Boehner and the fiscal cliff: Put up, shut up, leave and lead (conclusion)

December 10, 2012

Yesterday I suggested that it was far past time to stop the whining and for John Boehner and GOP leadership to grow up when it came to understanding and dealing with President Obama.

Today I lay out a simple, put up, shut up, leave and lead strategy, that at least in this ol farm boy’s opinion could go a very, very long way to turning Obama’s tactics right back at him and as a result actually show that leadership in Washington is not dead just yet.

While specifics have not been a strong suit for either party of late, this part of the “negotiations” Mr. Boehner is actually the easy part.  IF, that is, you decide to grow a pair and quit being afraid of what Obama may or may not “do next”.  Leading is not worrying about what lie the other guy is going to tell about you next, leading is having the truth on your side, doing right by that truth and getting that truth out to each and every one you possibly can.  You tell it, and lead it in that way, and they WILL come.

The first “truth” is that Obama’s Oval Office extended vacation is not nearly as “sweeping” as he and his media project.  There are still millions upon millions of Americans who are not financial pedophiles and wish to see the federal government returned to foundational intent and the freedoms of future generations secured.

Those millions of us are down, but we’re not out and we’re ready, willing and able for the fight to come but someone has got to give us something to fight for.

After giving Dear Leader a month to show “his” seriousness, it’s time to show yours.

You’ve already agreed to “more revenue”, tweak that plan a bit and you’ve got as winning a strategy as possible considering the current political climate.

Obama spews on ad nauseam about the “millionaires and billionaire” not paying their “fair share” and how he’s the only one who cares about the “middle-class” so take him at his word.

Put out a simple, straightforward plan something along these lines:

  1. Agree to increased rates on actual “millionaires and billionaires”.  No more of this $250k a year crap continuing to be labeled as a “millionaire” tax.
  2. Make up any difference of “lost” revenue by not raising rates on the $250k to $1mil crowd by common sense deduction reform.  Eliminating the mortgage deduction for second homes and “jumbo” loans, and deduction for state and local taxes should get you there.
  3. Eliminate the Alternative Minimum Tax all together and make up for the “lost” revenue with a “Buffet rule” that will actually mean something.  Replace the AMT with an actual “wealth” tax on all holdings, index it for inflation, and let Warren finally start paying on his “wealth” and not on his artificially low salary.
  4. Extend the payroll tax cut for the first $50k of income for each and every working American.  You can pay for it by an excise tax on corporate income sheltered offshore. Call it the Google tax.

Numbers 1, 2 and 3 should get to at least the $800 billion Obama is on record wanting last year and a tweak here and there will get you to even a minion media approved $1 to $1.2 trillion and number 4 helps ease just a little of the pain being felt by the millions upon millions of low wage workers trapped in their current status because of the Obama economy.  It also provides an added benefit of taking some air out of the perpetual “Republicans only care about corporations over people” sail that drives the media narrative.

Get the House to pass the above and nothing else.

When Obama whines about sequestration cuts respond forcefully with:

 “Mr. President, we gave you over a trillion dollars in new revenue.  That matches the trillion in sequestration.

 You have more than enough money to fend off any true national security issues regarding defense department cuts.

 Considering how much the federal budget baseline has grown under your first four years there should be no problem dealing with the domestic sequestration.  A simple return to budgets of 2008 would be a great first step.

 If you do not like the mandated sequester that you yourself signed, then we suggest you sit down, make a budget and submit it for debate.

 The House has passed a budget for three years in a row.  Harry Reid’s Senate has not.

 We would also like to point out Mr. President that you yourself have yet to put forth a budget that can garner support of even a minimal majority of your own party.”

 Do NOT get sucked in to ANY other questions or comments and start making plans immediately for the debt ceiling debate looming for the new Congress.

By doing just these simple, few things Mr. Boehner you will have not only “grown a pair”, you will have PUT UP a viable, reasonable plan that all but only the left of the left can ignore.

And when you SHUT UP about anything else and LEAVE the proposal in Obama’s lap and force him to either sign it or go over the cliff you will have finally done what he has not:  LEAD.

Yes, yes, Dear Leader and his media will do their best to blame you and the rest of your Republican cabal for “forcing” the country over the fiscal “cliff” but you will have a fair and straightforward plan that proves otherwise.

It’s two years to the next election. By that time all the noise of today will have long been forgotten in the yesterdays of tomorrow.

There are only two ways to win a battle Mr. Boehner:

  1. Quash your opponent with overpowering force and numbers
  2. Outsmart your opponent by turning his own tactics and arrogance against him.

At the moment, number one is completely out of the question, what me, and millions upon millions of patriots out here are wondering sir is anyone up there smart enough to use number 2?

In the end though, I must confess that I really don’t get what all the fuss is about.  According to the Mayans, it all ends on the 21st so why the hell are we worrying about January?

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