Irony, Indeed

November 12, 2008

There’s already been protests and crimes committed in California over the passage of Prop 8. The little reported on amendment to the state constitution that puts marriage back where it belongs, between a man and a woman. (When I write “little reported” I refer to the coverage since the election, since because it passed we’ve seen the old media back off coverage for fear of embolding those terrible homophobes in other parts of the country.)

The link below is to Dan Walters article in the Sacremento Bee explaining that the Obama orgasm of getting minorities to the polls backlashed against gays.

You’ve gotta love the irony. Minorities turn out in record numbers for an election of historic proportion, propelling the first black man to the Presidency of the most powerful nation on earth and in so doing they also re-affirm one of the oldest societal tenants of modern civilization. That marriage is between a man and a woman. Not two men, nor two women, not one man twenty-seven wives, not two women and “uncle” Joe, not a man and his favorite sheep/horse/cow/dog/cat or blowup doll. No, not anything BUT one man temporarily insane permantly surrending his wallet to a member of the female branch of the homo-sapien tree.

Of course in their “outrage”, gay activist groups have already filed severa lawsuits in hopes of once again getting the courts to do what they already do all too often today; rule against the actual wishes of society and dictate from the bench. But what makes the passage of Prop 8 especially sweet is how the pro-gay crowd kept trying to associate their “struggle to marry” with the civil rights movement of the 60’s. The minority closest to that movement overwhelmingly voted NO. No, jane and jane, you do not have a right to marry, you have a right to civil unions and non-descrimination in the workplace etc, etc, but you do not have a right to turn thousands of years of human history upside down to fit your own world view.

The intolerance continues. California Music Theatre’s artistic director Scott Eckern has been forced out of his job after a revelation that he privately donated $1000 in support of Prop 8. What is it with liberals that while they shout for diversity, anyone with a “diverse” opinion is shouted down?

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