Friday Follies: Veteran’s edition

May 23, 2014

This week is the worst in the history of the Follies. Combine the subject matter, (Veteran’s dying from a bloated, uncaring, union first mentality that puts the interest of self-serving bureaucrats in front of the self-sacrificing military personnel they are supposed to caring for) with a Commander in Chief who is more concerned over his tee time than VA wait times and you’ve got one very depressing week.

If there ever was a “Tis that time once again when we take stock of the inane and foolish put upon us by those forced to navigate life with an amount of gray matter just slightly larger than that found in your average toad.” week, this was it.

On October 29, 2008 I warned about then candidate Barack Obama:

In short Obama is no “new” politician at all. He is in fact the worst of the worst. A ruthless Chicago machine pol who will say anything, promise everything, and step on anyone to achieve political office. No principles, no morals, just pure political posturing.

If it wasn’t for the media being in love with this guy, he’d have never made it out of the primaries. But sadly, he did and even sadder; our sorrow is only beginning.

And while those words have sadly been proven true more times than I care to count, what makes me angrier than at any other time in these past 6 years of the Cluster F*** known as the Obama administration is that this nation’s veterans have now become pawns in “President Pass the Buck’s” game of government roulette.

Candidate Obama from October 27, 2007, speech entitled “Sacred Trust”:

The U.S. military has answered when called, and the verdict on their performance is clear: through their commitment, their courage, and their capability they have done us all proud.

What we need is civilian leadership that lives up this service…………

………To keep our sacred trust, I will improve mental health screening and treatment at all levels: from enlistment, to deployment, to reentry into civilian life. No service-member should be kicked out of the military because they are struggling with untreated PTSD. No veteran should have to fill out a 23-page claim to get care, or wait months – even years – to get an appointment at the VA.

 President Obama from August, 2009 speech to the Veterans of Foreign Wars:

“we will fulfill our responsibility to deliver the benefits and care that you earned. … And since there has been so much misinformation out there about health insurance reform, let me say this: One thing that reform won’t change is veterans’ health care. No one is going to take away your benefits — that is the plain and simple truth. We’re expanding access to your health care, not reducing it.”

Washington Times – Obama transition team was told about 3 audits showing VA misreported wait times:

President Obama’s transition team was warned in 2008 that repeated audits showed the Veterans Affairs Department was misreporting wait times for medical treatment, including one audit revealing delays nearly 10 times worse than the department was officially acknowledging.

The situation was so bad that the inspector general said it stopped trying to police the issue until the VA could prove its information was accurate — raising a red flag for the transition team, according to documents obtained by The Washington Times.

Chicago Tribune – Obama’s talking points miss point on VA scandal:

After keeping his mouth shut on that growing Veterans Affairs scandal for weeks, President Barack Obama finally acted.

Not with deeds. But with words.

The scandal involves reports of secret admissions lists, falsified data and some 40 veterans dying while waiting for treatment.

So Obama did what he does best. He talked.

White House Dossier – Veterans on Earth, Obama on Mars:

Here is the CNN reporter who broke the story of the shenanigans at the Phoenix VA office. He comes off not as the least bit partisan, but as sober and concerned. And he clearly was disconcerted Wednesday by the sound of a president who doesn’t seem, even now, to get what veterans want and need for him.

Politico – Barack Obama’s early VA response: Executive inaction:

President Barack Obama wants to talk about flexing his administrative and executive power to do more. Instead, he got stuck talking about a clear administrative and executive failure that, at least so far, he hasn’t done much about.

And this one’s no contained, bureaucratic flub. The problems at the Veterans Affairs Department have engulfed an entire Cabinet department and may have left hundreds of thousands of veterans waiting for care, and as many as 40 of them dead.

Washington Post – Obama is President Passive over the Veteran’s Affairs scandal:

It doesn’t inspire great confidence that President Obama, on the day he finally decided to comment about excessive wait times for veterans’ medical appointments, showed up late to read his statement.

The White House briefing room is only about 100 feet from the Oval Office, but Obama arrived 13 minutes after the scheduled time for his remarks, the first since the day the scandal broke late last month with a report that 40 veterans had died in Phoenix while waiting to see doctors.

Obama’s prepared statement and his answers to questions were almost as bad as the VA actions themselves.

They reveal an out of touch, uncaring, “Come on guys, I really don’t have time for this” President that even when people are dying still can’t bring himself to accept the job he was elected to do and instead refers to “allegations and investigations”.

But what else should we expect from a man that the day after he feigns outrage over his own Veteran’s Administration falsifying records that led to the deaths of yet untold service members, hops Air Force 1 to Chicago at taxpayer expense for a political fundraiser and blames the Founding Father’s for his party being put at a “disadvantage” in the mid-terms this year.

The man is an absolute disgrace to every value, every principle, every sacred trust this nation was founded on. Surviving another 2 ½ years of this regime will take every ounce of strength this nation can muster.

As always, thanks to all for your continued support, try to have a good weekend and remember that this one in particular means more than all the others combined.

And to all the vets and active duty: THANK YOU and God Bless.

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