Trump v Clinton: An alternative editorial

October 9, 2016

trumpwordsPublisher’s Note:  Early this morning I read an editorial of my hometown newspaper (and one that publishes my Sunday column) the Joplin Globe endorsing Hillary Clinton for President.

The first four paragraphs in italics are from the Hillary endorsement editorial. The remainder are my words from a Constitutional conservative “there are far bigger things to think about than Donald Trumps words” perspective.

Trump smells, but Clinton stinks to high heaven

Republicans across the country late Friday and throughout the day Saturday were either denouncing their presidential nominee, Donald Trump, withdrawing their endorsements or calling on him to withdraw as a candidate.

Even vice presidential pick Mike Pence took Trump to task, saying he was deeply offended after learning of a 2005 recording in which Trump spoke in crude and vulgar terms about women and talked about his aggressive behavior toward them. The story was reported by both The Washington Post and NBC News. Trump has since apologized and vowed to stay in the race.

At no time in contemporary American history has there been a presidential election as important as the one on Nov. 8. It’s not a day to stay home, nor even vote down ballot and skip making a decision for president.

Neither of the candidates presented by the major parties are likable. But voters must consider who can best work with Congress on critical issues. At the top of these issues, in our view, is national security.

While Trump’s vulgarities would easily make him the unworthy candidate during any other time, this is not “any other time”.

America on the world stage is at her weakest diplomatic point since the 1930’s . It seems that with each new dawn comes another taunt from Russian President Vladimir Putin. Then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton thought she was clever with the “Russian reset” button. (Never mind that she wasn’t even clever enough to get the translation right.” Yet the only thing that has “reset” is that Putin has operated around the globe unfettered and with no fear of push back from America. From Crimea, to Syria and now planning to base nuclear capable missiles in the city state of Kaliningrad at NATO’s front door the Russian bear is on the hunt and neither Obama nor Clinton have shown the judgment or fortitude to effectively deal with it.

Mrs. Clinton proudly supports the Iran Deal that released over $150 billion to the worlds largest state sponsor of terrorism. If you think the world is violent now, just wait until all that cash filters out through the terrorist networks operating under the orders of Iranian Mullahs. The hope from Clinton and the administration is that the deal will bring Iran back into the fold of respectable nations and reduce tensions. When negotiations started, Iran was on the ropes from sanctions and international isolation. Today it operates with impunity and continues to test ballistic missiles that will one day be tipped with nuclear warheads capable of reaching the United States.

China is building up its military at an unprecedented rate and taunts the international community by building bases in waters long recognized as international sea lanes.

And then there is they cyber threat to national security. We do not need to re-print detail after detail of Clinton’s use of a private server and extreme carelessness over classified information to say flatly, that decision alone is enough to disqualify her for the job of Commander in Chief.

We do not forget, that when she had the chance to play at least a partial role as Commander in Chief during the attack on our compounds in Benghazi, Libya (to this day we still do not know where the President was during those critical hours) she not only chose not to lead, she went to sleep. By the next day was already starting the lie of blaming the attack on an obscure video.

As a Senator, Mrs. Clinton also voted in favor of the Patriot Act. The single most intrusion upon America’s individual rights and liberties in the history of this nation. Rather than targeted, piece by piece legislation addressing specific vulnerabilities, Clinton jumped on the “we must do something” knee jerk Congressional bandwagon the political winds were blowing forth at the time.

And on that same day we learned of Donald Trumps vulgar words, we learned from Wiki Leaks that during one of Clinton’s now famous “secret” speeches to big banks, she told attendees at a Brazilian bank Banco Itau that “My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders,…..”

If such a dream were ever to come true, it would be the nightmare that would end this nation as founded. We are already witnessing the daily damage from our semi-open southern border and “free trade” over “fair trade” policies supported by the elites of both parties.

The above are just a few of the reasons that though we do worry about what a Trump Presidency “might be”, the historical record showing us what a Clinton Presidency “will be” is the reason that at this time in history we endorse a Constitutionally constrained Trump over the failed policy and demonstrated mis-judgements of Hillary Clinton.

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