Gay Marriage Not A Right

June 16, 2008

Voices: Gay marriage ‘not a right’

June 15, 2008 08:30 pm

— This is in response to Ron Hutchison’s column on gay marriage (June 8, 2008). To respond point by point would take much more than the 300-word allotment for letter contributors, so I shall focus on the last paragraph: “When faced with the delicate subject of gay marriage, social conservatives need to take a step back and ask themselves the question: ‘What would Jesus do?’ ”
The column implies that if you don’t subscribe to the mantra that gay marriage is a civil-rights issue and believe in the imaginary “right to marry,” then you are a hateful person.
It is not hateful to believe that marriage be defined as between a man and a woman. Society has many restrictions on who can or cannot marry; homosexuality is but one of them. Societal mores serve a purpose. Without them a society devolves into thousands of special-interest groups, each one claiming discrimination, victimization and the “right” to do as they please. Unchecked by morals, manners and just plain common sense, all these poor downtrodden groups wake up one morning to discover that all they have left is themselves. That through their constant “we demand, we demand,” the society they so loved to hate no longer exists. Destroyed from within by a two letter word: “Me.”
As for what would Jesus do? As a mere mortal I do not have guest columnist wisdom nor am I so presumptuous to know what Jesus would actually do, but he might, just might, suggest yes, love them, yes allow them to live in peace, but do not allow them to claim a “right” (neither in the Bible nor the U.S. Constitution) to desecrate God’s law in the name of man’s desires.
Geoff Caldwell

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