Washington Post uses debunked left wing report for another Koch hit piece

March 21, 2014

Presented for your perusing today I combine yet another left wing attempt to malign Koch Industries and its primary owners, Charles and David Koch with yet another example of a legacy print publication letting it’s liberal bias crap all over its newsroom. 

The scenario has become all too common.

Left wing group the International Forum on Globalization puts out a 2 page report with a few graphs and a hyperbolic graphing (Armageddon or Alberta?) and AHA! Another evil Koch brother’s plot to take over the world is exposed. 

Left leaning newspaper reporter working for the Washington Post doesn’t bother to even check the facts of the report and convinces editors to let her co-write a “news” story headlined: The biggest lease holder in Canada’s oil sands isn’t Exxon Mobil or Chevron. It’s the Koch brothers.

That “news” story shows a publishing time of 11:59 am, March 20th on the WaPo website.  Within hours, John Hinderaker, one of the most respected lawyers in the state of Minnesota, posted to his powerlineblog.com a complete fact by fact, point by point evisceration of the Post story and its co-author Julia Eilperin:

The opening:

Today’s Washington Post features an article by Steven Mufson and Juliet Eilperin headlined, “The biggest lease holder in Canada’s oil sands isn’t Exxon Mobil or Chevron. It’s the Koch brothers.” The article was based on a newly-issued two-page report by the far-left International Forum on Globalization. The Post reported:

You might expect the biggest lease owner in Canada’s oil sands, or tar sands, to be one of the international oil giants, like Exxon Mobil or Royal Dutch Shell. But that isn’t the case. The biggest lease holder in the northern Alberta oil sands is a subsidiary of Koch Industries, the privately-owned cornerstone of the fortune of conservative Koch brothers Charles and David.

Actually, nearly all of the tar sands leaseholders are smaller companies that you haven’t heard of–dozens, if not hundreds of them. Koch is not, in fact, the largest leaseholder, but hold that thought.

From the middle:

So the fundamental point of the Post story, which relied uncritically on a goofball far-left report, is dead wrong……..The Post more or less endorses IFG’s theory that the Keystone pipeline somehow would benefit Koch, even though the Post notes that there is zero evidence to that effect…….The new report by IFG, on which the entire Post story is based, merely supplements another report that IFG produced last October. The only change in the current report is that it reduced the estimate of Koch’s Alberta leases from 2 million acres to 1.1 million acres. But last October’s IFG report was a laughingstock.

And the oh so sweet, sweet closing:

Why would the Washington Post embarrass itself by republishing a thoroughly discredited attempt to link the Koch brothers to the Keystone Pipeline? Because that is a Democratic Party talking point, and the Post is a Democratic Party newspaper. But the truth is a little worse than that.

Who is Post reporter Juliet Eilperin? Among other things, she is married to Andrew Light, who writes on climate policy for the Center for American Progress. The Center for American Progress is an Obama administration front group headed by John Podesta, who is a “special advisor” to the Obama administration. CAP’s web site, Think Progress, has carried out a years-long vendetta against the Koch brothers that has focused largely on the environment. Ms. Eilperin’s conflict in writing about environmental issues has already been a subject of controversy at the Post. The paper’s ombudsman should examine this latest example of Ms. Eilperin throwing facts to the winds in her eagerness to promote her (and her husband’s) far-left agenda.

If you read nothing else today, you MUST read Hinderaker’s full post: Washington Post Falls for Left-Wing Fraud, Embarrasses Itself.

While everything in Hinderaker’s piece is true, the headline is a bit misleading.  To be embarrassed the editors at WaPo must first feel they did something wrong or allowed something unethical.  That fact that Eilperin’s tripe got printed in the first place shows there’s little chance of that happening.

While we here in the states are accustomed to the left’s daily falsehoods against the Koch brothers, others just don’t get it.

I close with this comment from the powerline post:

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

Cameron Hoare

I am not from the US so I am wondering why would there be a problem if the story was true. Do not Americans feel proud that home grown sons are successful on the world stage? Surely there is something seriously wrong with people who claim to be US citizens and then disparage successful Americans.

Reply · 16 · 5 hours ago

Mr. Hoare has it absolutely, 100 percent correct. 

There most certainly IS something seriously wrong.

And it starts with papers like the Washington Post letting left-wing advocates like Juliet Eilperin masquerade as reporters of fact.

Goebbels could not have done it better.

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