Fems Cry Foul

November 13, 2008

From the “Feminists still don’t get that women ARE different then men” category:

Ryanair C.E.O. Michael O’Leary has once again garnered the ire of feminists across the pond. Seems Mr. O’Leary had the audacity to offer his female employees the chance to grace a 2009 pin-up calendar for charity. Only catch was, to get into the calendar they had to be exceptionaly beautiful and bikini friendly.

Never mind that the calendar was for charity (raising tens of thousands of dollars), never mind that over 700 female emplyees applied on their own, never mind that some women are actually proud of their appearance and don’t mind showing it, never mind any sense of free will, no never mind common sense.

Of course the minute the calendar was released common sense was out the window and radical feminism took over. For no matter how much the feminazi’s claim to be for “equality” there will always be those who want to dictate to their more beautiful counterparts how they should behave and what they should wear.

The Institue for Women in Spain has promptly complained to Irish and European authorities. (Only the Europeans would actually have “authorities” to take complaints against a private enterprise pin-up calendar.) Maria Jesus Ortiz the spokesperson for the group says, “We’re not talking about morals or nudity here, it’s simply how women are portrayed,” she said. She complains that the calendar displays the women as “sex objects”.

Hey Maria and the rest of you manic moron’s, THAT’s the POINT. AND, I’m sorry to tell you, there ARE women out there who not only don’t mind it, they actually RELISH it! Just because they don’t fit your uni-sex view of the future, is no reason to deny them their right to pose as they please. THAT’s true equality.

And it doesn’t stop with some fringe “institute”. Birgitta Ohlsson is a Swedish member of parliament that sees it as her duty to rid the world of bad, bad RyanAir. She has called for a boycott of the airline for a past ad that Sweden’s Trade Ethical Council against Sexism in Advertising (ERK) found as sexist. On one hand she states: “I’m not some sort of dress code police,” she said. “Girls should absolutely be able to dress any way they want.”, while on the other “It’s my duty as a feminist politician to name and shame companies like this.”

Sooooooo, in other words, women have the right to do as they wish with their bodies as long as what they wish, fit’s within what YOU deem appropriate? Hmmmmmm now THAT sounds sexist.

No, me thinks this has but little to do with equality, and more with a much much older emotion: jealousy.

For the full stories and a peek-a-boo at the calendar:



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