing their sponsors flinch, including Ed Schultz, Keith Olbermann, David Letterman, Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi, Chris Matthews, and the Sultan of Twat, Bill Maher.

Actually, these men had good reason to think they were on safe ground. They had been given implicit permission for their poor taste by feminists who themselves had been raising questions about the chromosomal makeup of conservative women ever since second-wave feminism crashed onto American shores. I’m old enough to remember when Gloria Steinem called Texas Republican Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison a “female impersonator” and when other feminists proposed that Margaret Thatcher was actually a man in drag. When Sarah Palin came along, the theme swelled to operatic heights. At The New York Times website, Judith Warner called her nomination “an insult to women,” Cintra Wilson at Salon wrote that “Sarah Palin may be a lady, but she ain’t no woman,” and on a Washington Post blog Wendy Doniger joined in by noting that “[Palin’s] greatest hypocrisy is in her pretense that she is a woman.” (Doniger’s byline described her as “a Hindu specialist at the University of Chicago Divinity School”; I’m no expert on Hinduism or divinity, but it sounds like Doniger has chosen a career for which she may not be well suited.)

Slutgate has revived the theme of conservative women as a third sex. Just last week, “progressive talk show personality” Randi Rhodes launched into a tirade on the subject that made Bill Maher look like Pee-wee Herman. “You know, these women, somebody really needs to go repossess their ovaries,” she said of conservative women. “Really, truly, they have no right to them. They are fabulous, little organs and they have absolutely no right to be estrogen-bearing beings. Okay? Just cut ’em off, let ’em go through the hot flashes, let ’em just sit there and complain about hormone therapy, okay? Just take the ovaries and get it over with. Because they don’t deserve to have estrogen. They really don’t. It’s a privilege.”

How much more “hateful against women” can you be than in the examples that Hymowitz writes about above? She continues:

Stop and wonder for a moment at Rhodes’ lunatic hatred, but let’s not ignore the deeper point here. Second- and third-wave feminists have insisted that they speak for women. They know what constitutes “women’s issues.” They define how to achieve women’s progress — more government services, regulations, and laws, legalized abortion, not just equality but parity. The issue here is not whether you think these policies are good or bad; I might agree with some of them myself. It’s why liberal feminists have convinced the media and themselves that they are the ones who know and speak for women.

The difference between Dowd’s “feminism” and Hymowitz’s could not be starker.

Dowd, being of the ruling one percent, liberal elite just cannot fathom that anyone, let alone those of her own sex would dare have a world view other than hers.

Nibbling on their arugula salads and sipping on their perfectly chilled chardonnay the idea that some, even many, women would not want to join them in their carefully crafted, homogeneous, feminist cocoon is anathema to them.

Hence Dowd’s and the left’s toleration of the hatred spewed forth against conservative women. In their world, conservative women aren’t really women.

They are merely, as Hymowitz points out the “third sex” not worthy of equality.

Yet somehow, I can’t help but feel that the Nikki Haley, Carly Fiorina, Michele Bachmann, Meg Whitman, Jan Brewer, Susana Martinez, Sarah Palin, Cathy McMorris Rodgers and Condoleezza Rice’s of the world and the millions of hard working women that contribute to sites like SmartGirlPolitics and follow the likes of MichelleMalkin don’t feel “un”-equal at all.

They know they are not only just as equal as their liberal sisters; they are far more “enlightened” and “progressive” than to ever allow themselves to be shackled to an ideology that demands absolute adherence with no room for independent thought.

While the myopic Maureen’s and company allow themselves to be manipulated by their media masters, conservative women are on the front lines winning the real war of ideas.

Rather than just “Dowding on” about a hyped up, fake war, conservative women are actually doing something about it.

Using their brains instead of their bodies, they are engaging in the arena of ideas, they are getting involved, they are running for political office, and they are winning.

And THAT scares the hell out of the feminist elites like Dowd.

These brave, 21st century conservative trailblazers are proving that while the liberals may have the megaphone of the media, there is no shouting loud enough that will drown the actions or dampen the spirits of the silent majority that remains the heart and soul of this great nation.

And lest you think the Corner “over-reacting”, consider MSNBC analyst Karen Finney’s response last night to the fact that Rick Santorum won the women’s vote:

“This woman vote really hurts me”………”It’s a little painful because I’m wondering if those women really heard the full message”.

The arrogance in those words is bad enough, but the condescending implication that those thousands of women who voted for Santorum were just “too stupid to know better” makes the underlying message quite clear.

Finney then continued by insinutaing that “conservative values” was nothing but a code phrase for racism and that race could have been in play. Earth to Finney, how in the hell is “race” an issue when ALL FOUR candidates are WHITE!

