Romney’s right, Obama’s ‘gifts’ DID buy the election. But…………

November 17, 2012

In a conference call to donors Thursday, Mitt Romney suggested that Obama won the election by buying off black, Hispanic and younger voters with “gifts” of one federal program after another.

Citing among other factors Obamacare, student loan interest, and dream act like amnesty for young voters, Romney suggested one reason for the defeat at the polls was straight out of the traditional Democrat playbook targeting specific speical interest groups and giving them what they want from the federal government in return for their votes.

Never mind that what Romney said is nothing new, never mind that nothing he said wasn’t true (Obama and the Dems DID slice and dice the country into one special interest group after another), we are now living in the age of Obama and thou shalt not talk ill of Dear Leader or his constituents.

As expected, the minion media went nuts and immediately circled the wagons around Dear Obama to defend him from such “inflammatory and hateful” rhetoric. Less then expected was the rush by Gov. Bobby Jindal and other more “progressive” Republican’s to repudiate Romney just 10 days post election.

 ….“I absolutely reject that notion”……..“I think that’s absolutely wrong,” ………“I don’t think that represents where we are as a party and where we’re going as a party,” …..

So who’s right and who’s wrong? The Corner presents a few fun facts from the past four years to help you sort it all out.

While Romney only focused on the summer campaign, you have to go much farther back to begin tallying up the total Obama tab and the price tag for Obama’s second term began to mount in the very first weeks of his first.

The minute Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid began crafting the “stimulus” bill to be exact. From that moment on, 2012 votes were being shored up one “gift” at a time.

Hundreds of billions of dollars were shoveled out to the states to prop up public employee unions and keep that money laundering machine spinning the dues money back into Democrat coffers.

Billions more went to one Solyndra debacle after another to shore up the “green” vote and keep all those big money bundlers happy with one government contract after another.

Taking over GM, ignoring the rule of law by kicking out the bondholders and giving the keys to the UAW secured the ever critical battleground state of Ohio.

Consolidating the student loan process under the power of Washington assured the ability to keep the young uns happy as would be needed.

And of course the crown jewel in the Obama crown: Obamacare. Over 2,000 pages of one “free” this and “free” that after another with nary a word discussed about the dozens of new taxes, mandates and long term consequences of such a flawed bill.

All of the above provided a bridge that allowed Obama and his dems to survive the 2010 Tea Party onslaught until a new offensive could be mounted in the last months of the election.

And what an offensive it was.

When in the early summer months poll after poll was showing enthusiasm for Obama among young voters waning what did Obama do? Bought them off by lying about Republicans going to raise the rates on their student loans. Never mind that the law expiring was a DEMOCRAT passed temporary law. Never mind that the only rates to go up were on NEW loans. But the millions of 20 somethings who still had just enough Kool Aid in their veins didn’t hear that part. All they heard was Republicans were going to take away there right to a grossly inflated college “education”.

When Sen. Marco Rubio was actually getting close to getting a bi-partisan compromise illegal immigration bill crafted for presentation in the Senate what did Obama do? Pulled out his King George III pen and just arbitrarily said screw the Constitution I now grant amnesty to young Hispanics.

When the LGBT crowd began holding back campaign contributions because they were angry that Obama hadn’t done enough for their cause, what did he do? Why immediately change his position of course. Now all of a sudden gay marriage was THE way forward.

When said gay marriage position got him in trouble with black churches, what did he do? Send good ol Joe out to remind em all that while the Democrats my keep em down on their own political plantation it is at least a democrat plantation. Vote Romney and they were all going to be “back in chains”.

And of course there’s the whole “Fluking” thing with women. All of a sudden if you didn’t believe in a woman’s “right” to free, mandated contraception you were at war with all women. In an informed society such b.s. would have been blown back in Obama’s face so fast he’d still be wiping it off. But at this point in history and with this electorate it was all he needed to convince a majority of female voters that somehow voting for Romney was against every “part” of their being. (Except of course their brains.)

Compliment all of the above with hundreds of millions of dollars in false attack ads claiming Romney was everything from a felon to a murderer and you’ve got one Barrack Hussein Obama handily winning re-election.

So back to the original, who’s right and who’s wrong?

 Both and both. They’re both right and they’re both wrong.

