American Tipping Point, Part 2: What Happened?

November 13, 2012

One week ago today I tweeted the tweet to the left.

It references the longest wait I had ever in my life waited in line to vote and reflects the most fulfilling and most rewarding hour and a half in line I’d ever spent.

My twitter feed was filled with similar stories from fellow conservatives east of Missouri where polls had already been open a couple hours. I left that little church feeling confident of a Romney win and that America had dodged the bullet of dependency that Obama, Pelosi and Reid had been pushing for four long and dangerous years.

I went to bed that night more depressed than I had ever been. I had never felt so helpless in all my life. I had never before questioned that America was no longer America.

All the warning signs were there, all the evidence was right in front of them, yet for one reason or another, just enough of my fellow Americans fell for the Obama b.s. and voted for more years of divisiviness, demagoguery, and class warfare.

So just what DID happen that turned that Tuesday morning that dawned so bright into a night so dark?

If you’re a “taker” or a “Todayer” you got your wish. (“Todayer” being one of those quasi-intellectual libs who think that by watching the Today Show, GMA, some View and a network nightly news cast they are “informed”.)

You got another four years to go after all those evil, rich Republicans and all those ill gotten billions they’ve stolen off the backs of the proletariat.

With your blessing Obamacare and with it, the federal government’s takeover of the most advanced healthcare system in the world will continue to roll out.

The ideologues who have taken over the EPA, Energy and Interior are now free to unleash their regulatory wrath against every fossil fuel energy company in America.

The community and mid-sized banks that are already suffering under Dodd-Frank will now see their ranks shrunk dramatically as one after another is forced to close under the burden of bureaucratic b.s. that did nothing to alleviate “too big to fail” and everything to consolidate power in just a few.

For us fiscal conservatives and believers in a Constitutionally restrained federal government we got our butts kicked.

But we even in our butt kicking history was made and it was made two fold.

First, there was a ground game non-compared.

While Romney supporters were attending rallies above ground, Messina’s minions were collecting the rewards of their data mining riches and undermining it all.

While we thought all those “for 3 bucks you too can dine with Barack and Michelle” sweepstakes demeaned the Presidency we forgot to realize that the voters it appealed to can’t even spell “President” let alone understand the meaning of a Constitutional Republic.

Second and most assuredly, most important, this is the first election in the history of the United States that either side has had its butt kicked by a first disciple of Saul Alinsky and Frank Marshall Davis.

In my July, 14, 2012 column “Obama, Alinsky and their ‘radical rules’” I laid the ground work of just what Romney was up against and just who the President was.

Sadly no one in the Romney campaign read that column or the many others that laid out just who the President was and just how dirty he would play to retain his power.

Axelrod, Jarrett, and the entire Chicago political machine was behind their Dear Leader and a lily white Mormon from Michigan didn’t stand a chance.

UNLESS that lilly white Mormon from Michigan was willing to jump down into the gutter and duke it out blow by blow.

And as we now so sadly know, Mitt Romney chose not to join Obama in the gutter.

Letting the hundreds of millions of dollars in summer ad smears go unanswered may have been a fatal flaw of Romney’s campaign, but when you consider his character it was not an unexpected response.

Not pushing Obama on his responsibility for the deaths of four Americans in the terrorist attack on our consulate in Benghazi may have been the “civil” thing to do, but when up against an Alinsky campaign it was certainly not the smart thing to do.

To paraphrase Mr. Connery in the Untouchables: Obama brought a knife and Romney brought a squirt gun. (And the Founding Fathers just got stabbed in the back.)

Bottom line folks, Mitt Romney was just too damn nice.

Of course the ultimate irony is that all those idiots who voted against him bought into the Obama line that he was an uncaring, out of touch rich old white guy who wanted to throw grandma off a cliff, ship all jobs overseas, and relocated the United States Treasury to an off shore bank account.

It will take months to fully realize just exactly what happened but this tweet says more than all my words combined:

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5 Responses to American Tipping Point, Part 2: What Happened?

