Home alone with “Obama dupes America”

June 28, 2015
Oh, how far we've sank

Oh, how far we’ve sank

Every year around this time the wife’s profession requires that she pay homage to the insurance gods and attend one of those hotel banquet room conferences on what new and wonderful changes are coming in the next year. And every year around this time, I get left to my own devices for a few days.

While she suffers the indignities that embody modern day air travel, I do what most males do in my situation: watch the movies that I know not to even ask if she wants to watch, devise numerous gastronomical concoctions that only the male stomach can tolerate, and yes, have an extra beer or two.

But lest you think I become totally worthless on my own, I also make sure that in between the “must do” endeavors previously mentioned, I set aside time to declutter the area around the homestead most in need of decluttering.

This year the target was the plastic tubs full of old magazines, articles, and papers that had picqued my interest over the past few years.

Now a professional “de-clutterer” says that if you haven’t touched it in the last year (or you could plant a small garden in the dust on the lid) you just open it up and deposit all contents into dumpster in one swift motion.

I however prefer the reminiscing model whereby the contents of each container are sifted through item by item. While said model may not be the most efficient, it is the most pleasant. Old cards put a smile on the face, old articles a nod of the head, and those occassional “so THAT’s where I put that” moments are priceless.

And for a political junkie like me, scanning the old reader letters and columns written during election cycles past have a way of putting the present in perspective.

I now share with you a little of that perspective from the pages of summer, 2008.

Sandie Morgan wrote: “I am supporting Barack Obama for president because I am impressed by his character…..I believe Barack Obama is the kind of selfless person who truly wants to make the world a better place to live,”

Pat Murphy remindeds us “The Iraq War must be ended”, that “Obama will do that, responsibly.” and that “Sen. Barack Obama, is the kind of steady, inspiring and visionary leader these troubled times require. I want a president who is focused on finding solutions, not a candidate who is more concerned about destroying his opponent’s character.”

Bill Kumbier noted that “Barack Obama appears cool, controlled and capable of building communities of cooperation…I was extremely pleased to see the Globe endorse Obama for president.”

Wynne Krell however was not fooled: “Unfortunately, there are a fair number of individuals who would, by some miraculous means, have this country instantly evolve to a utopian society and who believe that some glorious leader will appear to lead the way….Based on past experience, I find undefined change a very scary proposition. Sen. Barack Obama has been promising change, change, change while providing little or no definition of what specific change he is talking about or, most particularly, how he would intend to implement these changes.”

With the world ablaze, domestic division deeper and wider, food and energy costs at all time highs and Iran on the verge of getting a nuke, one might think things can’t get any worse. One would be wrong.

To paraphrase Mr. Krell, “7 years of past experience shows that the scarier proposition is what “change” still awaits us in Obama’s remaining months?”

I sure hope the 2016 letters I’m reading in a few years don’t reflect a public as duped as it was in 2008.

And it also makes me wonder where is the woman below and what is she thinking about now?


PUBLISHER’s NOTE:  An edited version of this column first appeared in the June 28, 2015 print edition of the Joplin Globe.

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