RNC no better than DNC, BOTH dance on graves of America’s fallen

May 24, 2015

ripgopYes, I admit, I did the first piece on the Democrats and their disgusting, pathetic behavior of pimping out Obmagear over the Memorial Day holiday.

I also admit, I expected it from them. It just fits with the cult of Obama and the hate for the Tea Party.

I also admit, that as much as I am no fan of the establishment of the Republican party I never dreamed they’d sink as low as the DNC, but in the end I should have known.

If the first 5 months of 2015 has shown me anything, it is that all the election of 2014 proves is that the Republican party is just as despising of the voters who elected them as the Democrats are of theirs.

The absolute refusal of John Boehner and Mitch McConnell to listen to the voters that delivered to them the majorities they now reign over is as disgusting as Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid shoving down Obamacare and piling on trillions of new debt to future generations.

This of all weekends should be to BOTH parties above politics and ONLY about those who gave up their tomorrows for our today.

That no one in charge of either party finds it the least bit disrespectful that their organizations are promoting percents off sales on political merchandise over this solemn of all solemn weekends is beyond pathetic, it is down right disgusting.

And with that in mind, without further ado, below are the tweets from the @GOP twitter account that officially represents the Republican National Committee.

The site may not be selling “I hate Tea” mugs or T shirts with Obama, but in the end, the RNC is no different from the DNC. Both are pimping out merchandise on the graves of America’s fallen and both should be roundly criticized for it.

Who is the idiot who feels that such a promotion is one to be proud of? And what’s up with the “have coffee with a real leader” B.S.? You dishonor everything President Bush does for our vets with such a pathetic pandering for a damn coffee cup.

And I can GUARAN-DAMN-TEE YOU, you worthless little twits who came up with this last one that Ronald Reagan would have your hide for using his name to hawk merchandise on this most hallow of weekends.

So sadly, there you have it America.

When it comes to the money, when it comes to their power, when it comes to screwing over the people who actually make up the men and women that Memorial Day is all about, NEITHER the Republicans NOR the Democrats give a damn about any of us.

Remember that as they both beg for your money these next 18 months. Remember that and instead of sending them your money, send them these last two posts instead.

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