McCaskill skipping Charlotte, running scared in Missouri

June 26, 2012

Claire with her favorite

She campaigned with him, she raised cash for him, and she voted in lockstep for every part of his agenda. Yet now it seems that our dear ‘cacklin’ Claire is more worried about her own re-election than that of the wonder child she so famously fawned over in 2008.

The St. Louis Beacon is reporting that McCaskill will not be partying with the Prez, (or any other Democrat for that matter) as she will not be attending the Democratic National Convention this fall in Charlotte, N.C.

As usual for Claire, we are not to take her decision as a “snub at President Obama” but are supposed to understand that “it’s more important for her to spend time here at home in Missouri talking to voters,….”.

The announcement is an immediate nomination for the WTF Hall of Fame.

“Spend time here at home in Missouri talking to voters”? Really Claire? You haven’t given a flying @$%# about Missouri since Obama got elected and NOW you feel the sudden urge to TALK to us?

There are only two explanations for such a ridiculous statement:

  1. She’s suffering from early dementia and doesn’t remember her own voting record these past four years….
  2. She got too close to Obama and the arrogance rubbed off.

Such a cynical move is too politically desperate for dementia, so it must mean she really thinks Missourians are dumb enough to buy such a lame excuse.

A GOP spokesman in the Beacon story points out, McCaskill voted with Barack Obama 95% of the time, was one of his “earliest and staunchest supporters”, and boldly predicted at the 2008 convention that Dear Leader was “going to be one great president”.

Well, if you consider passing along to future generations over 5 trillion in new debt to shove through a left wing political agenda “great” then yes, “great” he has been.

If you consider shoving through in the dark of night a healthcare bill that does nothing for tort reform, allow purchasing across state lines, or lower the cost curve any time in the next millennium a success, then yes, once again, Obama “greatness” shines bright.

If you believe that the federal government is the answer to all of America’s problems and the only way for America to move “forward” is to allow that federal government complete control over every aspect of your daily life, then yes, “great” doesn’t even begin to define this President.

If you believe the Constitution is just a dusty old collection of antiquated words that needs new life breathed into it to give it “fairness” and “justice” than Obama’s got just the right amount of “greatness” to make it happen.

When Obama was “it”, Claire couldn’t be torn away from him.

Even after Missouri voted overwhelming “here at home” against Obama-care good ol Claire STILL ignored the will of her own constituents and stood with Obama, Pelosi and Reid against those that she now finds so dear to her heart.

As long as Obama was “it”, Claire was joined at the hip to “it”.

But now that “it” has failed miserably and it’s her own arse on the line, the only thing she can muster for us peons is shovel out a big fresh pile of Bull

UPDATE: A “Flashback” link on Drudge appeared after posting and explains a little more of why Claire began ignoring Missouri the minute Dear Leader took her into his inner circle. A November, 2008 article states Claire’s feelings post Obama elevation to the Presidency:

“She still pinches herself and feels “grateful and blessed” for the role she played.”

Well Claire, who are you pinching now?

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2 Responses to McCaskill skipping Charlotte, running scared in Missouri

  1. anson burlingame on June 27, 2012 at 9:05 am


    Your critique of Claire’s record is accurate, in my view. But defeating her in Nov 2012 will depend upon her opponent’s ability to propose better ways to solve our problems during the next six years in a new Senatorial term of office.

    Thus far I do not see or hear an opponent of such “stature” coming from the GOP contenders. Akin is a died in the wool ultra conservative that will hold the line in NO new taxes of any sort, etc. Bruner is a business man with no experience in the give and take in the Senate. Claire on the other hand has skyrocketed into Senatorial prominence in her first term. Like her voting record or not, she does have clout in the Senate which means something for Missouri. Steelman is a lightweight, based on one time watching her in a GOP debate with Akin and Bruner last March.

    Local GOP leaders are all behind Akins, it seems for now. I suspect if he wins he and Ozark Billy Long will vote step by step in the future. Is that what we want for MO.? I’m certainly not sure about that and thus have no idea, yet, for whom I will vote in the upcoming GOP primary election in Aug. But vote I will for sure.

    Of all the four contenders for the Nov 2012 Senate election in MO, I do believe Claire is the smartest and most politically astutue of all the contenders. Whether she can overcome her alligance to the Dem line and instead vote strictly for what is best in the future for America is my great doubt, in her case.

    Thus I am currently “torn” in how to vote for the MO senate candidates, come November and in Aug as well.

    It is easy to trash Claire for her voting record in the past. But the GOP in MO needs to show how such a new Senator will make a difference, nationally, for the coming six years. Toeing the GOP party line will not “hack it” for me.



    • Geoff Caldwell on June 27, 2012 at 11:22 am

      ANYONE other than Claire will do better for Missouri than Claire has. She has proven with her record that when it comes to her national political ambitions vs Missouri voters she’ll go with her D.C. buds any time.
      As for her political smarts she’s made some major mis-steps in the past five years. The only hope she has left for 2012 is there are still enough idiots in KC and St Louis to put her over the top.
      I know that yocals have already thrown in behind Akin, that’s why I’m giving my money to Bruner. Been getting updates for months now and he’s a common sense businessman and has already agreed to two terms max. Just like the Founders intended, a citizen legislature populated by citizens for a few years and then they return to their private trades.
      If anyone knows the damage the myriad of rules, regs and federal over-reach has caused to our economy, Bruner is the closest to it.
      I urge you and anyone else reading, please visit and see for yourself.


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