Rachel Maddow misrepresents Bush involvement in Fast and Furious

June 24, 2012

If there is any integrity left in the NBC news organization a correction and apology from Rachel Maddow will be coming post haste.

Don’t hold your breath.

As one who knows just how deceitful the left wing’s favorite rabid female canine pundit can be I don’t normally waste time with Madcow’s rants but thanks to our local left wing blithiot dwainbwain graham I took a detour just this once.

In his Sunday post “Rachel Maddow to News Media: …” he wrote that:

Rachel Maddow brilliantly explains how the right wing is using the Fast and Furious “scandal” to promote an anti-gun conspiracy that, of course, doesn’t exist.

To save time you can skip to the 4:10 mark in the video clip as the first 4 minutes is a lame attempt to compare the Shirley Sherrod fiasco (for which apologies were extended and noted) with the very real Fast and Furious tragedy.

At the 4:55 mark is where Madcow’s lies start:

Fast and Furious refers to a law enforcement strategy that started during the George W. Bush administration, it was a program to let some sketchy gun sales go through in the hopes that following those guns across the border could lead the ATF to Mexican drug kingpins who they arrest. The idea was born in the George W. Bush administration it was ultimately viewed as a failure, the Obama administration shut it down.

In 25 seconds Madcow repeated perfectly the narrative the White House wants pushed to the masses.

Bush started it, Obama ended it.

Unfortunately it’s all a lie.

While a similar operation known as “Wide Receiver” did occur during the Bush years, the guns were tracked, stings were performed, arrests were made and the Mexican government was informed and cooperated with U.S. personnel.

What Madcow doesn’t say in those wonderful 25 seconds of lying is that the Bush administration saw the flaws and stopped “Wide Receiver” before Obama ever came into office.

It was the Holder justice department that re-started the “strategy” as Madcow likes to call it. Only this time, there were hundreds more guns involved, there was no tracking or sting operations, and the Mexican government was not told of the operation.

From the 5:20 mark on Madcow shows clip after clip of the so called “right wing conspiracy” to paint Obama and Holder as trying to subvert the 2nd amendment.

It’s nice carnival clipping but it’s irrelevant to the story at hand.

  1. Madcow completely misrepresents the facts behind Fast and Furious.
  2. Makes not even reference one as to why Dear Leader now invokes Executive Privilege if there is nothing to hide.
  3. And finally, she leaves out the two main reasons that this mess deserves answers now more than ever, Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and ICE Agent Jaime Zapata. The two American citizens who are now DEAD because of Fast and Furious.

Yet Madcow and the rest of the dwainbwains just want it all to go away and have decided their best way to do that is, wait for it, hold on it’s coming, yep, you guessed it: blame Bush and Fox News.

It would actually be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic.

And speaking of pathetic, how about his little snippet from a new dwainbwain convert, former Globe blogger, Jim Wheeler:

For most of my life I thought of myself as conservative, but I like to think also that I always had a sensitive BS meter and that often caused me to consider views outside the mainstream of the two major parties. But I never had the time or inclination, until retirement, to delve deeply into political issues. Now that I do I find the difference between them remarkable. While both parties play political gamesmanship, the Democrats aren’t very good at it, and they have an inherent respect for fairness, truth and justice that keeps getting in their way. Rachel bends over backward that way ( she is on my regular watch schedule now), but I think many conservative pols are scared of her because of her integrity – she invites them to converse with her on her show and they won’t do it.

Yep folks, you read it here first.  Conservatives are “scared” of Madcow because of her “integrity”.

Now the Corner won’t go so far as to call Mr. Wheeler a liar, but it will strongly suggest he get a new BS meter as the one he’s currently using is obviously broken beyond repair.

Hell, if I’d known all it took to have integrity was lying through your teeth and manipulating video clips into a false narrative I’d have jumped on that years ago. (The integrity part, not Madcow. That’s a vision reserved only for those with a special place in hell.)

Oh and Rachel just for the record, that Brett Baier you attempt to condescend? His show “Special Report” is consistently number one in his time slot, number three among ALL cable news channels overall, and on any given night more than double your so called “prime time” audience.

Guess “integrity” really does matter doesn’t it Ms. Maddow?

The difference is, conservatives know it when we see it.

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3 Responses to Rachel Maddow misrepresents Bush involvement in Fast and Furious

  1. A Nonny Moose on June 25, 2012 at 11:22 am

    It’s surprising to see that sort of candor out of the folks over at that other blog. See, you, me, and the majority of other people know how they behave, but it’s rare to see them admit it so overtly. So it is a tad shocking to see them put down in writing (if you want to call that bumper-sticker, party-talking-point drivel over there “writing”) that lying through her teeth to advance a partisan cause means Maddow “brilliantly explains” something. Eric Holder gets busted? Why, no he didn’t! Bush did it! We have always been at war with Eastasia! They expect lies. They demand lies. And when one has the audacity to look straight into a camera and lie that blatantly, in their world that defines “brilliant”. Hmm… come to think of it, that might be why so many of them seem to think that other blogger is a good writer, after all.

    In all seriousness, this “Blame Bush” thing is now just an addiction. They simply cannot help themselves. Even the very few who know they’re making themselves look like raving lunatics with such ludicrous clams can’t stop doing it. I have a sneaking suspicion that if one of them over there gets up in the morning and finds their car won’t start, they call the mechanic and say “that goddam Bush screwed up my car again”. Didn’t get the extra pickles you wanted on your cheeseburger? You guessed it — Bush’s fault. The Black Death? The Lincoln Assassination? World War I? Bush did ’em all. Saddest of all, they are so ill with this disorder they likely believe it. This sleazy administration can do no wrong. Eric Holder — setting new records for the most amazing combination of incompetence and corruption the world has ever seen — is blameless, because he has a (D) after his name. Every bad thing ever is Bush’s fault, and you’re just a rethuglican idiot hick if you can’t see that. They honestly believe that somehow passes for reasoning, when all it does is prove to anyone and everyone that they are sad, petty little puppets incapable of independent thought. Still, we should be thanking him for finally admitting it, albeit accidentally.

    • Geoff Caldwell on June 26, 2012 at 7:53 pm

      Oh my, where to start?
      First, the Eastasia is perfect! Orwell himself couldn’t have dreamed up a bunch worse than this.
      As for the (D) behind Holder’s name, it’s not so much they defend that as they do the color of his skin and that they can’t dare have the “first” exposed to be a fraud and a crook.
      BUT, the best is yet to come. I swear I heard Obama today make some snide comment that “they” are now going to blame him for the problems today, playing into a “new” narrative that the President is only one man and doesn’t hold that much sway over the economy.
      So then why 3 1/2 years of blaming BUSH?
      The only thing I know for sure is it’s going to get loonier and loonier “over there” as he long ago lost in the arena of ideas and now all that’s left is the hate and agenda at all costs. (Yet I’ll bet the farm he NEVER admits how much his own Greek style pension and benefits is destroying the younger workers at his beloved postal service so he can have his while they make the sacrifices.)

  2. Crystal on June 30, 2012 at 4:07 pm


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