  1. anson on November 15, 2012 at 7:54 am

    Given what Romney had to do to win the primary campaign, I believe it became near to impossible for him to win the General Election. He had to go too far right and then attempt to regain the middle, was called on doing so and ultimately the majority of American voters believed what he said during the primary over his more moderate tone during the General Election Campaign.
    For example, “self deportation” is an inflamatory phrase to many. Put enough “police state pressure on people and force them to leave on their own volition” sounds “unAmerican” to many. Taken on face value it is in fact “unAmerican” in my view as well.
    Anytime a member of the GOP speaks towards abortion issues, the country now simply expects Akin-like thoughts to spill forth. Pro-life views have been made to all come from the same sources, Rita Crowell like sources, or so it seems to me.
    On social policy the majority of American voters in fact want and demand MORE from the federal government. We will for sure hear the “public option” raised again sometime in the next four years. Yet we cannot even pay for Medicare today. But nevertheless, more and better HC for all Americans will be a popular cry tomorrow.
    The majority of American voters choose incremental socialism last week instead of painful belt-tightening to move towards living with our means. The economic message should be simple. If Americans want more from the federal government then America must produce more in goods and services to pay for such things.
    I have posted a recent blog showing that essentially the ONLY growth in GDP was due to price increases that resulted from increasing the money supply. Our “real” production of goods and services over the last four years either went down or was stagnate.
    Finally, a post election video clip by a retired Army general claims that America is being overwhelmed by a Castro-like communist conspiracy, lead by Obama, et al. If that is the GOP response to this election then America had better get used to more and more incremental socialism, higher and higher debt, less and less real production of goods and services that can be sold around the world and a slow demise into mediocraty.
    So far the majority of American voters do not believe such as that last statement. Our task if first of all the get the trash rhetoric out of our response to Obama, et al, and then build a solid and irrefutuable case for our continuing demise as a strong and vibrant country.

    • Geoff Caldwell on November 15, 2012 at 8:17 am

      I am “this” close to just going Galt. But I’m not THAT rich and I do
      have too many I’d leave behind so I’m stuck to just stay and fight.

      I agree with the Akin/Crowell rhetoric turning people off but at the same time being such a single issue voter without realizing the larger damage now going to be done is even more ignorant than Akin or Crowell.

      I completely agree that our only hope is to grow our way out of this mess
      but the problem is the voters just voted for four more years of
      stagnation, debt and government expansion.

      Private enterprise will contract, and there will be less jobs and less economic activity.

      Obama’s already showed his hand that he has no intention of working with Republican’s. He talked about a “balanced” approach and wanting more revenue. Yet he rejects out right the idea of raising that revenue
      through tax reform rather than his ideological must to raise the “rates”
      on the “rich”.

      At this point I suggest the Republicans just acknowledge that fact and go along with the rate increase but submit two minor changes:

      1. Raise the income level to 500k or 1 million, 250 is just far to low, especially for people living in CA or NY

      2. Leave the rate where it is if that “millionaire” is getting that money from owning a business and employing people.

      Romney was spot on in focusing on jobs and the economy but unfortunately he was talking to an ignorant and selfish electorate who can’t even spell economics let alone understand it. All they heard was Obama telling them Romney would take away their stuff.

      Romney may have been a flawed candidate but he is an honest and honorable man. Not electing him during this most critical economic time will go down in history as one of the greatest failures of our democratic system.

      As for the “trash” rhetoric, I tend to disagree slightly. I do believe one of
      the main reasons Romney lost is he failed on the rhetoric. He failed to
      call out Obama for what he really is and in the end that cost him. Not
      with the blacks, hispanics and the rest of the takers and todayers but
      with the voters who stayed home.

      The very fact that he didn’t even get as many votes as McCain tells me that while the pics and the social media implied a large enthusiasm advantage, when it came down to election day that turnout just wasn’t there.

      Messina, Axelrod, et al had been grinding out their ground game for over four years and in the crucial states it paid off.

      There are many lessons to be learned from this election but being more
      “moderate” when it comes to calling out bad policy and bad actors for
      what they are (even the President) is not one of them.

      He is what he is. A first disciple of Alinsky and Davis. His re-election
      campaign and his press conference yesterday shows that. Pretending
      anything different is folly.

      We will see more demagoguery not less.

      We will see more government not less.

      We will see more demands of “fairness” not less.

      We will see more hate speech and more lies than ever before seen in the history of the Republic, but to far too many it will not matter.

      For to them, after all, it’s all about “justice”.

      Remember it was Obama who used the word “revenge” not Romney.

