Friday Follies: Ramos’ advocacy, Schumer switch hits, Sharpton & Obama on a roll

November 28, 2014

Jorge Ramos calls for advocacy journalism, Chuck Schumer switch hits, and Al Sharpton and Barack Obama still going strong…“Tis that time once again when we take stock of the inane and foolish put upon us by those forced to navigate life with an amount of gray matter just slightly larger than that found in your average toad.”

#5 The Follies leads off this week with a folly that we’ve known for a long time: Journalism as “objective, present both sides” is dead. From

Univision’s Jorge Ramos was presented the Burton Benjamin Memorial Award for “lifetime achievement in defending press freedom” Tuesday at the 2014 Committee to Protect Journalists International Press Freedom Awards.

During his speech before the group of journalists and media executives, Ramos made the case for journalists to drop the facade of impartiality and to use their voices and influence not just to inform but as activists to change policy:

“The best of journalism happens when we take a stand: when we question those who are in power, when we confront the politicians who abuse their authority, when we denounce an injustice,” Ramos said. “The best of journalism happens when we side with the victims, with the most vulnerable, with those who have no rights. The best of journalism happens when we, purposely, stop pretending that we are neutral and recognize that we have a moral obligation to tell truth to power.”

 The problem with Ramos and the rest of the MSM that ascribes to his view is that their “victims” just never seem to be hardworking, law abiding, legal citizens. Those of us stuck paying the tab for all their limousine liberalism never get a voice. We become the oppressors while the interlopers and lawbreakers get rewarded.

The only thing that matters is their world view and using their platform to make sure the public comes around as well.

It’s about as upside down Alice in Wonderland journalism as you can get from the Edward R. Murrow side of journalism but that matters not to Ramos and crew.

#4 If you only watch one of the three networks for your news you probably didn’t hear about this weeks number four. Speaking before the National Press Club this week, good ol Chuck Schumer finally admitted what thinking people have known all along: he’s a crass political opportunist and will do/say anything if he thinks with will further the party agenda.

Though he didn’t say it in exactly like that, his about face on the Democrats shoving Obamacare down us instead of focusing on the economy is as close as we’re gonna get. From

Sen. Charles E. Schumer (N.Y.), the Senate’s third-ranking Democrat, slammed his party Tuesday for pursuing health-care reform in 2009 and 2010, arguing that Democrats hurt themselves politically by not focusing instead on policies aimed at helping a “broader swath” of middle-class Americans.

“After passing the stimulus, Democrats should have continued to propose middle class-oriented programs and built on the partial success of the stimulus. But unfortunately, Democrats blew the opportunity the American people gave them. We took their mandate and put all of our focus on the wrong problem – health-care reform.”

Unfortunately Schumer’s late coming to the truth won’t help the tens of millions of Americans who had their policies canceled or who can now longer see their doctor of choice. It also doesn’t help the millions who now have the much touted Obamacare “coverage” but thanks to $5000 and up deductibles with no copays or cost sharing find it useless.

In essence many Obamacare policies are no different from the old catastrophic policies that people liked but now they carry higher premiums with less benefit. Another Democrat party, top down, force fed policy at work.

#3 In the middle of the pack but certainly not even close to being even in the middle on an intelligence scale, are all the “activists” thinking they are helping their cause by taking their “Hands up, Don’t shoot” fraud to shopping malls and Wal Mart and Target stores across the country.

From Bloomberg Radio:

FERGUSON, Mo. (AP) — Officials temporarily closed a large shopping mall near St. Louis amid a protest triggered by a grand jury’s decision not to indict the police officer who fatally shot Michael Brown in nearby Ferguson.

At least 200 protesters gathered on one of the busiest shopping days of the year Friday at the Galleria mall in Richmond Heights, about 10 miles south of Ferguson.

Several stores lowered their security doors or locked entrances as protests sprawled onto the floor while chanting, “Stop shopping and join the movement.”

From :

MANCHESTER, Mo. (CBS St. Louis/AP) — Demonstrators sought to catch the attention of shoppers looking for good deals on Friday, going to major retailers around the St. Louis area to speak out about a grand jury’s decision not to indict the police officer who fatally shot Michael Brown….

….Early Friday in the St. Louis suburb of Manchester, about two dozen people chanted “no justice, no peace, no racist police” and “no more Black Friday” after police moved them out of a Wal-Mart.

Which is a perfect lead in for our number two spot of the week.

#2 That great and glorious fraud we all know as “The Reverend” Al Sharpton only avoids the top spot this week because, while his actions are despicable and revolting, they are (at least for now, how long they last is anybody’s guess right now) constitutional.

James Varney, writing for (The online Times-Picayune) puts it in perspective:

Al Sharpton, who passes as a reputable journalist over at MSNBC, was on the network Tuesday night talking about “undermined credibility.” On that he should be considered an expert witness.

Flat-out lies aren’t going to improve any situation, but then Sharpton thrives on injury not healing. He can’t be dismissed as an easy or ancillary target, either, when MSNBC pays him and gives him a platform, when he is invited to the White House by the president of the United States, and when he is permitted such a large role by the family of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo.

