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It’s the readers stupid

March 21, 2021

It was a sign of the times so to speak.  A picture in my Twitter feed showing workers removing the lettering from the Kansas City Star building that is now up for sale. The caption was poignant:  Workers removing the lettering from the @KCStar building that’s for sale.  Heartbreaking to see such a local...

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2021: More of same or a press restored?

January 3, 2021

Today’s column was planned to be an analysis of President elect Biden’s and how his pick of so many Obama re-treads and Big Tech executives out to protect their own did not bode well for individual liberty, economic freedom and founding principles in the years to come. And then I opened Wednesday’s op/ed page. ...

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A virus that will destroy us all

October 11, 2020

Amid the 24/7 media machinations over the latest imaginary crime against humanity President Trump has committed, there lurks a danger to this Republic greater than any posed by a foreign nation or even our own civil war. And no, it is not COVID-19. As devastating as the Chinese government sponsored pandemic has been, it...

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News not fit

September 9, 2018

“All the news that’s fit to print” Those seven words have adorned the top left corner of the New York Times since 1896. In a 2012 article for, W Joseph Campbell, a professor at the School of Communication at American University in Washington, DC. wrote of the phrase’s origin by then new publisher...

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Press not the enemy, but not smart either.

August 19, 2018

I’m sure when she dreamed it up she thought it one of those “YES, that’ll show em!” moments. The “she” in this story is one Marjorie Pritchard, deputy managing editor of The Boston Globe. The moment?  Put out a call to newspapers across the country to join her in a coordinated editorial event denouncing...

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A free press yes. Preening peacocks? NO

May 13, 2018

Coming home from work this past Thursday I decided to check out one of the “enemies of the people” as President Trump so often labels them, and turned the radio to CNN. Call me crazy, but I keep hoping they’ll return to their years ago past and that James Earl Jones “most trusted name...

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