Friday Follies: Ebola vs Obama, what’s the difference? Ebola can be controlled

October 17, 2014

The more we learn about Ebola in American and the Obama administration’s preparedness for and response to, the clearer it becomes that neither has an edge over the other in regards to the threat they both pose to the Republic.

From incompetent political hacks uttering incomprehensibly nonsensical excuses and platitudes to abject political stubbornness and arrogance putting agenda above America, Valerie Jarrett and her favorite puppet are putting on a show that if the curtain doesn’t come down on soon will doom future generations to a 2nd class economy, a 3rd world population and a lifestyle far below that of their predecessors.

Yep, it’s another Friday and you know what that means:  ”Tis that time once again when we take stock of the inane and foolish put upon us by those forced to navigate life with an amount of gray matter just slightly larger than that found in your average toad.” – See more at:

generations of Americans to lifestyles far below what could have been.

#5 Obama talks ‘hugs and kisses’ while still denying prudent travel ban

Six weeks ago British Airways and Air France put aside their country’s usual obsession with political correctness and stopped flights to the Ebola hot zones in West Africa. Other countries and airlines have followed their lead and either stopped or restricted travel and interaction between Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.

Yet in a show of solidarity with its politically correct base and an example of stubbornness and arrogance not seen since the Nixon days, the Obama administration refuses to take the same common sense steps to protect the American populace.

But there’s a back story to the flight ban that the main stream media ignores. And that is the out-sized influence that the guilt of Samantha Power and Susan Rice is having over current U.S. African policy. Rice has profusely apologized for her role in keeping the disengaged Clinton administration from using the term ‘genocide’ regarding mass killings in Rwanda in 1994 because of fear that it would have an effect on the mid-term elections. And Power parlayed a law school paper into a book just oozing with guilt over various governments of the past failures to intervene.

Combine the above with the left’s worst fear: that a travel ban on West Africa would be the slippery slope that would finally force them to seal our southern border with Mexico as well and you begin to see why Obama is so adamant about doing anything other than pay lip service to the current Ebola threat.

So don’t expect a flight ban anytime soon. Until an Ebola case is diagnosed within the D.C. beltway and affects the elites like Power and Rice, it will be their guilt, not our lives that guides U.S. policy.

#4 Former Bloomberg health nanny now CDC director Frieden must go: Most Americans know him as the bumbling, say one thing one day the opposite the next director of the Centers for Disease Control that has shown more incompetence handling the nation’s first Ebola case on American soil than the Secret Service at a Cartagena hooker’s convention. (H/T Jonah Goldberg)

But what many Americans don’t know is that before he got promoted to the CDC he was chief enforcer for New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg’s nanny health mandates. From mandating smoking bans on private business, to the cost increasing menu mandate of calorie counts to the famous attempt to ban 32 oz soda, Thomas Frieden was the “go to guy” if the goal was to squash private property rights and dilute individual liberties.

Anyone who actually knew his track record in New York City moaned when he was given his reward for loyalty as the head of the CDC, but as 2012 has shown us, far too many Americans prefer their heads in the sand than having to smell the acrid odor that the Obama administration has put into our air.

From the piece by Dr. Ford Vox:

When Frieden said this week he’ll now send a robust, hands-on clinical team anywhere in America that Ebola is diagnosed, I thought, my word, we aren’t doing that already? Instead, once his lab confirmed Duncan’s diagnosis, Frieden provided epidemiologists and contact tracers, and the CDC offered passive guidance. Far too passive, it seems, as Vinson, the Presbyterian nurse, flew to Cleveland, a violation of the CDC’s guidance on controlled movements while under monitoring, which doesn’t include such public transportation.

But for as incompetent as he is, Frieden is just one piece in a very large, and very corrupt political pie that is the federal bureaucracy that not only now controls our day to day lives, but might very well now be deciding whether we live or die.

