American Rewind: The Hyphen. We were fully warned, yet still we ignored.

October 14, 2012

It’s not even a word.

It’s just a short, simple line between two others. Hiding behind it’s simplicity it appears harmless. Yet hiding behind that simplicity is a danger so deceptive, so destructive that it can destroy a nation before it ever knows what hit it.

It is a favorite tool of the left and for the past half a century it has been used ad nauseaum to pit one American against another. Turning a once cohesive society, united behind a common freedom, into a collection of Balkanized entitlement enclaves each populated with millions of mass-deluded “victims” demanding “social justice” to deliver them their “fair share”.

It is cherished by every leftist, socialist, radical, anti-American group imaginable.

It is promoted by “victims” nationwide as they demand their “justice” from those not like them.

It is a badge of cowardice proudly worn by those who put their own special interests in front of the interests of the country that protects them.

It is the hyphen.

It is dangerous, it is divisive and it lives among us today stronger than ever before.

But we cannot say we weren’t warned.

39 years ago, John Wayne’s only album was released on the RCA label. In an America still reeling from Vietnam, the violence of the late 60’s and seeing the unraveling of Watergate, the “America-Why I Love Her” was seen by the pop culture of the day as but a nostalgic nod to an America no more by an aging actor who made his career playing cowboys and Indians on screen and glorifying war on film.

One tract on that album was titled “The Hyphen” and it has proven itself more prophetic today than ever could have been imagined at the time.

Listen to “The Hyphen” of yesterday and the divisiveness of today comes through loud and clear.

In that recording The Duke warned us of the danger should the idea of dividing ourselves along one line or another become mainstream. Yet for the sake of political correctness the hyphen’s danger was ignored and its destruction is now front and center. Unrestrained and uncontrolled, that little line is wreaking havoc upon a society so weakend from decades of industrialized hate it is now fighting for its very survival.

We chose to ignore the warning then and now find ourselves asking but one question now: “How did we get here?”

A question whose answer is as simple as listening to Wayne’s words and in honestly and objectively looking at what the liberal mindset has done to American society over the past 40 years.

Trillions of dollars have been spent, hundreds of thousands of bureaucrats have been hired and retired, forests of societal regulations have been printed, and yet all that “embracing of the hyphens” has done is to divide us more than at any time since the civil war.

How anyone can define such an “accomplishment” as “progress” is beyond me, but then again I am not stricken with the “disease de liberalheadupmyassus”

Is there any doubt that we’d have all been a lot better off today if we’d have heeded Wayne’s warning?

Less than 18 months ago, Allenah Manzanagrano posted a piece describing her kids coming home with a school flier telling parents of upcoming end of school year events with the first on the list being “Asian Pacific Islander Assembly”.

I close today with her closing:

……I am the first person who is all about celebrating and learning about the different heritages of our nation. As a mom of five adopted children of a different race it is vital to me to make sure my children know their heritage. However, my husband and I teach them that though their heritage is different, they are are AMERICAN! We do not hyphenate their heritage, just as we do not hyphenate our heritage.

We are ALL immigrants of some kind from some where.

My question is when are we going to have an AMERICAN HERITAGE month where it’s not about race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation or anything that divides us? When are we going to drop the hyphens- period?! If we seek to divide for any reason- heritage or otherwise- we will NEVER be united!

NEVER is coming this November 6th, America.

Stand united for freedom and her founding, or vote for your hyphenated self-interest and enjoy your view from the cheap seats as the political left destroys this great nation one hyphenated voting bloc at a time.

(And leaves you freedom-less, penny-less, and hope-less in the process.)

Yep, that hyphen is a funny little thing ain’t it?

Obama 2012: Kick him out or Kiss it goodbye.

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