The Great American Divide: Views from the heartland

November 3, 2012

America is as politically divided today as she was those 152 years ago when a certain Illinois rail splitter was on the ballot for the Republican ticket.

That divide is permeating every corner of the country, and it is as alive and well right here on old Route 66 as it is along the I-4 corridor, or in Cuyahoga County, or the suburbs of Philly.

50 years of liberal encroachment into American society and its body politic is now battering full force against the fortress walls of foundational principles and Constitutionally restrained government.

And that divide showed itself yet again this past week when fellow blogger Anson Burlingame posted his “The Divide Expands” column explaining why he was at last ending his attempt to “debate” with commentators and the publisher of Joplin’s version of the Daily Kos.

(A set up is required for context so please bear with. Early in 2009, the Joplin Globe launched a “community blogger” page. On the political front it was split between myself and Anson with the right of center slant and a couple of newbies to the political arena for the left, Duane Graham and Jim Wheeler. It all started out fairly civil enough but as the months went on and the deficiencies of Obama began to emerge Graham drifted further and further to the Daily Kos vitriol and Wheeler blindly followed. It all came to a head about a year ago, when Graham began to change comments I’d left on his blog. When called on it he not only defended the practice but went so far to ban further commenting from myself and anyone else he didn’t “approve” of. (Not due to violation of any Globe commenting guidelines, just whether he liked or didn’t like the poster.) Considering his blog was sitting on a newspaper web site, the debate squared off between free speech and a newspaper’s duty to protect it, and publisher rights to reject content.)

The “public” debate ended when the Globe pulled the plug on the page, but the private battle between left and right went on. Yours truly managed to last about a week over on Graham’s site until he once again succumbed to his liberal self and re instituted the censoring and banning.

Anson, however, continued doing verbal battle “over there” for the past few months. He did so out of a genuine desire to engage in honest debate about the generational issues and the grave dangers facing America today. The only mistake he ever made was thinking that the Graham’s and ilk of the world have any desire to engage in an honest debate of the facts.

As the election drew nearer, the divide “over there” grew wider. So wide, and so deep, that even Anson finally realized, sometimes “arguing with idiots” truly is a waste of time. (my words)

While I firmly disagree with Anson’s characterization of “verbal violence” (isn’t that an oxymoron, sticks and stones vs words n such?) his column illustrates just how far down the rabbit hole the left has run.

His opening paragraph says it all:

I have now essentially given up my fight with the Erstwhile Conservative’s blog and commenters on that blog. It is a futile exercise to try to offer conservative views to people that refuse to listen AND reply with personal vindictiveness on a routine basis. When confronted with tactics resembling those employed by union thugs in a labor fight it ultimately comes down to force on force or ignoring them. I now put myself in the ignore category.

As much as we on the right continue to believe that the battle for the soul of this nation should be conducted in the arena of ideas and let said ideas of greater merit be declared the victor, we do the cause a great disservice by thinking that feeling is mutual on the left side of the political aisle.

Because as much as we’d like to think a robust and honest debate on the facts and truths of the matters at hand using reasoned and logical arguments is the best way to solve the nation’s problems there are those on the left that are doing everything possible to ensure that debate never happens.

For they know that if such ever did happen they would be doomed to political exile ad infinitum.

And backing that up are a few nagging little facts from the Gallup organization that the left does everything possible to hide from the ignorants that provide them their power.

Year, after agonizing year for the far left, Gallup reports the political breakdown of the American populace. And year after agonizing year, that report shows conservatives the clear majority, moderates holding their own, and liberals consistently in the bottom minority with a whopping 20 percent.

And that 20 percent breaks down to only 6 percent identifying as the “very liberal” bunch that currently controls the Democrat party and whips the minions like Graham into their daily frenzies of vitriol and hate.

And that 6 percent folks is where the divide began, where it grew, and where it lives in luxury today.

While that 6 percent thrives upon demonizing the 1 percent and demanding “fair shares” and “social justice” the dirty little secret is that most of that 6 percent IS the 1 percent.

Without the billions from the likes of George Soros, the millions from the Hollywood hypocrites, and the megaphone of the minion media that 6 percent would be where it rightfully belongs in a civil society; A pimple on a gnat’s ass.

Irritating as hell to the gnat but inconsequential as roadblocks to prosperity and freedom for the 80 percent of the country that isn’t afflicted with the dreaded “craniumassusinsertium” disease.

Just yesterday yet another truth of the divisiveness of that 6 percent revelaed itslef when none other than 1 percenter Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, (D-Nev.) fired off:

“Mitt Romney’s fantasy that Senate Democrats will work with him to pass his ‘severely conservative’ agenda is laughable,”

Never mind that Harry Reid and his 6 percent are the overwhelming MINORITY in this country.

Never mind that Harry Reid and his 6 percent took a “shellacking” in 2010 when the overwhelming majority of this country rebuked them.

Never mind that to follow the 6 percent is to follow a path as un-American, as one can get without taking up arms.

Never mind that to perpetuate the lies and the myths of the 6 percent only widens the divide.

And as I have been saying for years, and as Anson has just recently discovered, never mind trying to “debate” a 6 percenter.

For true debate requires, honesty, truth, logic and facts; four concepts as foreign to the 6 percent as those funny looking old white guys in wigs that started this whole thing in the first place.


Obama 2012: Kick him out or kiss it goodbye.

Up Next: Part 2 of The Great Divide, complete with commentary from the brilliant Nonny Moose and the “birth” of DwainBwain.

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