And continues:

He’s done real damage, however. The fact he has been allowed to prosper while trafficking in lies has created the environment in which lies are apparently ok if they allegedly illuminate some larger truth.

This is what has happened with Michael Brown. Dorian Johnson, Brown’s companion on that regrettable, fateful day fabricated a story about the encounter with police officer Darren Wilson. Brown was supposedly cooperative, his hands in the air in a universal symbol of surrender.

Wilson gunned Brown down in cold blood, according to this version. It was murder.

Johnson’s tale was a lie, but it is believed by some and has come to symbolize for some what happened. This is the Sharpton method.

And while the President and Eric Holder put out press statements and read from teleprompters that it’s not their method, their keeping Sharpton in the tent of power makes them just as guilty when the violence erupts.

As my Wednesday column noted:

The cruel irony being that the three men who could have done the most to prevent violence, – Al Sharpton, Eric Holder and Barack Obama – are also the men who helped stoke it.

It’s a statement that a commentator going by the moniker gracepmc over at Keith Koffler’s White House Dossier noted:

Bold. Well done Geoff. Writing like this is a service to America. We need more of it. Thanks.

I’ve never really thought of telling the truth as bold but in the context of putting those three me together and the fact that any criticism of them by a white man is considered racist these days, I’ll take the compliment.

Sadly though there’s another truth looming. According to a NewYorkObserver story, Sharpton isn’t stopping with riots in Ferguson, he’s got his sights set on much, much bigger things; like using the Eric Garner case to foment violence in New York City. From the story:

Though Mayor Bill de Blasio, a close Sharpton ally, urged New Yorkers not to “connect the dots” between the cases, Mr. Sharpton–and thousands across the city–appear to be doing just that……More protests may come if Staten Island District Attorney Daniel Donovan decides not to bring charges in the case of Garner,

More protests indeed. And look for the same three men who could stop it in its tracks be the same three men that give a nod and a wink to it all by implying that what’s happening today is this generation’s Selma, Alabama.

It’s disappointing, it’s disingenuous and it’s a flat out lie but when have they ever let that stopped them before?

#1 There’s no surprise then that top spot this week goes to the leader of the triad. This time for once again letting it slip that his immigration executive action really is far more executive overreach than legal enforcement of the law.

Constitutional lawyer and Georgetown professor, Jonathan Turley sums it up on his blog:

There was an unscripted moment for President Barack Obama yesterday that might make Justice Department lawyers defending the recent unilateral changes to immigration laws a bit uneasy. The President was faced with an understandably annoying problem of hecklers who interrupted his speech demanding an end to deportations of anyone. The President responded with a clearly justified admonishment that they should let him speak, but he added in obvious frustration “What you’re not paying attention to is the fact that I just took an action to change the law.” That is what the Administration lawyers have striven to deny. They are insisting that this was not a change in law (which is a legislative act) but the exercise of discretion allowed under the law.

Kind of takes you back to the administration’s twisting of the truth on Obamacare; it’s a mandate of personal responsibility when selling it to the TV cameras but it was most definitely a lawful tax when arguing before the Supreme Court.

And it’s only going to get worse.

David Lightman and Anita Kumar lay it out in their McClatchyDC piece, Obama unleasehd: Defies GOP election wins, moves in opposite direction:

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama has spent November acting with a defiant fury, moving with little regard for the message voters sent at the polls.

Instead of reaching out to Republicans who won control of next year’s Congress Nov. 4, he’s charged ahead with initiatives that infuriate the victors, prompting critics to label him a “king” or “emperor.”…………

………….George W. Bush worked with the new Democratic-controlled Congress after the 2006 election to craft economic stimulus legislation. Bill Clinton in 1994 overhauled his political team and would work to craft a bipartisan welfare overhaul. After Republicans lost Senate control in 1986, Ronald Reagan brought in Washington insider Howard Baker, who had been Senate majority leader, to run his staff.

Obama instead draws his already insular circle tighter. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel doesn’t spout the White House line in public, so he’s out. Chief of Staff Denis McDonough becomes a frequent visitor to Congress but doesn’t heed warnings from Republican leaders that an immigration order would be political poison.

But the money quote is:

“Free at last; free at last from the bondage of (Senate Majority Leader) Harry Reid, threats from the Republican leadership, and persistent press ‘wimp’ criticism,” said Stephen Wayne, a presidential scholar at Georgetown University.

“Now he can do what he thinks is right and to the extent possible do so with the help of loyal compatriots that believe in him and his priorities,” he said.

And that’s the Obama that Americans who studied his history, read his words, and listened to his statements knew who he really was.

The man who thinks that he’s always right and the country and constitution be damned.

America has survived many trials in our history, but we’ve never faced a President so dead set against her founding principles and the constitutional constraints on power.

Without Obama suddenly waking up one morning and deciding to put himself “right with the law” the next two years are going to be more than turbulent, they’re going to be downright dangerous.

We’ve gone through a lot through the years, but what really scares me is that we’ve never gone through what we’re about to experience for the next two.

The founders thought they were securing liberty for future generations via the constitution. Unfortunately not even their wisdom could foresee an Obama “unleashed”.

As always, have a great weekend and thank you for stopping by my little corner of the world.

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