Obama 2012: Slogans for the last 100 days

July 30, 2012

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With yesterday being 100 days to the election and the President locked in a dead heat against Republican opponent, Mitt Romney, despite the President’s campaign spending tens of millions to smear him, the rumor is that Chicago headquarters isn’t quite the happy place it should be.

Seems the American people are showing themselves to be “smarter” and “harder working” than Axelrod and Obama anticipated.

Seems all that rhetoric from 2008 is being slapped in the face by the truth and reality of an absolute failure of a first term.

Seems that for every catchy slogan the campaign has tried for the past few months, there’s always those pesky taglines that remind the American people of the truth behind the man.

A few of said taglines offered up for your perusing below:

OBAMA 2012 not so familiar slogans:


(Over a fiscal cliff from a bridge YOU DIDN”T BUILD!)

(To the moon on a mountain of debt.)

(Together with each individual doing his “collective” duty.)

(Into every aspect of American life.)

(To socialism and beyond!)

(With millions of  “smarter” and “harder working” straw men everywhere.)

(From the facts and the truth since 2008!)
Winning The Future:

(With YOUR Money)
(One tax hike at a time)
(Cause we can’t do SHIT in the present)
Building an America/Economy to last:

(On a Chinese Foundation)
(At least until 2016 or so)
(With proper redistribution, of course)
We Can’t Wait:

(To spend more money)
(To grab more power)
(To run your life)
(To create more debt)
(For $10 gas)
(To give Putin our missiles)
(To disarm America)
(To destroy the military)
(To trample your rights)

For the dwainbwains:

Why so glum?  Regulations are COOL!

Oops!  Was that the Constitution?

Regulation Nation:  Catchy ain’t it?

Putting the “S” in socialism since 2008

Got “social”?  (ism, that is)

Who said oligarchs are bad?

Forcing “change” since 2008!

2010 was a fluke, Americans LOVE taxes!

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