 Jindal’s right in the sense that the party needs to take a long hard look at where it is, where it is going and that it has to go after “100 percent’ of voters, but he’s dead wrong in ignoring the facts of just how much Obama’s “gifts” meant to certain voting blocs.

Romney’s right in that Obama most certainly garnered who knows how many votes with his “goody” bag filled with federal largess. But he’s absolutely wrong in thinking that was the only reason he lost.

In the battle of El Guettar scene from the movie Patton, George C. Scott is looking through his binoculars and surveying the success of his attack against the 21st Panzer Division when he says:

“Rommel… magnificent bastard, I read your book”.

Patton knew instinctively that before there could ever be victory, the road to it, must first be paved with “knowing your enemy”.

Sadly, there wasn’t one single “Patton” on the entire Romney campaign staff. The only person who came even close in honesty and straightforwardness was Paul Ryan and they muzzled him after the first week on the trail.

For whatever reasons, Mitt Romney failed to grasp just how much of a political war Obama was going to mount, and for all the talk now of the old “playbook”, Romney failed on the most fundamental point: He didn’t read it.

He did not prepare properly for the battle that lay ahead, he did not execute appropriately once the battle was enjoined, and he underestimated the power of his opponent.  In that scenario, there could be but only one outcome:   defeat.

Romney failed to hit back and hit back hard in July when the onslought of negative ads just kept coming one after one.

He allowed Chris Christie to give one of the most self-aggrandizing, egotistical key note speeches ever at a national party convention. Add in not maximizing the network t.v. time for optimal messaging to the widest audience possible and you’ve got a Republican convention that only Republicans heard.

He failed to close the deal after the first debate and let Obama wiggle free from the Benghazi and foreign policy hook in debates two and three.

He waited far to long to begin talking more pointedly of just what was at stake and just HOW conservative budgetary policies would help ALL.

And in the end, he pulled a McCain. Time, after time, after time, he just refused to go after Obama in the one way that could have brought him down, by calling him out for what he is: A left wing ideologue with a chip on his shoulder larger than Chris Matthews’ ego.

Mitt Romney is one of the most decent and honorable men to have ever seeked the office of President of the United States. But he was up against the most dis-honarable, un-truthful occupant to ever hold the office.

It may be old, but it’s still true: Nice guys really do finish last.

Nothing personal Mitt, I believe with every ounce of my being you would have made a great President, I just wish you’d have read a little more Patton and a lot less Mary Poppins.

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One Response to Romney’s right, Obama’s ‘gifts’ DID buy the election. But…………

  1. A Nonny Moose on November 17, 2012 at 1:16 pm

    Pretty much said it all, I think. Not that it will stop me from adding my three-quarters of one cent anyway. 🙂

    You know, I hardly even blame those on the government dole who voted for Obama. They’re not blame free, but I can’t get too worked up about it any more. Not many people would have what it takes to vote themselves out of their own “job”. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that quite a few of them still refer to themselves as conservatives, but they just couldn’t give up that “free” money. For quite some time now, the Democrat plan has been to create a constituency of dependents, of those who rely on the government for their entire well-being, knowing full well that those people could then be reliably counted upon to vote for Democrats every single election, all for the promise of “more, more, more”. Good builders know that in order to erect an impregnable castle, you have to start with a solid foundation. While Republicans have counted on individual pride and the desire to be free and independent to direct people their way, the Democrats have created financial dependency, which trumps pride most every time. They’ve succeeded far beyond what I’d bet even they imagined. It’s no longer “a chicken in every pot”. Now it’s “A GM product in every driveway, a house you can’t actually afford, to park it in front of (and don’t worry, we’ll cover the mortgage later too), and an Obamaphone in every pocket, ALL paid for with someone else’s money!”. Hence Romney’s “gift” comment. If someone has discovered that by simply pulling a lever (or punching a button on a computer screen, or however the ballot in their precinct works) they can give themselves access to someone else’s wallet, why on earth would we expect them to stop (helloooo, de Tocqueville!)? Sure, sure, there’s that integrity thing, and perhaps the aforementioned pride, but those were both forfeited when they became government slaves, er, wards of the state, so it cannot be that surprising that they exhibit none of either. And note, I’m talking about the professional moochers, what I call the Democrat Dream Team, not those who have fallen upon hard times and are taking advantage of the safety nets while they try to get back on their feet. Like 99.99% of conservatives, I have absolutely no problem with safety nets, in spite of the bald-faced lies leftists scream to the contrary.