#3 Dallas hospital that treated three Ebola patients had machine that can detect disease in just minutes …but couldn’t use it because it wasn’t FDA approved: That is the headline from the UK’s Mail Online. I could comment but the piece says it far better than I could and quite frankly, the discovery of yet another federal bureaucratic bungling relegating common sense to the back bench has me so angry right now I better step away from the keyboard before a convoy of black suburbans starts making its way up the driveway.

From the story:

The Dallas hospital that sent home Thomas Eric Duncan the first time he showed up at the emergency room has a machine that could have detected Ebola in less than an hour – but doctors were barred from using it because of federal regulations…..

…..military news site Defense One reports that doctors could have simply turned on a toaster-sized device called the Film Array and gotten a diagnosis within minutes.

US military doctors sent to West Africa to combat the disease are already using the Film Array, which has more than 90percent accuracy, according to Defense One.

The device costs $39,000 – a pittance by the standards of medical devices in hospitals – and was developed by Utah-based BioFire Diagnostics to test the genetic markers of a slew of gastrointestinal and respiratory viruses. It can use blood or saliva samples and it’s proven adept at quickly detecting Ebola, as well.

Presbyterian Hospital acquired one two years ago, though it has been prohibited from using the device to diagnose patients because the Food and Drug Administration had approved it only for research use – and not for testing Ebola.

Understand my anger now?

#2 Obama already HAS an Ebola Czar Yes, you read it right. There was absolutely no need for Obama to appoint a new Ebola Czar today because not only does he already have one, the position has been in place since the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. From the

What’s particularly interesting about this discussion, then, is that nobody has even discussed the fact that the federal government not ten years ago created and funded a brand new office in the Health and Human Services Department specifically to coordinate preparation for and response to public health threats like Ebola. The woman who heads that office, and reports directly to the HHS secretary, has been mysteriously invisible from the public handling of this threat. And she’s still on the job even though three years ago she was embroiled in a huge scandal of funneling a major stream of funding to a company with ties to a Democratic donor—and away from a company that was developing a treatment now being used on Ebola patients.

Did you get that? Funding funneled AWAY from a core healthcare mission to favor a political donor? This is what happens folks when the 4th estate abdicates its duty and follows blindly along an administration that it so desperately wants to support.

Not only does money get wasted, people die.

#1 Obama appoints political hack as new Ebola Czar The news this afternoon that President Obama had named a perpetual Dem hack insider named Ron Klain to be the nation’s point man on the unfolding Ebola disaster was as devastating to a worried nation’s confidence as it was predictable. This White House has politically corrupted every federal agency it has touched, it should come as no surprise that America’s response to the danger of the worst public health threat since the 1918 influenza epidemic would be any different.

From :

Facing renewed criticism of his handling of the Ebola risk, Obama will make Ron Klain, a former chief of staff to Vice President Joe Biden, his point man on fighting Ebola at home and in West Africa. Klain will report to national security adviser Susan Rice and to homeland security adviser Lisa Monaco, the White House said.

Klain does not have a medical or a health care background.

Rep. Andy Harris, R-Md., slammed the decision on Twitter.

Harris is one of the few actual doctors that occupy a seat in the United States Congress. His thoughts on the matter are far more credible than anyone in the White House.

Valid concerns and valid questions that will never be answered as long as one Valerie Jarrett is pulling the strings of power behind one Barack Hussein Obama.

And there’s even a weekend bonus today. Via the Washington Post comes a story that the Mexico that lectures the U.S. regarding its immigration policy, (See Wednesday’s Globe column American illegals are Mexico’s cash cows) refused to let the Carnival cruise line ship Magic, dock at Cozumel because on board was a health care worker from Texas that might have handled some of Tomas Eric Duncan’s bloodwork.

In all my years of following politics and government corruption have I ever seed hypocrisy so wide, so thick, so engrained, so rampant.

So on that happy note: As always, thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend and I’ll see ya round the Corner on Monday.

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