New Obama ad attacks Romney using faux ‘independent org’s’ study

September 16, 2012

The Obama campaign has another ad attacking Mitt Romney in hopes the minions will be distracted from the pain they feel in their everyday lives. (In your best Gomer Pyle dialect, everyone together now: SUUUURPRISE, SUUUURPRISE, SUUUURPRISE.)

Pain like $4.00 a gallon gas, double digit real unemployment, higher prices and smaller packaging at every grocery store across the nation, energy cost increases across the board, inflation creeping into every other aspect of their lives, and a future more uncertain that at any time in the modern era.

Yet like every other pixel of fairy dust this bunch has scattered across the country for the past four years, the “pain” projected in the ad is not even real. It is as usual, “possible” pain that voters are supposed to imagine they’ll feel if Vader Romney is allowed to change the drapes in the Oval Office.

In other words, fear mongering in the very best Goebbels’ style. Dusted off, slicked up and made all bright and shiny with the wonders of 21st century video.

Notice how in the opening frames the ad uses the Wall Street Journal name to give it some credibility that it could never get on its merits.

On yesterday’s edition of the Journal Editorial Report, host Paul Gigot made clear:

“the use of the Wall Street Journal on….in that ad was not sanctioned by this newspaper and we don’t want to be associated at all with this argument which I fundamentally think is false…”

Fundamentally false, everyone get that? Below just a few of those whoppers:

“….$2000 for a family with children says a non-partisan report. You could lose the deduction for your home mortgage, college tuition, healthcare, how much would you pay? Romney just won’t say…..”

KLAS 8TV-Las Vegas did a fact check on that video and as usual with Obama, it has just enough truth for him to hide behind and more than enough twisting of it to convince the dwainbwains that Romney is only days away from completing the Death Star.

One of the cornerstones of the ad’s claims is a “study” put out by the self described “independent” A “center” mind you that is a joint venture between the Urban Institute and the Brookings Institution. Anyone with an actual functioning brain (sorry libs, you’re outta luck on this one) knows that using the words “center” and “independent” in the same sentence as Urban Institute and Brookings Institution is an oxymoron of Obama ego proportions.

Sarah Rosen Wartell heads up the Urban Institute, and the Brookings Institution is led by John L. Thornton. These two are so “independent” that according to, they both donated to the Obama campaign in 2008 with not a penny to any Republican candidates. And that’s just the tip of the ice berg.

The minion media expects the American public to accept the “analysis” of these two organizations and their offspring the Tax Policy Center without challenge.

What that same media won’t tell you is how much the leaders of those “independent” institutions and many of their board members donated to Barack Obama and democrat candidates. If they “say” their “independent” that’s good enough for Brian Williams, MSNBC and the rest of the herd so it sure as hell should be good enough for the peasants.

Go down the list of the “who’s who” at all three organizations and you’ll find a river of money flowing to democrats while Republican’s stand on the bank of one very, dry gulch.

And speaking of lists, the Corner closes this morning with the list of “funders” posted on the center’s website. It is, not surprisingly, an “A” list of left of center, socialist policy supporting foundations and individuals.

Don’t believe your own eyes. Don’t believe your own brain. Just paste on a smile, put on your skipping shoes and follow the media down that yellow brick road to the wonderful, glorious Oz.

But whatever you do, once you’re there, make damn sure you don’t pull back the curtain.

As always, thank you all for visiting, stay safe, keep the faith and I’ll see ya round the Corner as soon as can.

So without further ado, the very, “independent”’s foundation of support:


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2 Responses to New Obama ad attacks Romney using faux ‘independent org’s’ study

  1. Anson Burlingame on September 17, 2012 at 3:32 pm

    Geoff,nThe problem, Geoff, is that millions of Americans will see the ad only a few will read your blog.nNow how do we fix that problem??? I also wonder how much “Citizen’s United” money contributed to publishing and promulgating the ad??nAnson

    • Geoff Caldwell on September 17, 2012 at 4:12 pm

      We “fix” it the way we “fixed” it in 2010. Economy worse, mood worse, no matter what the media throws out I firmly believe there are still more of us than there are dwainbwains.nI’m not a conventional wisdom guy on Citizen’s United. The scales had been tipped for so long to the left thanks to the unions that we’re just now getting back to a balance. nOn another note I tweeted a link last night on a great Wichita Eagle article on all the GOOD Koch industries has done and chronicled their growth over the past 12 years. Heading up to Wichita for dad’s neuro appt this morning but will sen you when get time. It’s a prime example of why the left hate’s them so much. They’ve become immensely successful IN SPITE of them and they’ve done it responsibly and brought tens of thousands of employees along with them.


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