Jack Welch: Romney = Growth and Jobs, Obama = Blame and Division

April 14, 2012

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Jack Welch, iconic former GE CEO, has no doubt that a Romney Presidency is possible and would translate into jobs and economic growth, while Obama guarantees more blame and division.

In an interview with CNBC’s Larry Kudlow, Thursday, Welch was talking the economy, politics and reiterating points from his Reuters op/ed piece he wrote with his wife Suzy.

Welch admitted that while Romney may not be the “model leader” his quality of “good old American pragmatism” would serve him well as President. Stating that:

“Perhaps that’s the businessman in him. Or perhaps you just learn to do what you’ve got to do when you’re a GOP governor in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts or the man charged with salvaging the scandal-ridden Salt Lake City Olympics. If Romney’s long record suggests anything, it’s that he knows how to manage people and organizations to get things accomplished without a lot of internecine warfare.”

President Obama on the other hand didn’t fare so well with Mr. Welch. Noting that Obama’s “divide-and – conquer” approach is not a trait of great leaders: “Great leaders are interested in coalescing……….You don’t have one division pinned against the other,………..You try to get the whole company to pull together” Welch pointed out:

“It was the insurance executives in health care. It was the bankers in the collapse. It was the oil companies as oil prices go up. It was Congress if things didn’t go the way he wanted. And recently it’s been the Supreme Court,” he said.

“He’s got an enemies list that would make Richard Nixon proud.”

OUCH! Make Richard Nixon proud?

And that’s not from some partisan opinion hack, that’s from the man who ran General Electric for over two decades, founded the Jack Welch Management Institute, and knows a helluva lot more about economics and business than either Obama or his current lackey Jeff Immelt. (Immelt, the GE CEO who has yet again led it to miss the latest financial targets and has been anything but what was expected to be when Welch handed him the reigns a decade ago.)

When Kudlow asked him (Welch) if Romney could win the White House, Welch responded:

“Absolutely, It’d be great for the country. We’d be a stronger country. We’d have more jobs. We’d have more people getting a piece of the pie. And we wouldn’t have this divisive nature that we have with this president, screaming at one group and then screaming at the next group in a high-pitched voice.

“He was in Florida this week screaming and yelling about rich people. He went after the Supreme Court. We’ve got to stop this, Larry.”

Hmmmmmmmmm, so with one candidate, “We’d be a stronger country, we’d have more jobs, we’d have more people getting a piece of the pie” whereas with the other we “have this divisive nature…..screaming at one group and then screaming at the next group”.

So as the next few months unfold, as the political screeching reaches pitches never before reached, do not bother yourself with trying to sort through it all.

Rather just review Mr. Welch’s words and remember what Romney means for the country and your own economic health vs the further division and destruction that would be rained down upon us by a second Obama term.

The Corner was warning about Obama even as the crowds cheered and the followers fainted from the power of his rhetoric.

I was against Obama not because of his skin color but because I did my due diligence and saw him for what he was: a far left ideologue firmly entrenched in the agenda of the the left and fully armed and versed with Alinsky, Cloward and Piven.

That warning has now proven itself to be far truer than I ever thought possible.

If enough voters come November 6th still won’t see the danger Obama poses to this country then God help us all. For we will have on that night, if Obama is re-elected, proven Tocqueville correct.

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4 Responses to Jack Welch: Romney = Growth and Jobs, Obama = Blame and Division

  1. anson burlingame on April 14, 2012 at 7:16 am


    Welch hit the nail on the head for sure.

    “Good leaders do not divide…..” That should be a bumper sticker for the coming campaign, in my view.

    Perhaps another bumper sticker should be, “Good leaders do not blame others…..”.

    Bush, Bankers, Wall Street, Japanese reactors, earthquakes, oil companies, fat cats, one percenters, etc., etc.s have all done it to you, America and I am going to fix that by being fair. Has that not been the theme for almost four years now?

    The best response to all of that was written long ago by de Toucville, it seems to me.


    • Geoff Caldwell on April 14, 2012 at 7:31 am

      Couldn’t agree more, but unfortunately after forty plus years of the “dumbing down” in the public schools I’m willing to bet you can’t find one out of ten under 40 who even knows who Tocqueville was, let alone the warning he gave.

      • A Nonny Moose on April 15, 2012 at 1:33 pm

        Tokeville is where you go at 4:20, dude! 🙂 Besides, what does an old Frenchman know about American democracy? Everyone knows that the only important, relevant, and astute political thought is found exclusively on the left side of the political spectrum, and has only occurred since 1932! Those old 18th and 19th century white guys knew nothing! Well, except Jefferson that one time he said something about a wall of separation, so we can throw that back in the faces of those religious nuts, but that’s it! They owned slaves, so obviously that disqualifies them from ever having a single thought that should carry any weight or that we should have to pay any attention to! Their faces appear on money, so obviously they represent the One Percent, which makes them evil and worthy of nothing but scorn. The only dudes who should be listened to from that time period are Karl Marx and his friend, Manny Festo. (I think he was Italian or something). Plus, history class is boring and stuff. Now, someone pay for my tuition so I can learn more about Che! He rocks! I have ALL his shirts!

        Ugh… it hurts to even pretend to be that way.

        “Americans are so enamored of equality that they would rather be equal in slavery than unequal in freedom. ” — Alexis de Tocqueville

        “Democracy and socialism have nothing in common but one word, equality. But notice the difference: while democracy seeks equality in liberty, socialism seeks equality in restraint and servitude.” — Alexis de Tocqueville

        and one of my personal favorites…

        “The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.” — Alexis de Tocqueville

        • Geoff Caldwell on April 15, 2012 at 5:25 pm

          Ah yes, for the left it IS all about being FAIR and ensuring social justice now isn’t it?
          BUT I must correct a minor point in your analysis. The cancer of liberalism eating away at this country started much earlier than 32.
          Remember good ol Republican traitor Teddy? And then of course there’s Wilson and good ol Maggie Sanger.
          Unfortunately the sad truth is that there are just more stupid people then we will ever be able to educate. The best we can hope for is that enough of them stay home November and let the rest of us save this country from the abyss of a second Obama term.


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