American under siege in pictures: Obama’s Key Largo extravaganza just a drop in the ocean

March 8, 2014

 THIS is happening in Connecticut as liberals gut the 2nd Amendement and begin demanding that gun owners start relinquishing their weapons or face further legal action against them:

THIS is a worksheet from the common core agenda that Obama is trying to cement as permanent by forcing states to either adopt the program and its tests or lose federal education dollars:


THIS is how the White House and the Center for American Progress are far closer to Putin’s Russia than our own 1st Amendment when it comes to reporting that doesn’t fit the agenda:

THIS is our economy:

THIS is how Vladimir Putin respects international borders:


THIS is how Obama deals with Putin’s respect for international borders:


The above is ALL happening NOW, but THIS is where Obama is spending his weekend that YOU the American taxpayer are paying for:

It invites you in with THIS:


It has THIS:



 Of course it has THIS:

 But MOST importantly it has THIS:

The next time President Hypocrisy screeches about all that’s wrong with America, I suggest you send him a short note reminding him that the problem isn’t America, it’s  HIM:


It’s cold and rainy here in fly over country so I’m going back to bed and dream Obama happy thoughts about just how lucky I am to be able to help our Dear Leader and his family stimulate the economy of Key Largo and its exclusive Ocean Reef resort.   After all, he’s far to important to have to worry about things like paying  the mortgage, car payments and last month’s over $500 dollar electric bill.

Who the hell am I or any other simple citizen to expect him to show just a modicum of respect for the hours upon hours of toil and sacrifice it takes to pay for the taxes that pay for him and his?

Yep, I’m just  thrilled that at least a part of the over 20 percent of my income that goes to Washington, D.C. each year is doing its part to help our great and glorious President vacation with the top half of the top half, of the top half of the richest 1 percent.

Now THAT’s some “inequality” that every tax paying American can be equally disgusted with.

Have a great weekend all.  You might as well, Obama sure as hell is.

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