American Rewind: That ragged old flag and the sound of taps

September 23, 2012

..American rewind this morning reflects upon two inseparable elements of America today. Her flag and her most haunting melody.

Much has changed along the path of this great Republic since those first worldly shots at Lexington and Concord. Yet for all the change and progress, one thing above all has kept that path open and safe for travel: the men and women of America’s armed forces.

The path we walk today has been kept free over the years not by lofty political rhetoric and pandering promises. It is free today only because those who came before us, when the time came, heeded the call.

To hundreds of thousands throughout our years, that call was their final call. And for over a century now, Americans from shore to shore, fire base to fire base have had one melody unite them in remembering and honoring those who gave that final call.

Simple, yet overwhelmingly haunting, it’s score is but a few notes, it’s orchestra a single bugler, it is TAPS. A collection of just 24 notes, that speaks volumes to the heart of each and every American.

The “Who we are as told by who we were” segments today reflect upon those two inseparable American icons: her flag and the tune that retires that flag each night, weighs heavy on every patriot’s heart, and brings tears to every veteran’s funeral.

The opening video is anthony0713’s videa presentation of Johnny Cash and the “Ragged Old Flag” poem. Closing video below again leans on the broad shoulders of a past American patriot, John Wayne and is his reciting of the history of taps, put to video by youtube user apicecream.

And the Corner closes this morning with the image below. As thegatewaypundit points out, the new Obama campaign flag bears an eerie similarity to the bloody hand prints from the walls of our Benghazi consulate.


That a sitting President would desecrate the American flag for campaign cash is bad enough. In light of that same President’s failure getting Americans killed overseas, it is disgusting.

Which candidate will you vote for this November?

The one who listens to our history and who we were, or the one who’s only wish is to “transform” America into something she never was, and never should be.

Obama 2012: Kick him out or Kiss it goodbye.

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