Globe Goodbye: Tales From The Blogs

April 30, 2012

The Globe’s biggest “hater” goes today

Today is the last day of the Globe’s blog page that links to the Corner and other “community” bloggers.

My first post on the Globe page appeared February 12, 2009 and had as part of its opening:

“I had intended to “inaugurate” this blog with a fairly bland first post. Talk a little background, what to expect, solicit topic ideas, etc, etc, etc. But that would have been too easy now wouldn’t it? So with that in mind, let’s jump in feet first shall we?”

And “jump in feet first” I did when wasting no time taking to task Jasper County Sheriff Archie Dunn and his behavior and ineptness surrounding the horrific murder of Bob and Ellen Sheldon four months earlier.

The first comment was from  the originator of the page and Globe Managing Editor, Carol Stark:


Welcome to the Globe’s blog page. Look forward to your contributions.


(Little did she know the contributions to come!)

Remaining comments illuminated a community divide over Dunn.

There was the “IrrateSherrifSupporter” who started it off with:

“I am very ashamed that our local newspaper has posted Mr. Caldwell’s blog about the sherrif. First of all, he is being paid to sit at a desk and slam how others do their jobs,……” (Ain’t anonymity grand?)

Thelma gave me the first hint of just how deep the vein I’d hit:

“Kudo’s Geoff. I think you should keep an open door for a blog on the sheriff department. You probably have no idea how many people would love to vent. IrrateSherrifSupporter get a grip – its not a perfect world. Evidently you have never had a run in with the infamous walking ego!…….”

Bobbi Schrader followed up with:

“Geoff- I couldnt have said it better myself…the public needs someone frm the outside looking in to tell there side!!! Thank you so much Jopln Globe for opening this blog.”

While C. bounds countered:

“It’s so nice to see that the staff of the Joplin Globe hasn’t lost its ability to Monday Morning Quarterback……….”

And “IrrateDunnNon-Supporter” summed up Arch and the drug task force with:

……..“It scares me to think that Dunn can be so arrogant to believe that he can step on the civil rights of others and not be punished.”

When I closed that first post with:

“But humility does not seem to be in the vernacular in the Land of Dunn. The smoke billows, the levers move and we are supposed to just scamper away like the good little munchkins we are. Anybody got a lollipop?”

I had no idea at the time that there was an even uglier side of Dunn that would show itself over the next three years.  Looking back at that decision to “jump in feet first” will always be one of my proudest moments on the Globe page.

While the “official” reason for the page coming down is low traffic and under performance, other factors contributed as well.

The addition of Duane Graham’s (a.k.a. dwainbwain) The Erstwhile Conservative blog started off well enough bringing a liberal perspective to the page. But over time it devolved into just another Daily Kos hate fest replete with all the obligatory labeling of conservatives and Republicans as Nazis, racists, bigots, homophobes, women haters and baby killers that is required to be a good lefty these days.

Throw in the behind the scenes battle last winter over his “right” to censor and edit comments and commentators on a blog while said blog received payment and promotion sitting on a newspaper website and it was the beginning of the end.

There’s barely enough hours in a day to put out the paper, let alone to referee battling bloggers. Add in the surrogates recruited to call in and complain about this post or that writer and it eventually crossed the line from asset to “just not worth the hassle” anymore.

So today the “hassle” ends.

And yet in that end a final “teachable moment”.

Consider the difference in tone and character between Anson Burlingame’s “farewell” and Dwain’s last swipe.


For business reasons, lack of “traffic” on the Globe blog web site, the Globe will stop linking blogs at the end of April. As some may know, the Globe paid a small stipend each month, at least to some of us blogging, and that of course will stop as well. I do not object to such a decision in any way and in no way try to criticize the Globe for its decision.


I should tell you that the Joplin Globe has given me the left foot of fellowship.

The beer money I was earning for writing this blog affiliated with the paper proved too much for its finances to bear.* Man, these are hard times when a newspaper the size of the Globe can’t afford to pay a pittance for quality commentary!


