Bush tax cuts far more ‘fair’ than Obama’s ‘fair share’ cliff deal

January 6, 2013

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Whether it be the now years old Democrat demonizing of the “un-fairness” of the Bush tax cuts or the pathetically pandering regurgitation of “fair share” pouring out of Obama’s mouth on a daily basis, there are two distinct take aways from the latest all out war for ownership of the word:

1.  “Fair” is most definitely different than traditionally defined when used by Obama
2.  It is most certainly NOT “fair” for those of us with a brain to be bombarded with the word on an hourly basis just because certain politicians prefer demagoguery over debating

 From the moment after they were signed into law by then President Bush, the “Bush tax cuts” have been lambasted by the left as “unfair” and “favoring the rich” minute after merciless media minute.

It is the narrative that has taken hold in the minds of millions of Americans, it is the narrative that got Barack Hussein Obama elected to a second term and it is a narrative that is entirely false.

The narrative completely ignores the fact that IRS’ own data shows that even though the “rich” saw their tax “rate” go down, the total dollars paid in and their percentage of the total income tax burden paid by them went UP.

Such a narrative also means that those minds of much that gave Dear Leader 4 more years have not a clue that the Bush tax cuts took millions off the tax rolls entirely and lowered the bottom rate to a very “fair” 10%.

When “fair” is used by democrats of late it is in the context of a petulant child whining as loud, for as long, and to whoever will listen that “it’s just not fair”. It’s not “fair” that Johnny has more marbles than me, it’s not “fair” that I wasn’t picked first, it’s not “fair” that Susie gets to live in a big house and I live in an apartment, it’s not “fair” that I can’t have the same grade on my summer vacation paper as everyone else.

The way Obama and crowd use the word, it’s all about fomenting and then channeling the anger and envy of those who have less against those who have more. Those of us with more than one working brain cell call that cheap, political grandstanding, harmful to the nation as a whole and most certainly “un-fair” in the realm of civilized discussion. But then again daring to think that Obama would ever be capable of a “civilized discussion” is most certainly “unfair” to the ideas of logic and reason.

To listen to Obama’s little victory video he put out after the “fiscal cliff” was kicked down the road another two months, he was nothing but the proverbial knight who rode in at the last minute and finally made those evil “rich” pay their “fair” share.

Yet for all his “fair” talk, Obama uttered not one word about the special interest tax breaks he demanded be included in the bill such things as:

 Film production credits for his Hollywood pals

Wind energy credits for his new BFF Jeff Imelt over at GE

Over $60 million to algae growers and electric motorcycle manufacturers

Puerto Rico and Virgin Island rum makers get a break as well

And just to show bi-partisanship in his crony capitalism, there’s even a tax break for NASCAR

Multinational corporations also get to keep their ability to place their profits into offshore subsidiaries which defers taxes paid to the U.S. It is this little gem that allows GE and others to pay nearly no U.S. income tax.

The rum issue I actually don’t mind. The next four years are going to be fiscal and regulatory hell so I can certainly understand the need to keep the booze flowing.

You can listen to that sophomoric “victory” video till hell freezes over and you won’t hear Dear Leader utter even a syllable about the fact that while he was demanding special favors for the rich and connected, he was also allowing taxes to rise on the working poor and middle-class of America via the expiration of his payroll tax cut.

In his piece in the Washington Examiner, Senior political columnist Timothy Carney exposes that the special interest legislation is almost word for word the language of largess secured by powerful lobbying firms that passed through democrat Max Baucus’ finance committee back in August.

Though the Baucus bill passed out of committee it had languished in legislative limbo ever since. That is until the “fiscal cliff” negotiations of more recent times.

Carney reports that it was during those negotiations that “the White House insisted that the exact language” of that most cronied up, pork laden, pile of crap be included in any final deal.

Throw in the fact that this “deal” has a tax rise to spending cut ratio of over 40 to 1, packs a bigger punch against workers making a mere $30k than it does those making a cool half mill, and according to none other than the Congressional Budget Office actually ADDS over $4 trillion in new debt over the next 10 years and this last minute, passed in the middle of the night without even being read by those voting on it, compilation of bovine excrement is anything BUT “fair”.

But don’t expect the White House to take any heat for its slight of hand from the minion media or the ignorant who remain loyal to it anytime soon.

Juila Seymour over at the Media Research Center points out that the added debt and total cost of Obama’s “fair” deal was bascially ignored by 5 out of 6 of the network morning and evening news programs.

The takeaway for the Todayers, ETers and Daily Show addicts is all the same:

YEA, Obama finally is making the rich pay their “fair share”, you go guy!

It won’t be until they open their paychecks and pension statements that they are hit with the truth that Obama’s sense of “fair” is going to hurt them a helluva lot more than it’s going to hurt him.

Obama at this point just needs to be thankful that so far his media is still ignoring the $20 million and rising cost to the American taxpayer for his lifestyles of the rich and famous Hawaiian getaways.

That struggling family of four or single mother of two that at this very moment is having their income decreased while government and corporations get increases might not find such lavishness in these tough times very “fair” at all.

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