NAACP, left wing media goes rabid on Romney speech

July 12, 2012

Mitt Romney addresses the NAACP

If there was any doubt the political left in this country has gone completely off the rails of reason one need look no further than its response to Mitt Romney’s appearance Wednesday at the NAACP’s convention in Houston.

What started with the usual crazies, (Al Sharpton and Nancy Pelosi) accusing Romney of actually wanting to get booed at the convention quickly turned into a firestorm of criticism against the governor for not being respective of the audience.

The twitter aggregating website showed disgraced Politico writer Joe Williams using the booing as justification for his “Romney is only comfortable around white people” on air comment that got him suspended.

NAACP Chairwoman Roslyn Brock stated that “unfortunately, much of his [Romney’s] agenda is at odds with what the NAACP stands for – whether the issue is equal access to affordable health care, reforming our education system or the path forward on marriage equality….”

Yet when Romney spoke on two of those three issues, education inequality and gay marriage, the delegates on the floor actually applauded Romney.

Romney on education:

If equal opportunity in America were an accomplished fact, black families could send their sons and daughters to public schools that truly offer the hope of a better life. Instead, for generations, the African-American community has been waiting and waiting for that promise to be kept. Today, black children are 17 percent of students nationwide – but they are 42 percent of the students in our worst-performing schools.

Our society sends them into mediocre schools and expects them to perform with excellence, and that is not fair. Frederick Douglass observed that, “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” Yet, instead of preparing these children for life, too many schools set them up for failure. Everyone in this room knows that we owe them better than that…………………

…………When it comes to education reform, candidates cannot have it both ways – talking up education reform, while indulging the same groups that are blocking reform. You can be the voice of disadvantaged public-school students, or you can be the protector of special interests like the teachers unions, but you can’t be both. I have made my choice: As president, I will be a champion of real education reform in America, and I won’t let any special interest get in the way.

I will give the parents of every low-income and special needs student the chance to choose where their child goes to school. For the first time in history, federal education funds will be linked to a student, so that parents can send their child to any public or charter school, or to a private school, where permitted. And I will make that a true choice by ensuring there are good options available to all.

Romney on strong families and marriage:

Here at the NAACP, you understand the deep and lasting difference the family makes. Your former executive director, Dr. Benjamin Hooks, had it exactly right. The family, he said, “remains the bulwark and the mainstay of the black community. That great truth must not be overlooked.”

Any policy that lifts up and honors the family is going to be good for the country, and that must be our goal. As President, I will promote strong families – and I will defend traditional marriage.

By Thursday morning the left’s flagship network, MSNBC, had the message down pat with the opening segment on Morning Joe being nothing but a liberal circle jerk spouting  that Romney disrespected the NAACP and his appearance was a cold, calculated strategy.  That Romney actually elicited the booing so he could shore up his base and impress independents.

Yes, that is how sickening the political left has become.  The Democrat party of our fathers and grandfathers has become but a cesspool of race baiters and haters.

A Republican candidate for President goes before what knowingly will be a less than receptive crowd at best and espouse his ideas, plans and vision for the country and he is the bad guy.

But unlike Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, this candidate speaks candidly and openly.  He speaks in his normal tone and dialect.  He does not invent a patronizing “I ain’t no ways tired” accent.  He does not sugar coat the problems.  He does not promise falsely that which he cannot deliver.

He does however say this:

I can’t promise that you and I will agree on every issue. But I do promise that your hospitality to me today will be returned. We will know one another, and work to common purposes. I will seek your counsel. And if I am elected president, and you invite me to next year’s convention, I would count it as a privilege, and my answer will be yes.

And what does he get for his effort?

NAACP President Benjamin Jealous spouting off “While we are glad that Governor Romney recognized the power of the black electorate, he laid out an agenda that was antithetical to many of our interests,” and Charlette Stoker Manning, the chair of Women in NAACP showing her blatant racism with: “I believe his vested interests are in white Americans,”

“Antithetical to many of our interests”, really Mr. Jealous?

A strong, vibrant national economy with a federal government held in check and its budget balanced is “antithetical” to the interests of black America and 50 years of failed policies and broken promises from the Democrat party is not?

Not a week goes by that someone from the left side of the black community isn’t demanding that it get the respect it deserves yet every week continues to act in the most disrespectful ways.

There is though, one important takeaway from the Romney/NAACP back and forth.

Sadly, racism is still with us and shows no signs of abating.  But it no longer comes from hooded cowards in white sheets.

No, today racism flows freely from a once honorable organization, the Democrat party, and off the lips of self-serving hypocrites whose power depends on keeping their minions dependent upon government and trapped on the carousel from hell.

Forcing millions of Americans to daily ride violence, poverty, and unemployment round and round while their elite masters ride in limousines, live in the “big house” and eat the finest of foods.

And it’s all done in the name of “helping”.

Yet the left wants us to believe that Romney is the cynical, manipulative one.


You may read the full transcript of Romney’s speech at Kathleen Mckinley’s blog.

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2 Responses to NAACP, left wing media goes rabid on Romney speech

  1. A Nonny Moose on July 12, 2012 at 3:40 pm

    I read Larry O’Donnell’s comments and howled with laughter. He truly wants people to believe that Romney wanted to get booed so he could appeal to white racist voters? Wouldn’t it have been much easier to just skip the event altogether and highlight that? Then again, this is O’Donnell we’re talking about. Not exactly a fount of rational thought. The fact he got through it without spitting all over the set and biting the head off a puppy is amazing in and of itself.

    When it comes to the NAACP, or Al Sharpton, or Jesse Jackson, or any of the racial groups or hucksters like that, I can’t help but think of a quote I read a long time ago. That quote reads:

    “There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs – partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.”

    And you know which rich, white Republican racist came up with that quote? Some white dude named Booker T. Washington, from his book My Larger Education. Just think, if Booker T. Washington were alive today, he could go on MSNBC with Larry O’Donnell and get spit on by the host during one of his lunatic rants, disparaged by princess Nancy, and maligned by Sharpton. And the NAACP would applaud them for it. Yet again more evidence that the true racism falls squarely on the left, who see only color, not character.

  2. Geoff Caldwell on July 13, 2012 at 7:04 am

    WOW! Your comment is exactly why I love this internet thingy. I realize I’m showing my ignorance but had never heard that quote before and am in your debt for enlightening me.
    Seems the “race pays” strategy has been around far longer then I ever imagined.
    And of course the dirtiest little secret the O’Donnell’s, Sharpton’s, Jackson’s and the rest of the race baiting dwainbwains don’t talk about is just how many “whiteys” were the original founders of the NAACP.
    Liberalism cannot survive on its own, its very existence depends upon the ignorance of the masses dutifully coalescing around envy, class-warfare and racism.
    And after 3 1/2 years of expanding every federal handout known to man Obama has grown that mass to a size never imagined. We won’t know exactly how large until November 6, 2012.


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