I started blogging before the Globe decided to pay for such efforts on my part and for sure I will continue to do so in the future. I doubt that at least for now my “output” will change much at all and you can find “me” at anytime you so choose to “click”…………

……..It is my intention as well to continue to “check out” the Erstwhile Conservative blog to see just what new twists and spin, even outrage (Bill O’Reilly is a Nazi Pig), he may apply to politics in the future. I will provide rebuttal comments as well on that blog as I have done in the past.

We will see what censorship may be applied given that Duane Graham will no longer be under the weather eye of Globe standards in terms of how far he can go in censoring public comments in the public domain………

…….Yes, the “world turns”, politically. But some things, fundamental things like the ideas of freedom and liberty for all, do not. Note the word “all” in that phrase. On that point I am not uncertain, for sure.

And thus I will blog and opine based on the fundamental principles of freedom and liberty for all, to the extent that my mind can grasp such concepts……….


………For now, I plan to keep writing through the November election……..

And besides that, I have some scores to settle with a couple of (now former) conservative Globe bloggers, which I will hopefully get to in time.

As for changes, the only thing I can foresee now is that I won’t be so concerned about profanity. Regular readers who don’t appreciate cursing and coarse talk are now forewarned that I will no longer censor some of the language that most people—even religious people!—use in everyday life………..

Notice how Anson, the conservative, respects the decision and refuses to criticize, whereas the dwainbwain starts right off with sarcasm and spite.

Notice how Anson, the conservative, writes of standards, censorship and fundamental principles whereas the dwainbwain’s next chapter is to settle scores and allow more profanity.

One shows class and character, the other shows his childish, liberal ass.

While I’m saddened to see the Corner/Globe collaboration end, the Corner was around long before and God and my health willing will remain long after. I too respect the decision and hold no ill will.

Perhaps in the future time can be found for a better and bolder page promoted throughout the site. Not my place to know, not my place to say.

All I know at this point is that at least after today, the stain of the Erstwhile Conservative will no longer sully the reputation and standards of an otherwise respectable newspaper.


Publisher’s Note:  Along with continuing the Corner, I have also accepted an invitation to begin publishing under the title “Independent Examiner” in the national edition of  The examiner site will have some cross posting from here as well as original columns seen there first before re-posting to the Corner.

Thank you all for your continued readership and as always:  I’ll see ya round the Corner.

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2 Responses to Globe Goodbye: Tales From The Blogs

  1. anson burlingame on April 30, 2012 at 2:02 pm

    Thanks for the comparisons, Geoff.

    I add only one other one that I posted in a comment “over there” in response to his threat to “settle scores” or words to that effect with “two conservative bloggers”, meaning of course you and me.

    I simply wondered if when he does write to “settle scores” if any comments that I make in reply will be censored or banned? I also wonder why he did not attempt to do so while still under the purview of the Globe? I think I know the answer to that question but can assure him and others that as an “old salt” the is NOTHING that Graham can write or say that would embarass me, profane, vulgar or other wise.

    And if he tries to be “intellectually superior” well, you will hear me laughing across town.

    Any bets on what “he” might do?? I for sure will “test him”.


  2. Geoff Caldwell on April 30, 2012 at 3:26 pm

    Well we already know the answer in regards to me (which is why I haven’t even tried to comment the last month) as for you I believe you’ll probably be fine as they need at least one to call names and make themselves feel better about themselves. (It does after all get a bit boring when it’s the same circle-jerkers day day after day.)

    I still am amazed thought that no matter how long I do this gig, there are still those moments that you just can’t make up.

    You putting up your final column first talking professionally about the experience and then discussing the Founders and the Constitution was a perfect contrast for his spiteful “scores to settle”, gonna be a lot more allowable of profanity crap.

    I have to admit with as bad as he’s gotten the past few months I was already seriously considering pulling the link from the Globe on my own. Not because of the Globe but because of him being on the same page.

    It does a disservice to all to have that kind of filth spewing forth on a regular basis. That he and his ilk find such hate and lies acceptable tells us all just how deranged the left in this country has become. And such “writing” is certainly not worthy of being associated with a newspaper.


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