American illegals are Mexico’s cash cows

October 15, 2014

If I told you that a foreign government was actively undermining U.S. rule of law by paying to keep its citizens here rather than encouraging them to return home and contribute to the betterment of their native country and that absolutely nothing was being done about it, would you:

Shake your head in disbelief

Shake your dog’s head in disbelief

Shake your cat’s head in disbelief

Nod in agreement with your parrot’s “Caldwell’s a quack…Caldwell’s a quack…” assessment.

Fortunately for your pets and my ego you need do none of the above.  Unfortunately however, the story is true and comes from a source that even the far left can’t ignore:  NPR.

In a report titled “Mexico Pays To Help Its Citizens Avoid Deportation From The U.S.”,  Hansi Lo Wang details how Mexican consulates across America are stepping in to pay the fees for Mexican citizens to apply for President Obama’s DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program.

And the man who heads the Mexican embassy’s consular coordination and Hispanic affairs section, Julian Escutia is unapologetic:  “If it’s a program that helps youth to work in this country, well, that helps our nationals, and that helps us,”.

And boy oh boy does it help them.

According to Bank of Mexico data, in 2013 Mexico took in over $21 billion from Mexicans living abroad (mainly the United States) making it the 2nd largest source of foreign exchange in the entire economy.  Only its oil industry provides a bigger economic impact.

“Follow the money” may have been born as a line in a movie, but it is now a full blown reality in the Mexican government’s coordinated support for its nationals illegally in the United State today.

With it being cheaper and easier to export people and import remittances than reforming itself, illegals living in America have become Mexico’s gravy train.  And our own sovereignty, our rule of law, our right to control our own immigration, are now all secondary to ensuring that train runs on time.

In May of 2010, then President Felipe Calderon had so little respect for the United States that he stood in the well of the House of Representatives and lectured a joint session of Congress on what he wanted in the way of immigration and gun control and then topped it off by breaking into Spanish to let Mexicans in America know that his government was working to protect their rights.  (Ah yes, America, the big bad evil country that wouldn’t just let them walk in and be citizens.)

And Mexico’s current President, Pena Nieto isn’t any better. In a September interview with Mexican paper El Universal he attacked Texas Governor Rick Perry for sending Texas National Guard troops to the border…..”Not only is it displeasing, but I think it’s reprehensible,”…”It is an attack on good relations and neighborliness.” and even added “The policy is completely unacceptable and it does not embody the spirit of cordiality and friendship between two nations,”

No Senor Nieto, what is reprehensible and unacceptable is you demanding America take in and care for millions of your citizens because your government won’t.

What is not cordial sir is attacking U.S. immigration law while you still hold in one of your jails a United States Marine with PTSD who’s only “crime” was to make a wrong turn and then be honest with your less than honest border patrol.

If Mexico truly wants a more neighborly relationship with America, Robert Frost laid it out over a century ago in his poem “Mending Wall”:  “good fences make good neighbors”.

Yes, it IS that simple.

Publisher’s Note:  An edited version of this column first appeared in the October 15, 2014 print edition of the Joplin Globe.

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