As Jackson’s Trail of Tears, so too does Obama own his Trails of Terror across the globe

February 22, 2015

President Andrew Jackson’s legacy is forever stained by the brutality of the Trail of Tears and if Barack Obama doesn’t wish his own legacy tainted by the blood of others he needs to find a way to accept current global realities sooner rather than later.

From turning his back on the 2009 green revolution in Iran, the failed “leading from behind” in Libya, erasing his Syrian red-line as soon as his bluff was called, to allowing his JV team (known to the rest of the world as ISIS) to overrun Northern Iraq, the Trails of Terror that cris-cross the Middle East, Africa and now Europe have road signs personally installed by none other than Mr. Obama himself.

When the world sent leaders to Paris last month to unite against ISIS terror the White House instead responded with an academic exercise on “violent extremism”. That summit concluded with the President declaring that the cause of ISIS was basically bad governments and a lack of jobs. That it has absolutely nothing, not a thing, nary a cintilla of anything to do with Islam.

If Mr. Obama spent more time with those living the terror rather than those pushing a political agenda, he’d realize just how foolish he sounded.

On January 1st, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi gave a speech to Cairo’s Al-Azhar and the Awqaf Ministry that should have grabbed headlines across the world.

In that speech he not only addressed the “Islamic problem” head on, he literally put his own head out there for the radicals to cut off.

Not since Anwar Sadat made peace with Israel (and was subsequently murdered by the Muslim Brotherhood for it) has an Egyptian leader so boldly spoke truth to the clerics: “I say and repeat again that we are in need of a religious revolution. You, imams, are responsible before Allah. The entire world, I say it again, the entire world is waiting for your next move…”

Yet to this day, coverage of al-Sisi’s truth is buried behind the soundbytes of administration spin blaming everything and everyone other than the truth right in front of it.

More recently there is Graeme Wood, a journalist who has actually lived in the Middle East and who’s piece “What ISIS Really Wants” in the March issue of The Atlantic desperately needs to find its way onto the White House reading list.

When asked on the Laura Ingraham radiow show Thursday if President Obama’s singular insistance that ISIS is “not based in a religious understanding” Wood explained: “Well,I think that it’s Presidential rhetoric, you know he’s not a theologian and when he’s talking about this not being Islam, saying that they’re terrorists not religious leaders then he’s making a political point that happens to be theologically and historically simply inaccurate. It’s based on a distinction that isn’t a real one,…”

The President of Egypt, a Muslim, gets it. Graeme Wood, a man who walked and talked with the Islamists gets it. Yet Barack Obama still stubbornly clings to his one man crusade that Islamic terrorism is not about Islam.

As an American citizen Mr. Obama has every right to his opinion, no matter how void of reality said opinion may be.

But as an American President, he has an obligation to listen to those beyond his inner circle of sophmoric thinkers and the PR reps for CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood.

And yes, if in the course of fulfilling that obligation he could somehow muster up the courage not to make America the laughing stock of the world, that would be nice too.

Now, could someone please get the President a subscription to The Atlantic?

PUBLISHER’s NOTE:  A version of this column first appeared in the February 22, 2015 print edition of the Joplin Globe.

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