McCaskill Stands With Obama/NLRB Against Missouri Businesses

April 25, 2012

Claire McCaskill's Badge of Honor (Image:

Our dear ol Cacklin Claire McCaskill has once again stood with her B.F.F. Obama and his NLRB and against Missouri.

When she voted yesterday in favor of the unprecedented “snap” or “ambush” election rule issued by the now partisan National Labor Relations Board she and her democrat allies basically told every small to medium sized business in the country to go to hell. (Yes, this is the same NLRB that tried to keep Boeing from opening a plant in South Carolina because it wasn’t a union plant.)

There was hope, all be it slim, that with CC up for re-election she might vote against the union power grab and get at least one “independent” vote on the record this year. But in the end it looks like she wants the union campaign cash far more than she cares about Missouri jobs.

For decades the precedent has been a six week time frame for businesses to present their side of the case from the time a union election is announced. The new NLRB rule pushed through by Obama appointees reduces that to as little as ten days.

With union membership continuing to dwindle across the county union bosses who have become accustomed to their one percent lifestyle have been desperate to get this rule implemented. Shortening the time between announcement and vote to as little as ten days greatly hinders the employer’s ability to present its case and therefore should result in more union elections moving over into the “win” column.

In a Washington Times column, Sen. Rand Paul (R, KY) points out that along with shortening the time frame to an unreasonable window the regulation also:

Such regulations would place a large burden on employers – particularly small businesses that lack the legal expertise to navigate complex labor laws – and could result in numerous unintentional NLRB violations by unknowing employers.

And Paul points out that it was another Senator, a Democrat Senator who back in 1959 warned that there should be a “safeguard against rushing employees into an election where they are unfamiliar with the issue.”

That Senator by the way was not some evil Republican Tea Party type, it was none other than John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Claire’s previous votes show how little she regards the wishes of her own constituents but to see that even the wisdom of John Kennedy isn’t good enough for her is a bit surprising. (But then again I guess if you hang around Obama long enough some of that arrogance and ego HAS to rub off.)

Claire’s having quite the week so far.

On Monday night she disregarded Senate Ethics rules and solicited campaign contributions on national television from the Russell Senate office building and on Tuesday she sides with Obama and big labor once again.

Makes you wonder who Claire’s next victim will be.

The Corner has a sinking feeling it’s going to be the family farm.

After all, if Missouri businesses can’t get her to listen to reason, she sure as hell isn’t going to listen to Missouri farmers and ranchers. Rest assured Claire will do a lot of cackling on the subject, but in the end she’ll once again stand with Obama and his Department of Labor’s ludicrous new regulations on family farms.

The truth, as sad as it is, is quite simple:

Obama has overseen the accumulation of more debt and more encroachment of the Federal Government into the lives and freedoms of everyday citizens than any President in history.

And Claire McCaskill has been right there helping him along every step of the way.

Come this November it is critical that Missouri help her along right out of her office and out of our lives.



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