      We are entering uncharted waters. And those waters are very dark and choppy.

      • anson on November 15, 2012 at 1:18 pm

        There are some simple, hard, cold facts that the GOP must recognize post election 2012. The mere fact that fewer people voted for Romney than McCain can be viewed in two parts it seems.
        Say a statium holds 100K voters and they are split 50/50 and all vote. Tied election. But next year is 10K GOP voters leave the statium and don’t vote at all, then the margin of victory for Dems expands 50K for Dems and only 40K for GOP. Turnout for each side in such a second election would remain 100% but the Dems win because GOPers left the fight or election.
        So the question would seem WHY would so many GOP voters from 2008 not vote in a far more important election in 2012?
        On the other hand if the statium kept a total of 100K but some GOPers instead voted Dem in 2012, well WHY would they do so?
        Looking at vote totals it seems that we have about the same total numbers voting, around 120 Million. Did Dems bring in more NEW voters to win, did GOP lose voters instead, or did voters simply go Dem in greater numbers between the two elections, 2008 and 2012.
        My view on the matter is simply that the GOP went too far “right” and turned voters off in doing so. And you can be sure Dems will keep beating that theme to death in the coming months, raising taxes to get beyond the fiscal cliff being only the first drum beat.
        For sure there is a story to be told to counter such Dem policies, an economic story. But when the GOP throws in abortion rights, gun control, demands over marriage and “self deportation” of immigrants……..
        Clearly the really scary economic and national security stories that should be told are lost when the nonessential stuff is thrown into the mix. Hell a Dem in a debate does not even have to take a position on some of those things. Just say Roe v Wade (by a Dem) then sit back and let the GOPer kill himself ranting about rape, etc.
        Say gun control (again by a Dem), put a poster of the guy in AZ on the screen and then, again let the GOPer simply make a fool of himself in the eyes of some very normal Americans.
        What the GOP MUST do is keep the debate contained to essential economic and national security issues and let the Dems defend themselves. By and large that did not happen in the overall GE campaign. But WHEN such happened, like in the first and third debate, Romney won hands down. But such was not enough to overcome all the other crap thrown around for 18 months.

    • A Nonny Moose on November 15, 2012 at 5:53 pm

      I believe you’re both possibly overlooking the “other” deep, dark secret, that of the anti-Mormon backlash. While they’d likely never talk about it in public, I’m sure there were a few who would never vote for Obama, but who stayed home because they couldn’t bring themselves to vote for a Mormon. That’s every bit as disgusting as refusing to vote for Obama because he’s black (or, equally as bad, voting for him solely because he’s black), but never got the same amount of press. Heck, there may have even been a few who would have voted for Obama anyway, but who were even more compelled to get out and do so because of Romney’s Mormonism. Racism is usually called out on the rare occasions it’s even seen any more (although not when institutionally practiced by Democrat policies, which is nearly 100% of the time), but the left is perfectly fine with religious discrimination like this, since it typically involves mostly the right. Now don’t misunderstand; I’m not saying that was why Romney lost, or if such discrimination didn’t exist the vote would have gone the other way. There are far too many “gimme gimme” folks to believe that. I’m simply saying that I’m betting it played a larger role than is being discussed.

      As for “Going Galt”, I think we’re seeing the start of that anyway, Geoff. It used to be that when a new tax was passed, or the misnamed “corporate” tax was raised, businesses passed it along without mentioning it. (I’ll get to why I call it “misnamed” at the end of this post.) These days, however, we’re seeing businesses make the necessary changes brought about by the atrocious Obamacare, and — and this is significant — they are making certain everyone knows why prices will be going up while employees hours are going down. They are not going to shoulder the world any more, and are starting to shrug. They are pointing out to anyone who can read and/or hear that they had no choice in the matter. It’s either make those changes, or go out of business entirely. That won’t be enough to convince the Class Envy crowd who hate anyone and everyone with a penny more than them (except the super-rich and hypocritical Hollywood liberals, oddly enough), and they’ll be sure to denigrate and attack the business owners as “evil, greedy corporatist pigs” for daring to try to stay in business by controlling their costs, but maybe enough people will feel the results that they’ll start to understand the law of unintended consequences. Maybe they’ll become acquainted with Heinlein’s “TANSTAAFL”, and realize that their “free” health care is anything but. I doubt the message gets through the propaganda from the leftists, who need the majority to rely on the government in order for them to stay in power, but we can certainly help spread the word in spite of them.

