Another year, another tax bill, another McCaskill excuse

April 19, 2015

Claire loves her TV time more than her voter time

Ah, April. One of Mother Nature’s best. With every shower the meadows get greener, the streams run faster, and each passing day gets us ever closer to those oh so glorious flowers in May.

As a kid coming of age on a Kansas farm it meant the end to early morning cattle feedings and summer just around the corner.

But as a man now pushing through middle age and those years now decades past, I find the joy of spring far more subdued by another visitor this time of year.

As certain as the sun each morn and the moon each night he comes. And as much as I like dear ol Uncle Sam, I have to admit that I am most certainly not fond of his habit of digging deeper and deeper into my pockets every year.

This year he stayed longer and dug deeper than ever. It really hit home when I noticed that the amount paid in just federal and state income taxes alone this year was a full 50% more than my entire year’s pay in that first full time job I took when going to college.

It’s not that I’m against all taxes. It’s not that I don’t understand the need for government. It’s not that I don’t want to pay my “fair share” for said government.

It’s the idea of being forced to pay for so much that goes so against the very nature of what America was founded upon and for that matter, what is even really needed that makes it so frustrating.

And as hundreds of billions of dollars now flow into agencies and departments outside the checks on power and responsiveness to the people that the Founding Father’s intended, more and more Americans are feeling that same frustration.

While the April 15th federal tax deadline has passed, the actual “tax freedom day” – the day that the people over at peg as the day when the American worker is finally done working for the government and starts earning for himself – is still two days away on April 21st.

Think about that. It now takes almost a full 4 months to just earn enough to keep Uncle Sam and his state and local cousins in business.

And even though the United States Treasury just took in another record amount of revenue this year through the April 15th deadline, the federal government is still running an annual deficit of over $600 billion and is on pace to double the entire national debt from the $10 trillion at the beginning of the Obama presidency to $20 trillion at its close.

And yet some still want more.

Medicaid expansion is touted as a “win-win” because it uses “free” federal dollars. Yet not once do we hear of the immorality of continuing to steal trillions of dollars from the needs of our children’s tomorrows for the wants of today.

In a Senate hearing last Wednesday Senator Claire McCaskill sided with IRS commissioner John Koskinen that the reason for the agency’s dismal customer service this year is because Republican’s punished it with funding cuts for targeting conservatives rather than questioning him over spending millions of tax payer dollars on market research, office furniture and even toy footballs and kazoos.

The entire founding document of this great nation, the United States Constitution is contained on only 4 pages. Yet as of 2013 our tax code alone stood at almost 74,000 pages.

For some, there just is no greater good than a government ever growing, ever more intrusive, ever more encompassing and directing every aspect of our daily lives.

For the rest of us, there’s the bill.

PUBLISHER’s NOTE:  A version of this column first appeared in the Sunday, April 19th 2015 print edition of the Joplin Globe.

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