100 days out, Obama’s Government or Romney’s America?

July 29, 2012

America's done with the Kool Aid

Dear President Obama,

100 days from today, our “great experiment” will once again give the American people a choice as to who they wish to see living in “their house” for the next four years.

For the past 100 days you and your staff spent over $100 million dollars in an attempt to “identify” your opponent, Mitt Romney as the “out of touch”, “not like you”, “evil, outsourcing, foreign bank holdings”, rich guy. Negative ads against Romney swamped any positive messages from you by over a 4 to 1 margin.

Yet you now clamor with the loudest of clamoring that your “you didn’t build that” and “there’s a lot of smart people……..there’s a lot of hard workers” slam to every inventor, entrepreneur, and small business owner in the country was not a slam at all.

Considering that many of your own ads and claims against Governor Romney have been labeled misleading and outright false by numerous fact checking organizations isn’t it a bit rich Mr. President to now whine about your own words being taken out of “context”?

For the Corner has shown, when the entire collection of your words that day in Roanoke, VA are played beginning to end, it gets worse, not better.

The “full context” of that speech shows very clearly your disdain for the traditional American values of hard work, and individual accomplishment.

Hanging from your every word, and filling in every empty space between the lines, is a man who believes that government, especially the federal government, is responsible for the success of every individual American.

That without Big Brother and his merry band of bureaucrats, no one would be successful today.

With all due respect Mr. President, you’re supposed to be extremely smart, why the adherence to something so unbelievably stupid?

How is it, that someone with supposedly so much more intellectual heft than the “average” American manage to completely overlook the fact that without those millions of successful individuals there is no one left to pay for your government cathedrals and your clergy of regulators pulling every lever, pushing every button so that “all” get a “fair” shot?

Your ads and those of your party, constantly demonize and spread fear among the masses that if Romney is elected it will mean the end of all government and everyone will be forced to fend for themselves. The widows and orphans will starve, the rivers will burn and the sky will go black. (Now THAT is what thinking people call being “taken out of context”.)

But here’s the real rub we have Mr. President; I’ll bet you half of your 5 trillion dollars of new debt that you can’t find one conservative, Tea Partier, or Republican that wants to end all government. Yet you continually attack us as if we do?

What we DO want however is a return to the “limited” government as outlined in the Constitution. (You know,that document you so disdain and so easily subvert?)

Over the past 50 years, you and your liberal allies have been quite successful in re-defining the relationship between the American people and their government.

By interchanging but two simple words, “want” and “need”, you have addicted tens of millions to one federal program after another.

The vast majority of Americans don’t “need” the federal government to take care of them, but they are now hooked on “wanting” it.

You and your ilk have instilled into them for decades that their plight is not of their making. That theirs is not the result of their own bad personal choices “coming home to roost”, but rather the result of someone, somewhere, “victimizing” them and refusing to “give” them their “fair” shot.

You and your allies, constantly rant about “self-esteem” and then push a political philosophy that destroys it.

Tearing down the American ethos and pitting one group of citizens against another may very well get you your much coveted “four more years” Mr. President, but at what cost?

Either you’re the most callous, self-absorbed politician in modern history or you truly are the political radical your critics claim you to be.

To be fair, I have my own critics who feel I am too harsh upon you.

That I should at least “respect the office”. That I am the radical. Yet how am I to “respect the office” when you, the holder of that office has shown time and again, through your own words, actions and executive orders your own personal disrespect for the office?

But for the sake of those critics Mr. President (and “in context” of course) let’s look at who the “radical” really is.

Is it the politician who from the very beginning lied to the American people about who he was, what he planned to do, and the type of government he would run or the small business owner who every day has to deal with one form of government overreach after another?

Is it one who demands transparency and openness from others while sealing his own records, claiming executive privilege, and stonewalling a national security leak investigation or the retiree who wonders why it’s “fair” for his/her dividend checks to dwindle in order to “re-distribute” that money in the name of “social justice”.

Is the “radical” some middle aged, mid-western farmer’s son who knows that the only way to let prosperity back in, is to kick government out, or a politician willing to sell the country’s soul for a political ideology that has failed every where else it has been tried.

An ideology that has but only one goal: the end of free market capitalism and America as she was founded.

You see Mr. President, the problem is that in your zeal to force “fairness” upon the American system you ignore one basic truth:

That no matter your time, no matter your country, no matter your circumstances, for all of human history the only ONE constant has been that life itself is absolutely, unequivocally, in full “context”, NOT FAIR.

The only truly “fair” thing that any good government can do is stay out of the way. Yes, it has the duty to provide the framework, but it should leave the interior design to each and every individual to decorate each room of his/her life as he/she sees fit.

Some will build large rooms with canopied beds, some will sleep in a cardboard box over a steam grate, most will live somewhere in between.

No government, anywhere at anytime can change that one fundamental fact.

Yet Mr. President you spend your time and your campaign money instilling envy and hate into the hearts of the have nots that will reward you with their “fairness” votes come November.

Abraham Lincoln:

“A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

Ronald Reagan:

“As government expands, liberty contracts.”

The “government is the solution” philosophy to which you ascribe Mr. President is dividing us against ourselves and sending liberty into full retreat.

So with but only 100 days left it is now you, Mr. President who has a choice to make.

