VE Day: France vs Germany redux

May 8, 2012

Sixty seven years ago today spontaneous celebrations were breaking out across the continent of Europe as news spread of the unconditional surrender of German armed forces to the Allied command.

 No one was left untouched, no city was spared, and no country was not forever changed by the five and a half years of hell that engulfed the world when Hitler sent his forces across the Polish border, 1 September, 1939.

 For the second time in just over twenty years, the United States had once again saved Europe from itself. 

 For two consecutive generations, America gave her blood and treasure to clean up the messes created by others.

 But it was a far too few years that America’s war time sacrifices and post war reconstruction was duly respected and appreciated by the countries and the populations she helped.  From Athens, to Rome, to Paris to London the capitals of Europe turned their backs upon the American ideals that had saved them and instead embraced the socialist tenets of entitlement and government dependency.

 And no country abandoned America faster than France.  From conveniently “forgetting” her war debt to the U.S. in order to pay for ever more demanded government largesse by her own citizens to denying the use of her air space to strike at the heart of Libyan sponsored terrorism in 1986, the French have been anything but a reliable ally.

 The France of the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty long ago faded into history.  In its place is now an entitlement demanding populace whose only real accomplishment since WWII is to master the ability to look down with disdain upon unsophisticated American tourists while keeping their noses pointed straight to the sky.

 And that attitude was on full display last Saturday when Nicholas Sarkozy was sent packing for having the audacity to address the truth that the French entitlement system was no longer financially sustainable. 

 Sarkozy angered millions when in 2011 he pushed through the raising of the retirement age from 60 to 62.  Those same millions were in no mood to risk that Sarkozy would next go after their mandated maximum 35 hour work week and 8 weeks of vacation per year.

 So rather than admit they were demanding more from their government than it could afford to give, they did what all self respecting socialists do:  deny the truth and elect the man who promises them more.  In this case, one Francois Hollande who ran on a platform to renegotiate spending cuts required under a new European treaty and embark on more government spending to “spur growth”. 

 Except for the fashions and signs the pictures of the millions who celebrated across France Saturday could easily be juxtaposed with those of that VE day now long passed.

 The only difference being that this time, the celebration will be much shorter lived. 

 For no matter what promises Hollande has made, no matter what the populace wants; it will be cold, hard, economic facts that decide what they get.

 This time however, America will not save them.  This time, they are on there own.

 And on this VE Day in particular, all of Europe would do well to take stock of the fact of how quickly history turns.

 For it is not France, Britain, Spain, Greece, or Italy, that stands alone as the victor upon the wasteland of European socialism, it is Germany.

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