Sequester solution: What if Obama dumped “Chicken Little” for “Dave”?

February 24, 2013

What if rather than teaming up with B-lister Chicken Little for his “Sequester II: Beyond Reality” tour, President Obama had channeled President “Dave” instead?

What if, instead of hopping on Air Force One and flying around the country spreading fear and doom, the President, for once in his sheltered life, had sat down with his pragmatic, fictional counterpart, combed through the federal budget “line by line” (yes, he DID promise that when he needed votes) and for the first time in his entire life actually do something other than give a speech?

What if indeed.

If you don’t know the movie, “Dave”, here’s the link to brush up. What you need for this column, is the takeaway that in the movie, “President Dave” needs to find $650 million in spending cuts to restore  funding for the First Lady’s homeless shelter initiative.

And in so doing, “Dave” does what Obama never will.

Rather than dictate to Congress he wants his bill “right now”, “President Dave” sits down with his staff and accounting buddy and they actually dare to analyze existing spending based upon their own identified priorities.

Low and behold, the offsetting cuts are found, the spending is restored, and not one child had to have his future robbed to do it.

And it is in that spirit that the Corner shows today just how easy it would be for our so called “real” President to sit down with his own staff and find the offsetting $85 billion in spending cuts needed this year to avoid his Chicken Little calamity.

The largest of the low hanging fruit is found in the bill that Obama and his new BFF Chris Christie called Republican’s everything but baby killers for daring to “think” about before just adding another shovel of debt to the mountain, the so called Sandy “relief” bill.

From Katie Pavlich, news editor,

 $8 million for cars and equipment for Homeland Security and Justice Departments

$150 million for NOAA for fisheries in Alaska

$2 million for Smithsonian roof repairs

$207 million for VA Manhattan Medical Center

$3.3 million for Plum Island Animal Disease Center

$1.1 million for national cemeteries

$58.8 million for forest restoration on private land

$197 million to “protect coastal ecosystems and habitat impacted by Hurricane Sandy”

$10.78 billion for public transportation, most for future not needed now

$17 billion for CDBG grants, much going to Dept. of Housing and Urban Development for ANY disaster declared 2011 AND 2012

 And on and on it goes. General consensus is, that of the $50 billion in so called “Sandy” relief, only $17 billion of it goes to actual, immediate relief in the stricken areas.

 So we’re off to a pretty good start. $33 billion out of a needed $85 billion. $52 billion to go.

 In his latest annual report on wasteful government spending Senator Tom Coburn, (R-OK) identifies over $18 billion of some of the worst of the worst that our own federal government is wasting at this very moment.

 Not too shabby so far. $51 billion’s a pretty good down payment.

 Now here’s the hard part.

When you add together your hard earned current tax dollars and your children’s “future” contribution (that’s the 46% Obama’s “borrowing” from them) our dear benevolent leader’s federal government is on pace to blow through somewhere in the neighborhood of $3.8 Trillion bucks this year.

The dilemma we’re left with is just where could anyone, other than an evil “kill the babies, throw grandma over the cliff, set the rivers on fire and turn the skies black” Republican come up with the remaining $34 billion?

It will come as a surprise to the Kool Aid keepers but we need look no farther than Obama’s own fiscal cliff deal just this past January which, according to none other than, contained $67.9 billion in special interest tax breaks and corporate welfare. (Breaks that the White House demanded be included BTW, but don’t bother telling the libs, they quit listening to the truth years ago.)

 Hmmm, we only needed $34 billion and by doning nothing more than just reversing Obama’s special interest tax breaks, have $67.9 billion to put against it leaving us a POSTIVE carry over to put towards next year.

 Obama’s own actions show us that any hope of him every behaving responsibly and professionally is hoping for the impossible.

Last week was one of the worst in Presidential history in regards to the level of demagoguery, fear mongering and out right lying to the American people for the sole purpose of promoting a partisan agenda.

And it doesn’t look like this week is going to be any better.

In his weekly address to the nation yesterday, Obama is still “clinging” to the lie that out of a budget of over half a TRILLION dollars this year alone, the Pentagon can’t find a more responsible way to cut spending than to not deploy a 2nd carrier group to the Persian Gulf.

Which begs the question:

 Just how “bitter” is Obama anyway? Just how partisan must one be to put national security at risk for the sake of scoring political points?

 Is his anger against America as founded so aflame that he truly cares not the damage he causes with the division he spreads?

 It is impossible to know if it’s arrogance, narcissism, or just one big Oval Office “group think” of bad advice, that is causing Obama to behave the way he is but one thing IS certain:

Unless Obama starts channeling a little more “Dave” and a lot less “Chicken Little” the next four years are going to some of the most miserable in American history.

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