Such absurdity on the page and assininity of the mouth from these two and yet they still expect the majority of this country that they and ilk are the most educated and enlightened among us.

To Finney, Dowd and the rest of the liberal elite, “Don’t tread on us” isn’t a warning to Republican men to stop waging some faux war on women, it’s an order for conservative women to fall in line or else.

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6 Responses to Maureen Dowd, Karen Finney’s message to women: don’t think, just follow.

  1. anson burlingame on March 14, 2012 at 12:44 pm


    I understand where you are coming from above. However I suggest you are fighting, for now, a very uphill battle. After the Limbaugh comments, American women in general are outraged, my wife included. I can no long discuss ANY GOP position with her related to women, birth control, sex, religion, you name. She and a lot of other women have simply “shut down” in discussing any defense of the GOP in such matters.

    I would also point out that earlier comments by Santorum did the same.

    I say stop trying to defend what is indefensible in the minds of many women, conservative or liberal, right now and let it blow over. For sure Obama will bring it up again next fall, but that can be a whole different conversation, then, but not now, in my view.


    • Geoff Caldwell on March 14, 2012 at 12:59 pm

      Oh for sure an uphill battle but does not make the battle unnecessary.
      I’m not defending either Limbaugh or Santorum, just pointing out once again the hypocrisy of the elite left in expecting all women should think as they and act as they.
      What was even more telling to me about Finney was her pushing the narrative that “conservative values” now is just code for “racist”.
      Only the left lumps Americans into hyphenated pens and then treats them as homogeneous voting blocks.
      For all the hyperbole given to conservatives that we are the ones who would take America backwards, the actual policies would achieve the exact opposite.
      The economic freedom and personal power that true conservatism in our federal government would bring about for ALL Americans is why the left is doing everything possible to get the attention OFF the economy and Obama’s failure in such.
      Nothing scares the left more than a populace that doesn’t need its handouts.

    • JW on March 14, 2012 at 1:07 pm


      The scenario you describe is very interesting from the standpoint that the results you described are exactly the results targeted by liberals. For as you are probably aware, the recent issues of women, birth control, sex and religion were not brought to the forefront by conservatives, but were rather issue advanced by liberals. Liberals felt they were losing women’s vote, so they intentionally sought to create controversy and adversity in an effort to drive women away from the conservative party. Based on your experience, it appears they succeeded.

      • JW on March 14, 2012 at 1:13 pm


        Oh, one more thought: Do none of the left’s vicious and hateful comments as outlined by Geoff offend your wife?

  2. anson burlingame on March 15, 2012 at 5:46 pm

    JW and Geoff,

    My wife is an interesting contrast in politics. Actually she HATES politics and refuses to read ANYTHING that I write most of the time. She loves to live TODAY and always asks me “can you really change anything, sitting in your litte office, and writing all that crap, one way or the other”.

    Janet is smarter than I am in many ways and if you think i am headstrong, well come over for coffee sometime and watch!!! We love each other a lot and have a good life together, but politics cannot be part of it!

    Once we walked across the street to a social gathering. Something “big” had happened politically on the national stage. She told me that if she left in a huff during the party it was because someone had P… her off, politically.

    Well she did not leave. Instead some radical right wing “guy” (there are few up here on Snob Hill) approached her with a question about that current national political controversey. She told him she did not want to talk about it, period.

    But then he pressed her. (DON’T EVER PRESS JANET ON ANYTHING!!)

    She simply told him, “I told you I did not want to talk about it now would you please F…. Off. loud enough for all to hear.

    Janet is FIRM in her politics. She spends little time evaluating policital issues however. But when she reads about Limbaugh calling a law school student a “slut” she needs no futher investigation and you best not try to change her mind after.

    Call her a “sound bite” voter if you like. But again, don’t try to tell her that when I am around. I have to LIVE with the results!!!


  3. Geoff Caldwell on March 16, 2012 at 5:57 am

    Wow, who knew. I have a very, very similar marriage! Over the years though my wife has at least begun to open her eyes and realize that the sound bit voters are what got us this mess in the first place. She’s as pissed as I am about the Republican circle jerk going on right now but what ya gonna do? (I’ve still got a sister in law though that it wouldn’t matter if Obama ordered marshal law tomorrow, she’d support it because “obviously he had a reason or he wouldn’t have done it”. UGH)
    It’s those on the hard left and the “sound biters” in the middle that allow this march over the deficit cliff to continue at full speed. So I write what I write, point out the lies and hypocrisy of the left as often as I can and hope that somewhere out there just one pair of eyes is opened to realize: OH, it’s NOT the sound bites!
    And for what it’s worth, mine is upstairs but the result is the same: I’m allowed to do my little thing but just don’t talk about it. lol
    Next up on the Corner: Obama Energy Policy: Screw America and Lie through your teeth.


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