      On a related note is Hostess, where a union is refusing to abide by a court-ordered change to their contract as part of a bankruptcy settlement, and are striking because of it. Hostess has had enough, and has stated that they will liquidate the company if the union doesn’t accept the court order and return to work by close of business today (and as I type this, that deadline has passed. Rumor has it that health benefits and insurance for the striking employees have been cancelled, so it may have begun). In other words, Hostess is starting to shrug. They’re finally telling the union that they (the union) has priced themselves out, and they can either accept cuts, or be entirely out of work. I feel for the non-union workers at the plants that might close, but to watch the union folks try to find comparable jobs in this economy when they struck themselves out of an existing one will be a sort of schadenfreude. Of course, non of the union fools stop and realize that the bosses who ordered the strike will still have their cushy union jobs. “Fight for the worker”, my ass.

      So anyway, yes, I think the “Shrugging” is starting. It might be slow, at first, but if changes aren’t made, we’ll see it pick up as January 2014 rolls around. Mid-sized businesses will have to close up shop, and be forced to tell their former employees “hey, you’ve got your free health care… too bad you can’t afford groceries, or utilities, or even the gas to get to the doctor without any sort of job, eh?” It’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better. I hope we make it through.

      As to the reason I call a corporate tax “misnamed”, it’s because there is no such thing as a corporate tax. Sure, the politicians love to call it that, in their never-ending quest to sow class envy, and make us believe they’re fighting the big guy to benefit the little guy. But it’s a complete lie. Who, pray tell, do people believe actually pays a “corporate” tax? The corporation? Guess again! Any money added to their expenses like that is passed along to the consumer. If they don’t have consumer products, it’s passed along to whomever buys their goods or services, and that company passes it along to the consumer. Eventually, every penny of a “corporate” tax is paid by you and I. It’s built into the price of everything we buy. It’s simply another way the politicians lie to us, and yet another example of how many people are just too damned stupid to see through it, desperately wanting to believe that the Big, EVIL corporation is taking it in the shorts.

      • Geoff Caldwell on November 16, 2012 at 8:51 am

        To quote one of the greatest Americans to have ever lived, (albeit in another context) “There you go again……..”

        There you go stating economic facts and political realities. Damn you man, have you NO shame?

        As of this writing Hostess has petitioned for liquidation. The union idiots I have absolutely no sympathy for but there are thousands of other non-union (and even other union workers) workers who are now being forced out of their jobs because of the selfishness of a few.

        How in the hell can any Obamabot or DwainBwain call THAT the American way?

        How in the hell can ANY lib call that “freedom of choice”?

        I completely agree with you that Atlas may at last be shrugging. I can only hope it continues on from a simple shrug into one big giant F.U.

        Obamacare is the epitome of the TANSTAAFL reality in full force. While I must admit I have not read EVERY page of the atrocious pile of crap, I can guarantee you I’ve read more of it than 99.99999 percent of any of the dwainbwains who voted for him.

        The concept of access for all and free healthcare may be a noble one, but it is an unrealistic one. Sure, Obamacare “gives” millions “access” but the devastation to the healthcare system and the economy as a whole from granting it will mean the very people it is touted to “help” will find lower quality and higher costs and that’s after a longer and longer wait just to get in.

        Those evil “rich” will still have healthcare and the middle class will be herded into a nationalized system of bureaucrats and socialized death. But hey, it’s “fair” right?

        There was a time in this country that you could actually debate and reason with the liberals. Daniel Patrick Moynihan comes to mind. He was excoriated by the left for calling out the devastation the “war on poverty” was having on black families but go back and look at what he warned and trillions of dollars more wasted it has all come to fruition.

        Ted Kennedy was a driving force behind “No Child Left Behind” with Bush but all you hear from the minion media is “Bush and it was bad”. The truth is, NCLB failed because it held the unions accountable and they sabotaged it into failure.

        On ONE good note: I have noticed that since Anson finally woke up and quit being the target of the circle jerkers “over there”, the comments (and therefore the hits and therefore the financial potential) are way down and limited to mostly between Wheeler and DwainBwain himself.

        Just goes to show you that when it comes to the left wing nuts silence truly IS golden.


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