    So Romney is right, as you say. And yet, also as you point out, Jindal is as well. We have to find a way to bring that pride and integrity back from the dead, to return to these folks what they sold off as their part of their bargain with the Democrats. We have to put real meaning back into providing for yourself, real pride in being self-sufficient, and perhaps even the shame back in to living off the backs of others. Of course the question is “how?”. It’s rather difficult to do when there isn’t much remaining in the way of national broadcast media (TV, print, even quite a bit of the Internet) that isn’t crawling on their hands and knees to kiss Democrat ass, and do whatever they can to ridicule Republicans, water down or change their message, and generally keep the public in the dark, while making them feel good about living off the labor of others. It doesn’t help, as Jindal has said, when we have complete idiots like Akin, whose mouth makes his butt jealous with all the sh*t it dumps out. Of course, just as many Democrats say ridiculous and asinine things, but then there’s that media again, making sure you hear all about the lunatic ravings of one side, while the others… “who said that? Never heard that quote. Must not have happened. Nothing to see here. Move along.” Case in point: Outside of Drudge (and possibly FOX News), who has reported the absolutely idiotic statement by the wonderful congresswoman that ANY questioning of Susan Rice is both sexist and racist? CBS? NBC? MSNBC? Crickets… But I digress. Conservatives have to get the message out that there is no shame in working, and no pride in living off the fruits of the labor of others. It can’t be done by politicians. They’re in the minority now, and as stated, are muzzled by the media anyway, except for the occasional internet story. Plus, as Romney showed, they try to be too nice about it. No, it has to be done at the grass roots level. We have to find ways to persuade people to get off the government teat, be it through cajoling, shaming, whatever works for each individual. Much harder to accomplish if there are no jobs to get them to, but hey, gotta start somewhere. We can at least turn their minds to start looking, instead of standing with their hand out. It’s a delicate game to try to wound that tiny little remaining molecule of their pride just enough to make them want to stand up for themselves again, without sending them running back to their Democrat masters to hear “there, there, we’ll protect you from those evil conservatives, and we’ll take more of their money to give to you, too!” Fortunately, we have a little time to figure out the “how”.

    So while I really can’t blame those who live off the government for their Obama votes, the ones whose sanity I do have to question are those middle class individuals with jobs who voted for the guy. Especially if they work full time for a mid-sized company with over 50 employees, seeing as how they likely just voted for their own downfall. How many of them will see hours cut below 30, because their company can’t afford to pay their Obamacare benefits? How many of them will stay full time, but won’t be able to afford the higher premiums, thus ending up paying a fine and still having no health care? How many of them don’t even yet realize they’ve cut their own throats with their vote? Perhaps a few of them harbor a secret desire to get laid off, so they, too, can live off the labor of others. Beats working for “the MAN” after all. Of course, they didn’t do the math well, if that’s the case, since once we lose enough earners, there won’t be enough left to handle the all the leeches, and the whole house of cards collapses under its own weight. Honestly, I doubt many of them feel that way, unless they’re close to the bottom on salary anyway. Mostly, I think they either didn’t think it through and just wanted to vote for the “cool” black guy, or they suffer that leftist guilt about working that seems so prevalent. (It’s just not fair that I get to go to work every day, while that poor man living off welfare has to sit at home and watch a paltry 50″ big screen TV all day! He deserves a 60″! I think the government should make people buy him one!) . Perhaps they are so misguided, and so little understand the Constitution that truly see the government as the world’s largest charity organization, and simply wanted to vote to force others to give to it. Whatever the reason, they’re complete and total idiots. Abject morons. Those people I have no sympathy for, and when the inevitable happens, and Obamacare screws their lives royally, all I’ll do is shake my head and walk on past.

    Oh well… that’s all yet to come. It’s coming, no doubt, but now we just sit and wait for it. The garden is plowed and the crops are planted. Too bad they sowed only castor bean, rosary pea, water hemlock, and poison ivy. When harvest comes, we’ll all have to find a way to live on it… after they sit and wait for the earners to actually reap it for them, that is. I guess while we’re finding ways to put the shame back in taking government money for a living, we might try to find a way to build up an immunity to those nasty crops. We’re going to need it for the next two years, and possibly four.


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