Jorge Ramos: Donald Trumps new best friend

August 30, 2015

TrumpRamosTuesday morning opened with the news that Donald Trump had again taken to Twitter trashing Fox News host Megyn Kelly.  Nineteen days after Ms. Kelly’s questioning during the Republican primary debate had first sparked the Donald’s ire, he was back on the attack: “Megyn needs to go back on vacation. What a waste of an hour on Fox”, “She has come back looking like Nancy Grace” and “The bimbo back in town.  I hope not for long.”

Some serious Presidential gravitas indeed; If only the election could be held tomorrow and a President Trump installed the day after.  Surely after seeing such words of manliness Vladimir Putin would order an immediate withdrawal from Crimea and those pesky Mullahs in Iran would be begging for forgiveness in no time.

No, the day was definitely not shaping up to end the Donald’s way.

But that was before one Jorge Ramos, Univision/Fusion networks top talent had decided to fly half way across the country to attend a Trump pre-rally press conference in Dubuque, Iowa.

Bolstered by months of flattering press and phrases like “the Hispanic Walter Cronkite” inflating his ego, Mr. Ramos was sure of his ability to slay the dragon Trump.

And so it was, that with valiance non-compared, the great Ramos ignored the reporter he was interrupting, ignored the decorum of his colleagues and arose without warning to begin his attack of truth upon the reptilian Republican in front of him.

Except Trump was having none of it.

What started with Trump telling Ramos: “Excuse me. Sit down. You weren’t called. Sit down.” moved on to Ramos insisting “I have the right to..” (ask a question) and ended with a security guard escorting him from the room as he muttered one “don’t touch me, I have a right” after another.

As one who watched it live I wouldn’t have blamed Trump for letting it end there.  But to his credit Trump allowed Ramos back in and proceeded into a several minute back and forth that exposed Ramos for the activist that he is and elevated Trump to a level of respect un-thought of just 20 minutes earlier.

It was a classic clash of egos.  A clash that Ramos, lost terribly as he let his get the better of him, while Trump kept his own in check.

Ramos describes himself as a journalist. Yet when Trump gave him his chance, instead of the journalistic act of ask a question, wait for the answer, ask the follow up, Ramos instead embarked on a litany of prepared grievances in a manner more Code Pink than professional journalist.

As even liberal Mika Brzezinski noted Wednesday morning on Morning Joe “pretending he was bullied and pretending he was thrown out of a room……He made himself the story.”  Co-host Joe Scarborough summed it up for the morning panel with “He was editorializing the entire time. Write an editorial,”.

Ramos even admitted as much Wednesday morning when he told former Clinton staffer turned ABC Good Morning America host George Stephanopoulos, “As a journalist you have to take a stand. I think the best journalism happens when you take a stand..”

In addition, he is on record equating our southern border with the Berlin Wall, adamantly believes the U.S. border should be open, equates illegal immigrants to legal citizens and admits that despite being a naturalized American citizen for decades he has “never ceased to be Mexican” and still votes in Mexican elections.

Jorge Ramos has every right to take those stances; but he should take them openly and honestly as the activist that he is, not pretending to be a journalist that he is not.

PUBLISHER NOTE:  A version of this column first appeared in the August 29, 2015 print edition of the Joplin Globe.

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