June 1, 1994

Richard M. Nixon

No other name invokes such polarizing passions among citizens the world over. But whatever the personal feelings, one fact cannot be disputed. Richard Nixon was, and always will be, remembered as a major force in 20th century American politics.
Watergate crook or World Leader?
The debate still rages, but the debate is misguided. The historians, politicians, self proclaimed statesmen, and the infamous “Beltites” (those hundreds of “experts” who have all the answers without ever bothering to ask the questions) are all missing the boat. They debate the man when they should be reflecting upon the time.

Not since the civil war had the country been so divided. As terrible as the civil war was, Lincoln’s Presidency still revolved around one basic premise: states rights vs. Federalism. Five score and eight years later, Richard Nixon assumed control of a country once again embroiled in battle against itself. Though the ammunition was words rather than bullets, this time the battles raged on many fronts, each one capable of widening the schism.

A conflict halfway around the globe was spewing American blood,

The civil rights movement was reeling from the assassination of its two greatest champions,

Business profits were pit against worker safety and protection of the environment,

Advocates for the poor were demanding more while others espoused “enough is enough”,

Economists debated the gold standard,

Long standing moral beliefs were being challenged in the name of individual choice,

Communism was injecting its cancer around the globe at an epidemic rate,

And, through it all, the rest of the free world pulled its head out of the sand only long enough to criticize any action we did take. In summary, the nation was being ripped apart at the seams. It was during this time that Richard Nixon was faced with the duties of President of the United States.

The debate will continue for generations as to HOW things were done, but no one can deny WHAT was done. By the time it ended, the bleeding had at last been stopped, we once again emerged the leader of the free world, and America could finally turn her attention to healing the wounds which very nearly destroyed her.

Yes, the battles of words still rage, and yes the United States still has her critics, but the legacy stands:

The fruits we enjoy today, are the result of seeds sown by Mr. Nixon years ago.

As the “historians” write and re-write his epitaph, I only hope they remember one thing: That when stripped to our soul, we are all but mere mortals, each with our own flaws and frailties. The ultimate judge is not history, but the man in the mirror and the individual God in which he believes. And this author believes, Mr. Nixon’s God is pleased.

Respect and reverence.

Richard Milhouse Nixon
(1913 – 1994)

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