Presidential Quiz for Obama’s Vegas Immigration Speech

January 29, 2013

Next to Hawaii, Obama’s favorite spot

Presidential hypocrisy pop quiz for Obama’s Las Vegas immigration speech attendees:

Circle the letter below corresponding to the answer that best describes Presidential Hypocrisy as practiced by Barack Obama.

A.  Put “climate change” into your second inaugural address and then proceed to use Air Force One as your own private limo service spewing tons of carbon into the atmosphere with each self-indulgent jaunt.

B.   Promise to “cut the deficit in half” in your first term but instead turn in the largest per year deficits in the history of the Presidency fueled in part by your penchant for abusing the privileges of aforementioned Air Force One that costs the “middle class” and the “working poor” you so rhetorically “care” about around $182,000 per hour of flight.  (That’s more than 3 times even the now diminished median ANNUAL income in America by the way.)

C.   Ignore for four years your promise to push for  “comprehensive immigration reform” and then when a young Republican Senator is close to a real bill with Senate Democrats, kill the deal by granting temporary amnesty to illegal aliens via executive fiat to shore up your Hispanic base just prior to a national election.

D.   All of the above.

Yesterday, that same Republican Senator, Marco Rubio R-FL joined with 7 of his colleagues and put forth once again a frame work for immigration reform that recognizes two basic realities:

  1. There are over 10 million illegals on the ground already and there is no way this nation is ever going to go in and forcibly deport them.  Politics aside, the logistics alone make such an idea as realistic as a Harry Reid budget bill.
  2. There is not a chance in hell we’ll ever see any true lock down of our southern border unless securing that border is the first step required for the millions in #1 to achieve some sort of legal status here in the states.

Today, that same President, flies to Las Vegas on that very costly, very carbon spewing, taxpayer funded personal limo for no other reason than to give a speech outlining “HIS” immigration plan hoping to undercut Mr. Rubio and colleagues once again.

U6 unemployment is still above 14%, gas back up above $3 bucks a gallon, food prices still climbing as package sizes continue to shrink, North Korea belching again, Iran closer than ever to a nuke, Egypt a mess, Syria in flames, still no answers on “why” on Benghazi, Russia and China more belligerent than ever and THIS is the President’s schedule for today:

 9:20 am || Departs White House
11:25 am PT || Arrives Las Vegas
11:55 am PT || Delivers remarks on immigration; Del Sol High School
2:00 pm PT || Departs Las Vegas
9:20 pm || Arrives White House

To his followers, Obama is one of the “smartest” Presidents in history.  And yet here he is, flying over 2000 miles just to give a speech and inject himself back into an issue that he’s already poisoned once before.

The arrogance and hypocrisy aside, it’s just damn stupid to waste that much time and expend that many resources for the sole purpose of massaging the ego of one man.

Surely there are much more important and urgent matters requiring Presidential attention.

Like maybe getting Beyonce to apologize for faking the National Anthem?  Just sayin.

Oh, and for all you Obama voters leering in, the answer to the quiz is D.  For when it comes to Obama, ALL (as in all HIS ) is always the answer.

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