Obama Reminds World Of Osama But Ignores Own Economy

April 28, 2012

The Obama campaign is more than willing to remind us of the killing of Osama bin Laden but wants us to completely ignore the economy and devastation his “transformation” has rained down upon this nation.

With real unemployment in the mid-teens, the working pool of Americans actually shrinking instead of growing (how do you think the Dept. of Labor keeps the “official” number at 8.2 percent?), one in two college grads unemployed and over 80 percent of them moving back in with their helicopter parents, and the latest GDP numbers showing an anemic 2.2 percent growth for the first quarter it’s understandable why the administration would rather you forget about the real, the important and instead focus on the one thing in three years Obama got right: say yes to the military for once.

I could publish charts, tables and abstracts out the wazoo explaining and showing why Obama’s policies have failed and why he’s destroying the country with them but it’s Saturday. I bore you enough during the week to screw up your weekend as well.

So rather than read more Corner, take five and watch the video. It’s a clip from the full documentary I Want Your Money and it says in a few what we’ve all been enduring for years.

And besides, who better to “school” the indoctrinated little lefty than none other than Dutch himself?

Watch all the way to the end or you’ll miss the best line of all:

“A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take away everything you have.”

When even Gerald Ford, six years before Reagan would take the reins, knew government growth was the problem all the way back in 1974, someone please tell me how in the hell we can have so many ignoramuses today who STILL try to force more upon us?

Oh that’s right, I almost forgot.  Wasn’t the early 70’s about the same time the National Education Association and the union bosses started taking control of the public schools?  Two generations later we have millions of ladanumized little lefties “occupying” this and “demanding” that.

All because they were never taught that not only is life not fair, it’s up to YOU to make it what you want, not the government to take away from someone else so yours is better.

Obama 2012: Kick him out or Kiss it good bye.

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3 Responses to Obama Reminds World Of Osama But Ignores Own Economy

  1. anson burlingame on April 28, 2012 at 7:36 am


    Such and simple yet profound view of big government seeking pure equality, of outcome, not opportunity.


  2. Geoff Caldwell on April 28, 2012 at 7:57 am

    Government “equality” is as impossible as flying unicorns yet the liberals go to bed and dream of both each and every night.

    What really pisses me off though is all the talk of how “terrible” and “bad” the poverty in this country.

    Every one of the damn “occupiers” and their ilk need to sit down with a Great Depression era citizen or a WWII survivor. Then maybe, just maybe they’ll get a sense of what “bad” really is.

    Do I want the “poor” today to endure such as awful as the depression? No.

    But the “poor” in America today have it better than the “poor” have ever had it. The only difference is the “poor” still “demand” that they have all the amenities of the rest of society at societies expense.

    I’m not talking about the truly disabled or the temporary help for displaced workers.

    I’m talking about the ones we all see in the convenience stores using up the balances on their EBT cards for junk food that we, the taxpayers, are paying for.

    I’m talking about all the FAT A$$es on the electric carts filling the baskets with pasta and potato chips.

    I’m talking about the exponential growth of “disability” claims to Social Security under this administration and the cost we all have to bear for such sloth.

    And as for the country as a whole:

    I’m talking about the unwillingness to even look at how forty years of unchecked liberalism has turned this country into a nation of whiners and wimps.

    I’m talking about an EPA administrator who can’t even be fired for stating his “enforcement” policy is that of the ancient Romans and their arbitrary “crucifying” innocents to achieve their goal.

    I’m talking about a Labor Department that damn near forced urban style child labor laws upon farms and ranches across the country.

    I’m talking about a President who lambasts the one viable industry America has left, the oil and natural gas sector, and then wastes billions of taxpayer dollars on “green” projects controlled by his most prolific political fund raisers.

    I’m talking about atheists twisting the Constitution and suing own town after another for memorial crosses on public squares.

    I’m talking about a minority in this country that because of a like minded media gets a megaphone to spew forth divisiveness and hate that the rest of us then have to deal with.

    I’m talking about a federal government today under one Barack Hussein Obama that is, if looked at in totality, far, far more intrusive and lacking in “representation” than the government of a certain King back in the 1700’s that inspired a little Tea Party that grew into a full blown revolution.

    I’m talking about that yes, it’s high time we “take our government back” and return it to the small, limited in scope that the Founders intended and the Constitution spells out.

    I’m talking about that not since 1860 has a Presidential election been so crucial to the very survival of the union.

    I’m talking, I just hope someone’s listening.

  3. anson burlingame on April 28, 2012 at 9:08 am

    About half of the country is listening and agreeing with you and the other half is “over there” calling us narrow minded and shallow.

    As the divide widens, well, that is the stuff of revolution, here or elsewhere, in my view.



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