The Great American Divide: Views from the heartland (Part 2)

November 3, 2012

Part 1 of the Great American Divide highlighted how the national divide has worked its way into even lil ol Joplin, Mo and the consequences of that divide upon the political debate.

Part 2 now expands beyond just the divide and delves into the reasoning (or lack thereof on the liberal side) driving our current political divisiveness.

At great peril to my own ego, I rely heavily on the comments of one “A Nonny Moose”, one of the best I have ever read in his ability to put into context the lunacy that is the liberal mindset of today. Browse about the archives here at the Corner or over at Anson’s I’m Not Sure Are You and you will find an absolute treasure trove of Nonny’s wisdom. (I throw a few of my own words about in the end just so I can honestly say this is “my” column.)

Without further ado, the responses to one conservative’s acknowledgement that there are some people you just can’t reason with:

A Nonny Moose Says:
November 1, 2012 at 4:48 pm | Reply

Yes, we’re more divided than ever. That’s because the consequences have changed. It used to be that politics were merely the difference of opinion on how to accomplish the same goal, and both parties and the multiple ideologies they house ultimately wanted the same thing, which was to improve America internally, and protect her interests externally. No matter who won, you felt things would be okay. You might not like how they went about it, but in the end, it was an inconvenience, not a fatal error.

Now, though, that’s not the case. You have one side — the Left — who truly believes that government is the be all, end all. They have abandoned the principles espoused by Lincoln (a government of the people, by the people, for the people). They have abandoned the principles espoused by Kennedy (Ask not what your country can do for you…). No, they believe that the government knows best, the the individual has no rights, that the individual must always be subservient to elected officials, and government should always be involved in every aspect of every person’s life. They believe the government knows better than any individual what that individual needs, and should therefore take from that individual, and dole back to that person just what it has been decided that they need… minus administrative fees and overhead, of course. If you had more than what it was determined you need, then some of what you had is to be given to others, others who didn’t work as hard or didn’t make the proper decisions in their lives, and therefore “unfairly” have less. That’s “economic patriotism”, after all. While they do everything they can to hide it, and either lash out like cornered animals or run and hide when you mention it, their policy is, in effect, “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need”. And no, that phrase didn’t come from Lincoln or Kennedy.

The other side is sick of that. They believe that one should keep what one has earned. They believe the private sector can solve problems much more efficiently and effectively than government ever could or ever will. Because of those simple beliefs, they’re accused of wanting those with less to die, of wanting to starve grandma, of wanting to bring back debtor’s prisons, and all sort of absolutely ridiculous things of that nature. One simply cannot disagree with the Left. There is no more “well, we disagree, but it’ll all work out”. No, now it is “disagree with the left and you’re evil, vile, disgusting, lower than human, useless, expendable, racist, homophobic, sexist, and so on.” Even call into question their policies and/or methods, and they’ll throw those names at you, and more. Stick a toe beyond the boundaries of their plantation, and you are to be whipped, and your bloody back will be displayed as a warning to any others who might also be considering questioning their right to absolute power, or how they handle that power. They’ll attack you personally. If you respond in kind, they’ll run behind the nearest skirt and tell everyone how mean you are. If that fails to dissuade you from continuing to question them, they’ll attack your career, attempting to get you fired. They’ll pull “Swatting” tactics, spoofing your number and calling 911, trying to embarrass you or perhaps even get you shot (right, Brett Kimberlin?). Whatever it takes, you must not be allowed to ever voice a dissenting opinion. Dissent is only the highest form of patriotism when it is dissent from the political right. Questioning the left is a capital offense, and any and all means of enforcing that penalty are acceptable. Question the left, and your life is forfeit, as far as they are concerned.

So yes, the divide is greater than ever. The left has decided the right is no longer to be allowed to exist. So long as there is anyone believing in an ideology that allows them to question the tactics, the motives, and especially the inevitable miserable results of left wing policies, others will still have their attention called to the abject failure of those policies, and that simply cannot be allowed to stand. In that sort of climate, how could the divide be anything but wide? Where it used to be “hey, my guy lost, but that’s okay, we’ll work to elect our guy next time”, now it’s “I will destroy your life if you so much as question my guy!”. Where it used to be “hey, we’ll just have to agree to disagree”, now it’s “I’m going to get you fired. I’m going to get you arrested. I’m going to lie about you and attempt to humiliate you, because you committed the unforgivable sin of not kissing my guy’s ass”. The only hope is that they pushed too far, too fast, and the silent majority of people who find their ideology and tactics repugnant will stand up, grab a broom, and sweep them back under the rug where they belong, so the rest of us can go back to the “agree to disagree” days, and people like that other blogger can plot their revenge with the cockroaches.

