Obama or Morsi — Morsi or Obama?

July 5, 2013

Is President Obama a student of deposed Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi or did Morsi learn from Obama?  A provocative question for sure, but tis not a question without answer.

It was one of Yogi Berra’s “déjà vu all over again” moments.  Wolf Blitzer had been droning on in the background from his Situation Room studio when he began an interview with the Egyptian ambassador to the U.S., Mohamed Tawfik.  It took only seconds for my head to look up, my hand to find the remote and rewind to the Ambassador’s opening remarks.

What I heard over the next few minutes could just as easily been said by any one of millions of Americans right here in the states.  For while Mr. Tawfik was describing why Egypt’s first democratically elected President, Mohamed Morsi, had sparked historic opposition, he just as easily could have replaced “Morsi” with “Obama” and recapped the past five years of America’s political history.


BLITZER: Because you served under President Morsy. What was the problem with him?

TAWFIK: I think President Morsy was not able to be the president for all Egyptians. He basically addressed his own group. He was unable to convince Egyptians that he was linked for their good. And in the end, the vast majority of the population could not continue under his rule.

“He basically addressed his own group”, now who does that sound like?  Anyone you know currently holding office that makes sure his “group” is taken care of while the rest of the country pays the consequences?


BLITZER: But he was democratically elected.

TAWFIK: That’s true, and at first, we all had very high hopes. We wished success for President Morsy. Unfortunately, he was unable to forget his past as a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. He continued to operate in exactly the same way. He did not open up to the different parts, the different groups in Egypt. He only looked at his own constituency, at his own clique.

Hmmmmm, I ask again:  Is there anyone you know in current American politics who started off with “high hopes” and well wishing from a broad swath only within months found himself “unable to forget his past”, “continued to operate in exactly the same way”, “did not open up”, and only “looked at his own constituency, at his own clique.”?


BLITZER: But the military took this extra-constitutional step and removed him from power. I know you don’t believe this was a coup. But a lot of other people say this seems to be a coup. Why do you believe this was not a coup?

TAWFIK: Well, let’s look at the facts. You had very large numbers of people demonstrating against Morsy. You had close to 15, maybe more than 15 million people in the streets and squares.

And then, the president at the time, he had a choice. He could have said, “I hear you, and I’m going to talk with you. And I’m going to do what you want.”

But instead, what he did, he started mobilizing his own people. And together with the other Muslim Brotherhood leaderships, what happened was they were actually inciting their people, inciting their supporters, to violence. So Egypt, as a country, was facing a very serious situation.

At the risk of being redundant, I ask again:  Is there any one politician you know here in the states who also refuses to “hear”, “talk” and “do” and instead operates in constant “mobilization” mode?  Do you know any politician out there today that prefers to demagogue and incite rather than discuss and unite?

For years now, the Obama sycophants and their acolyte cousins in the media have pushed the meme that since his skin color is a little on the darker side any opposition to him just has to be racially motivated.   So awestruck are his followers, they see nothing, hear nothing and acknowledge nothing that might put their Dear Leader in a negative light.

Yet what his minions don’t realize in their incessant “thou shalt never talk ill” defense of their supercilious hero, they are actually strengthening the very opposition they wish to silence.  Yours truly included.

Americans may love a winner, but they hate hubris.  And if there is but one thing we have learned of our current President these past 5 ½ years it is that hubris oozes from his every pore.

From his “the Cambridge police acted stupidly” to “if I had a son he’d look like Trayvon” Obama’s history is that of injecting himself into one situation after another that no true leader would go anywhere near.

The so called “smartest” President in our history has yet to learn one of the most basic tenets of leadership:  “The ability to deliver a good speech is not nearly as important as having the good sense to know when to just shut the hell up.”

The men and women we install upon the pedestals of our history are not men and women obsessed with self.  They are magnanimous in victory, humble in defeat and they are not demanding of “their way” if someone else has a “better” way. Their cause is the nation’s cause; their values, their courage, their strength, known to all.

Washington, Lincoln, Kennedy, Reagan are some of the best of our best and at one time or another one Barack Hussein Obama has been compared to all of them.  And those of us with brains not made of mush saw each and every one of them as the desperate attempt to legitimize that they were.

Considering that Mr. Obama is constantly lecturing us here at home on the greatness of other nations and how we must be more accepting of their ways, is it really any surprise then that the President he most closely resembles in style and attitude isn’t even an American, but rather a deposed foreign autocrat?

One could think that Obama might take a lesson or two from the downfall of his former b.f.f. (best foreign friend) and take a different approach to governing these last 3 ½ years of his Presidency.

One would be thinking wrong.  White House Dossier is reporting that fresh off his Africa vacation, Obama is back on the golf course today.

Maybe Morsi should have played more golf?

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One Response to Obama or Morsi — Morsi or Obama?

  1. anson on July 5, 2013 at 12:43 pm

    Well said, again, Geoff, EXCEPT …..

    You wrote above this question. ” Do you know any politician out there today that prefers to demagogue and incite rather than discuss and unite?”
    MY simple answer is I know A LOT OF POLITICIANS, from both sides of the aisle that use exactly such demagoguery, against the other side. In that sense I put the OWS crowd and most Tea Party rhetoric today, in the same group. And when you add the zealotery of the religious right, well the noise becomes deafening to these ears.
    I have just posted a blog on that accout entitled WRONG SIDE OF THE LINE based on a link you sent me privately and now published by link in that blog. As well I have submitted a Guest Column to the Globe, a much shorter version of that blog, for even more public consideration.
    Hopefully I won’t need my 2nd Amendment rights to protect myself or my property by writing such controversial ideas.


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