Obama dates capitalism but sleeps with socialism

July 26, 2012

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President Obama and his campaign are in full overdrive trying to walk back his now nearly two weeks old, “you didn’t build that” comment regarding just who’s responsible for success in America.

Surrogate after surrogate, ad after ad, and even Obama himself is desperately trying to frame the comment as taken “out of context” and that “wasn’t what he meant.”

Never mind that the full “context” of the remarks makes it even clearer that Obama’s first love is government and it is government, not capitalism that gives him his own Presidential “thrill up his leg”.

With the major news outlets firmly in his corner Obama is free to publicly “date” capitalism during the day and then slink away to the security of his socialist blanket at night.  They (media) gladly play the clips and sound bytes of Obama, the Prince Charming of Capitalism, during the day and dutifully suppress the dirty little secrets the administration can’t dare let be known to the masses.

Yes, I used the “S” word again.  And no, my belief that Obama is a socialist of the worst kind has nothing to do with his race, so any libs lurking about can put the “R” word right back into that empty cavity that is supposed to hold your brains.

While the disconnect between Obama’s words and his actions is not new, not unknown, and is as deep as the Mariana’s trench, in a culture where the masses elevate imbeciles on a Jersey Shore and mush brained socialites to worship status, it does not get the attention and debate that it should.

But, but, but, Caldwell, Obama only wants what’s “fair” for everyone.  That everybody “gets a shot”.  That if we only make “social justice” as our primary goal all that silly stuff like jobs, poverty, debt and deficits will take care of itself.

Obama believes in capitalism and the American dream, he just wants it for everybody.

Yet each time Obama is given a chance to prove those words with action, he turns his back and runs as fast as he can into the welcoming arms of his left wing base.

The three most recent examples highlighted below being but the tip of the economic iceberg Obama has us steaming towards at full speed.

The Keystone pipeline would create thousands of free market “capitalist” jobs without one dime of government “stimulus” but the President cares more about the environmental socialist votes and rewarding his pal Warren Buffet than the hard working Americans it would employ.

Moving from the northern plains east to Ohio and Pennsylvania Obama sleeps soundly while his EPA and its “climate change” regulations begin the process of destroying the coal industry and the jobs, the towns, and the people that go with it.

Come back to the heartland and read about the nation’s largest manufacturer of plastic gas cans, Blitz USA, being forced to close its doors due to lawsuits filed by a few law firms whose clients clearly ignored warning labels and misused the products.  Over a 100 jobs are being permanently lost in one of the worst economies in history and all the President of the United States can do is whine about his words being taken “out of context”.

This whining of course coming from the very same person and campaign who just days earlier had no problem interchanging “Romney” with “felon” on a continual loop.  The same person and campaign who refuses to correct untrue Romney/outsourcing accusations even though every major fact check organization in the country has labeled them false.  (Now that’s “context” to be proud of.)

But in fact, the more of the Obama Presidency one actually looks at, the more “context” one analyzes, and the more actions scrutinized, the more one realizes just how “in” context those “you didn’t build that” words really are.

In the “full context” there’s nothing “out of context” at all.

They are not a gaffe, they are not a mistake, they are rather a rare glimpse into the truth hiding behind the curtain.

A curtain that far too many Americans are too afraid to look behind, and that’s exactly what Obama’s counting on.

So no Mr. President, it is not the words that are the problem, it is not Romney or any of his surrogates taking a few words out of “context”.

It is you sir who are the problem.

And the only thing truly “out of context” right now, is you in the Oval Office.

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One Response to Obama dates capitalism but sleeps with socialism

  1. Herb Van Fleet on July 28, 2012 at 10:14 am

    Looks like Obama and Romney are in agreement on the “you didn’t build that” comment. See http://www.thedailyshow.com/full-episodes/wed-july-25-2012-joseph-stiglitz. The fun starts about 8 minutes in.


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