Not really a lot I could add to the above but I feebly tried anyway:

“…The left has decided the right is no longer to be allowed to exist….”

And there sir is the reason we have the divide we have today.

Even FDR knew not to allow public sector unions, even Daniel Patrick Moynihan knew the destruction to the black family being perpetrated upon it by the entitlement welfare state, even Teddy Kennedy tried to hold public schools accountable.
The Dwainbwains of the country and their allies in the media promote the propaganda that if it weren’t for the Tea Party “radicals” all would be fine.
Yet the facts and the truth couldn’t be further away from such a statement. The rise of the Tea Party and the “shellacking” the Dems took in 2010 was not because of some right wing fringe propaganda machine, it was a direct uprising against the over-reach to the far left taken by Obama, Pelosi and Reid when given unchecked power for two years.
Once the dwainbwains cleaned the crap out of their jammies from their thumping in 2010 they realized that the only thing they had left was to demonize, divide and demagogue the other side in hopes their entitlement utopia b.s. had created just enough ignorants to propel their Dear Leader on to a second term and finally complete the great “transformation” they’ve been dreaming of since Marx, Lenin and Wilson.
The dwainbwains have always been and always will be with us. The only thing different at this particular point in time is they have the megaphone of the minion media and the distribution channels of the internet giving them a voice massively disproportionate to the views ascribed to by the majority of the country. Said outsized voice so far has been just enough to convince the selfish and the idiots that their plight is not of their own, but of some one else’s making…………………………….

I closed my thoughts to my newly enlightened conservative with:

You will soon find yourself much more at peace, you will soon find yourself more relaxed, you will soon find yourself with more time to actually write on your own blog and communicate with others that actually understand and listen to reason, common sense and logical thought.
Every second on a dwainbwain site is a second wasted. A second that will never return. Life is too short to continue to engage with such trivials.

It’s not that you’re abandoning the “debate”, it’s just that you’re no longer giving the little ones the attention they crave.

Welcome back.

And I meant every word.

Disengaging with a 6 percenter is not giving up on the cause.

It is instead furthering the cause of liberty by allowing one to devote time and resources towards those that actually have the intellectual capacity to think for themselves.

Those that are not afraid to admit that America was not founded upon an ever invasive liberalism and an ever encroaching federal government.

Those that have the capacity to see that in fact if they care at all about future generations then it is their duty as a citizen of the present, to be against the 6 percent and it’s agenda with every ounce of being, every presence of mind, and every bit of courage the heart and soul can muster.

For in the end, we are all just caretakers of the future.

And it is up to each and every one of us to ensure that the choices of our present give that future a strong and stable foundation of the past.


Up next: The Great American Divide Part 3: The birth of a DwainBwain.

One Response to The Great American Divide: Views from the heartland (Part 2)

  1. A Nonny Moose on November 4, 2012 at 2:35 pm

    Nice job fixing the glitch on the site! You’re far too kind about my posts, but thank you just the same.

    With luck, come Wednesday I can reply to your posts (and Anson’s) from the standpoint of the left as the minority they truly are, rather than this artificially inflated sense of power they have now. The House is pretty much a given to remain Republican, barring voting machines that register every vote as being for the Democrat. The White House I’m still confident about, and still think the electoral vote is going to shock some people by being a much larger margin of victory for Romney than many are predicting. They’re going to have to take away Chrissie Matthews’ belt and shoelaces, and Nate Silver’s fifteen minutes will have expired. The Senate? Well, with idiots like Akin running, and the people of Massachusetts apparently too interested in the (D) after her name to see what a fraud, opportunist, and liar Elizabeth Warren is, I’m not so sure about that. Perhaps we’ll be luck and Romney will have large coattails. We shall see. If we can increase the majority in the House (where Appropriations begin) and take the White House, maybe, just maybe, we can get the budget under control. Who knows, they might even be able to convince the Senate to work on one!


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