Democrats pimp Obamagear on graves of America’s fallen

May 24, 2015

ObamaDNCThey were farmers and merchants, tradesmen and apprentices, young to old and all ages in between.

Land owners, shop keepers, dock workers. Lawyers, preachers, physicians. Writers, publisher’s, poets. Rich and poor, aristocrat and peasants among peasants.

And they were all, each and every one, the first of their kind. The first in a long line known to human history as the American citizen soldier.

The first of generation after generation of Americans that would give their own lives that other lives live free.

From the Old North Bridge to Kandahar to who knows where next, from when that very first call went out as British regulars marched on Lexington and Concord to the calls that history sadly shows us are still yet to come, the American citizen soldier stands alone atop the timeline of history.

No nation in the annals of human history has ever assembled a military more powerful or more dedicated to the force of good and preserving freedom around the world than the United States of America.

And once a year we set aside one day each year to stop, take pause, and give thanks to those now over 1.3 million Americans.

Or at least some of us give thanks.  Others?  Well, see for yourself.

I present today yet another illustration of just how far from our heroes good, from their honor, from their dedication to freedom that one Barack Hussein Obama and his Democrat party are from those men and women Memorial Day is dedicated too.

Consider the tweet below from the official Twitter account of the American Democratic Party. The political party whose leader is the President of the United States.

How in the world am I supposed to respect a man that while he holds the office of Commander in Chief of the United States military, lends his image to a flippant ice cream social “have a happy Memorial Day weekend” tweet?

If that doesn’t go to the mindset of Obama what does?

On what should be the most solemn of all weekends of the year, he chooses instead to kick it off with a tribute to a waffle cone.

And to add insult to injury, the geniuses running the President’s party twitter account decided to follow it up with these three gems on Saturday:

I don’t know about you but nothing says appreciation for the sacrifices made by our men and women in uniform than a 15% off sale at the local DNC store.

This blast from the past is a good one too:

Notice the year is 1967 and Johnson’s Gulf of Tonkin lie to escalate American involvement in Vietnam was already well on its way to adding over 58,000 additional names to the list of our fallen. Evidently not satisfied with their first insulting attempt to monetize Memorial Day, they followed it upwith a second reminder to hurry in and grab your gear.

And yes, while I find the ad alone offensive, I find the idea of using “MEMORIALDAY15” as a code to get a discount on political propaganda absolutely appalling.

Memorial Day of ANY year is about the price paid that we still alive today can never repay.

But alas, such is the state of today’s Democrat party.

It’s bad enough that retail stores commercialize the memories of our fallen, it’s absolutely despicable that Democrats now see it just as an excuse to push merchandise.

Merchandise like this:


The screen shot above is the front page of the “must have” gear that the DNC is marking down 15% in honor of our fallen heroes. But ONLY if you enter the “code” MEMORIAlDAY15.

A coffee mug promoting hate of fellow Americans, T shirts with Obama’s likeness, and a couple of lame buttons.

Such is the depth of depravity to which he once great party of Harry S. Truman and John Fitzgerald Kenney has sunk.

And people wonder why I don’t respect Obama.

I am often criticized by those on the left for not giving due respect to President Obama. That I don’t have to like him personally but I should respect him for the office he holds.

To which I have always had the same reply: When he himself shows that he respects the office I will consider changing my position. Until then, crawl back under the rock from whence you came.

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