Friday Follies: Obama upstages Mandela, Matthews bounces ballerinas

December 6, 2013

Laura Matthews
This weeks #1 toad

The turkey is long gone, the waistline has once again shown its stubbornness to return to pre-Tday belt notch, and all those non-employee Walmart “employee” protestors have crawled back under the union supplied rocks so as the universe goes, things are pretty much back to normal.

Snowing here (that’s not too bad) and temp is about 11 degrees (that sucks) but it IS Friday (that’s good) so once again: “Tis that time once again when we take stock of the inane and foolish put upon us by those forced to navigate life with an amount of gray matter just slightly larger than that found in your average toad.”


#5 Politico Magazine and Trudy Lieberman for her piece “Dropped Coverage: how the media missed the two biggest Obamacare screw-ups”. Not so much for the content of the article which does highlight much of the so called “dropped” news coverage but because of Lieberman herself being the author.

Amy Menefee Payne over at catches Lieberman in her own hypocrisy pulling up some December 2008 Columbia Journalism Review quotes showing Lieberman worried that a government health plan might get delayed warning that “right-wing think tanks” were “on the march”.

I guess anything really does go in the muck that now poses as “journalism”. In 2008 you can write articles pushing for one side and then five years later you get to write for another employer how the media (ie: YOU and your colleagues) failed to inform the public.


#4 Your fully subsidized, completely taxpayer funded State Department that was so worried at the end of September about the looming Tea Party radical forced government shutdown that it went into overdrive on the old government adage “spend it or lose it”.

According to a Weekly Standard article from Tuesday, Irish-born “artist” Sean Scully got a million greenbacks for an unspecified granite sculpture (ie a stack of rocks) for our new embassy in London. (For the record, I’ve been to our old embassy in London and didn’t think it that bad at all, but times they are a changing.)

And the Washington Times reports that the stresses of the Foreign Diplomatic Service must be mounting exponentially because : “In September, the final month of the fiscal year, the State Department spent about $180,000 — and racked up a total of more than $400,000 for the whole year, three times the entire liquor tab for all of 2008.”

It’s bad enough the lefties that have taken over our government are hell bent on “redistributing” as much as they can possible coerce from the few productive citizens we have left but getting to booze it up while they’re doing it?


#3. President Obama and his ego of as yet to be determined just how big CAN it get, take the third spot this week. Keith Koffler points out on his White House Dossier website that not only does the President plagiarize Edwin Stanton’s “He belongs to the ages” comment on the death of President Lincoln as his own comment on the death of Mandela, he once again just couldn’t help to inject himself into the moment. Keith points out that some self-referential could be appropriate given Obama’s black side but as usual, Dear Leader overdoes it. UPDATE: Check out Keith’s latest post “It’s About Me! And Joe!” for more executive ego overload.


#2 MSNBC resident hack Chris Matthews and his favorite idol Barack Obama for putting politics about children to put on yet another college propaganda fest. The lead sentence from the Washington Post story reads: “The fight for Christmas took a hit this week when politics bigfooted a troupe of adorable little ballet dancers performing “The Nutcracker.”

Seems MSNBC wanted the venue so badly that it cared not a damn that it was shoving aside 7 and 8 year old girls and their dress rehearsals for the sake of giving Matthews the chance to lick Obama’s boots on television. Even though the ballet troupe had a signed contract officials at American University followed Obama’s lead and just ignored it and the rule of law that is supposed to be behind it. Read the full disgusting details here.


#1 Number one this week goes to an obscure “reporter” going by the name of one Laura Matthews for her intellectually bankrupt “story” about the danger to our Constitutional system from Obama’s brazen power grabs.

She titles her piece 4 Outrageous GOP Claims of What Could Happen If Obama Continues Ignoring Laws yet there are actually no “outrageous GOP claims” even mentioned in the article. There are however quotes by professors and legal scholars warning of the consequences if Obama or any President for that matter is allowed to amass power unchecked.

But going from bad to worse to absolutely worst, Matthews quotes Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D, TX (yes THAT one, the one who actually asked if the Mars pathfinder had taken a picture of the flag left by Neil Armstrong and said that Tea Partiers were just the KKK without the robes.)

Here’s her bio copied verbatim from the IBTimes website:

 Laura is a U.S. politics reporter for the International Business Times. She was always fascinated by the BBC World News each morning on the radio in Jamaica. That, and a love for writing led her to a masters in journalism from Columbia University and a bachelors in media and communication from the University of the West Indies, Mona. She has worked for Gannett’s Pacific Daily News in Guam, the Jamaica Observer, the Jamaica Gleaner, the Nassau Guardian in the Bahamas and Choices magazine for whom she ghost wrote the guidebook Help Your Child With Career Choice.

 Yep, a masters in “journalism” from Columbia and some stints in the Islands and she knows more about our Constitutional system of checks and balances than the law professors that have studied all their lives. That such a twit is allowed to pose as a journalist while doing nothing more than promoting her Dear Leader’s philosophy and agenda says all you need to know about why the majority of the American public no longer trusts the so called “press”.

And just in case you’re asking yourself how such a biased, opinion piece could make it past any responsible editor and post as a news article the answer is in IBT’s founders. Etienne Uzac and Jonathan Davis started the web based “business news” site in 2005 but are close lipped about who’s funding their’ little project and their own bios show them as having absolutely no experience in the news business. Uzac just turned 30 and carries a French passport and Davis, 31, “studied computer engineering as an undergarudate at UCLA and did time in Silicon Valley”.

A CNN Money report suggests both lads have ties to Olivet University founder David Jang which the article states “may or may not believe that he’s the second coming of Christ”.

So that explains how such a pile of crap wound up as a news article on the United States Constitution and it’s checks and balances on government power.

And in a move that will surely do nothing but increase American’s trust in its iconic news brands of old, IB Times bought Newsweek in August and Uzbac tweeted that week: “Feeling very responsible right now to grow the @Newsweek brand to new heights.”

I have no doubt Newsweek is going to soar, right on the backs of all those flying unicorns Uzbac and Davis have writing their “news”.

As always, have a great weekend and I’ll see ya round the Corner.

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