Will you heed the words of your predecessors and preserve this union of “individuals” that has done quite well for over two centuries, or will you continue down the path to destruction as proscribed by the likes of Alinsky, Marx, Ayers, Dohrn, Cloward and Piven?

Will you spend the next 100 days campaigning in the “context” of America’s founding principles, personal responsibility and individual liberty, or will you continue lecturing us on just how much we “didn’t build”?

While I have no doubt the “context” of your political philosophy, my personal belief is irrelevant.

The only thing that matters is that come November 6th 2012, will enough of my fellow Americans see your true “context” and send you back to Chicago or will America embark upon a “transformational” path as never before seen?

All of a sudden a mere 100 days seems like an eternity.

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4 Responses to 100 days out, Obama’s Government or Romney’s America?

  1. anson burlingame on July 29, 2012 at 11:25 am


    A forceful and appropriate statement of your views of the impact of President Obama on our society. In general I support such views.

    I will disgree only on one point where you said, “Either you’re the most callous, self-absorbed politician in modern history or you truly are the political radical your critics claim you to be.”

    You give me only and either/or choice but I pick neither.

    I believe President Obama has developed a “world view” over his lifetime that produces policies that downgrade the ability to achieve the American Dream for all Americans. But I do not call him either “callous” or “radical” in coming to those conclusions. I just believe, strongly, that he is WRONG.

    For the last 237 years the bedrock of America has been American individualism. Some thrive and propser, some tread water and some fail. But by and large for most of those 237 years America has overall prospered like no other country in history.

    However will America as we know it come to an end on Nov 6th if President Obama (or Gov Romney as well) is elected as the next president. No in my view, at least not overnight.

    For at least 50 years now America has been in an overall decline in many ways. What everyone wants is to stop that decline. But even if we find a way to do politically it will take now a long time to “turn the curve” and ultimately get back to a land of freedom and liberty for all.

    How individuals USE their own freedom and liberty will be the ultimate determination of “equality” or “fairness”, collectively and government force will only impede such lofty goals.


    • Geoff Caldwell on July 29, 2012 at 11:51 am

      Well again we disagree on the semantics, but that IS the American way is it not? lol
      Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Hitler all had “different world views”, were “wrong” and no one could deny they were also “radicals”.
      I just merely prefer to call Obama what he is. (IMHO)
      No other President in history has expanded the federal government and grabbed more executive power than Obama. His history and “world view” as it is known points to a person every bit as radical as the people who shaped him.
      As you and I have discussed before, we are all products of our early years and the who, what and whys of how we grew up.
      The only difference between you and I is we don’t run from our past nor do we actively try to hide it. Obama does. To myself and millions of others it beg the question WHY?

      You make an excellent point regarding HOW individuals USE their freedom. I believe one of the biggest mistakes we make today is that we don’t force those same individuals to live with the consequences of how they have chosen to use their freedom.

      How many trillions have we thrown at the war on poverty when so much of that poverty is self inflicted? Just something to think about.

  2. anson burlingame on July 30, 2012 at 8:13 am


    I keep trying to find some type of common ground upon which progressives and conservatives might agree. For sure it is not an easy task.

    HOW any American citizen uses the freedom offered to them is critical, in my view. The images cast up by the left attempt to show that it is impossible for many Americans to take advantage of freedom and prosper.

    If that is true, American society makes it impossible for all Americans to prosper from making their own wise choices in life, then it is axiomatic that government should render more force to make prosperity occur.

    Now go read the recent story of the woman convicted of first degree murder of her husband 20 years ago in this area. Read her “story” of her early childhood and adulthood, a “messy” story for sure. Was it in fact “impossible” for that young woman to make wiser choices in her early life to have avoided her circumstances today?

    My conclusion is that she had opportunities to make better choices. They may not have been easy choices, but the choices were still there for her. Instead she CHOSE a young life of drugs and sex (or so it seems)and ignored the better choices of staying in school, not getting married at age 15, running with the wrong crowd, etc.

    Then the euphoria of marriage (at age 15) quickly wore off and she was divorced at age 17. Yet she still maintained a relationship with her former husband, a drug runner, perhaps a gun runner, etc in order to feed her habits of drugs and other forms of security.

    In my view our entitlement society will never work until we find a way to prevent such decline by people like that young woman, a decline ultimately caused by their OWN poor choices.

    A wise investor provides money to businesses to provide the opportunity for the business to improve and prosper. But no wise investor provides a continuing flow of money to businesses that refuse to change their ways and simply continue to ask for more money to sustain a failing business.

    Our federal govenment is NOT a wise investor in such matters. No one in progressive government can show real ROIs for our entitlement system, by and large. I repeat myself when I simply point out “Detroit” as a 50 year example.


    • Geoff Caldwell on July 30, 2012 at 10:44 am

      And I would go so far to suggest that not only is the federal government not a wise investor it is the ENABLER of bad choices.

      Along with an “anything goes” societal attitude for the past 40 years we now have millions upon millions who don’t even know HOW to make the wrong choices.

      With all the programs and “benefits” I do believe we have made it far, far too easy to make the wrong choices and not even worry abut putting in the effort to make the right one.

      The left screams holy hell about the founder of Chick Filet daring to express his personal opinion that he believes marriage is between a man and a woman and that makes him a “homophobe”, but yet does nothing about the hundreds dead on Chicago streets just since the first of the year.

      Hypocrites all, problem solvers none.


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